Episode 220 | How to Get Help in Your Business — Thrive in Five!

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Help looks different for all of us, but in 2024 we are going to take care of ourselves and our businesses without sacrificing our sanity! In this episode, Bree talks about 5 different ways to ask for help, both in your personal life and your business.


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How to get help with your blog
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Asking for Help in Our Personal Lives

Remember, it's important to ask for help when you need it. Don't be afraid to reach out, even if it's difficult at first. It's hard for me to ask for help, so I try to reframe it and remember:

  1. How good does it feel when you're able to help someone else? Really good!
  2. Are you forcing someone to do something, or are you asking? You're asking. They have the ability to say no.
  3. If you practice asking and move through the uncomfortable feeling, will it pay off in the end? Yes!

Sometimes it does start by learning to ask for help in our personal lives. Or, maybe it's hard for you to ask for help in your personal life and easier in business. Either way, here are a couple of ways to ask for help in our personal life:

  1. Do we need to talk to our partner or call a household meeting to discuss how we can help each other? Or do we need to know that they've got our back and understand when we need to vent? Sometimes, we need to just be reassured that the people we love and are around often aren't going to tell us to quit or try to problem solve when we come to them. It starts with us first—you must tell people what you need from them.
  2. Are there other people in your life (outside of your household) who would love to help you with "xyz," but you don't want to ask them?

Did those give you some ideas? If so, write them down!

Asking for Help in Our Business

When it comes to this, I want you to remember: No question is "stupid." We all have been beginners, no one starts out as an expert. Everyone has been in your shoes, no matter what stage you're at, so don't be afraid to ask!

Here are 3 ways to ask for help in your business:

  1. Community Support. Having accountability and peers who understand and will give you advice when you ask is fantastic! That's one of my favorite things about our Facebook Community. Everyone is always posting questions, giving each other advice, and cheering each other on. Plus, there's the added benefit of not having to ask the question "out loud." You get to type it.
  2. An Assistant: Handing things off to someone else might sound... nerve-wrecking, daunting, scary, or overwhelming; take your pick! In the end, will overcoming those fears be worth it to be able to buy back time for you to spend time on money-making tasks? YES!
  3. A Coach or Mentor: I was nervous about spending money on this for a while. But I ended up finding someone who delivered education in a way that clicked with my brain, and that made me say, okay... I know this is a huge investment, but what is the alternative? Keep plugging away, trying to make it work? (That's what had me thinking about a coach in the first place!) When instead I could save myself so much time and stress by getting help. Friends, it was a lot of money for me, but in the end, I knew in my gut that if I didn't do it, I would regret it because I would be continuing on the path that was "easy" but not getting me the results I needed. I stepped into my growth zone (and it was uncomfortable) but it pushed me to get my money's worth and it transformed my business!

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