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Ready to grow your email list? One of the best ways to get started is by creating a freebie/opt-in. Something that your audience will get in exchange for giving you their email address. Once you've spent the time to create an opt-in you know your audience will love... now what? In this episode Bree shares what to do after you make your opt-in, so your audience will find it and sign up! 

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How do I grow my email list with an opt-in?

Once you've created your opt-in you may be wondering, now what? It's created, but how do I get it out there for people to find and sign up for? We've got 4 steps that you need to take after you make your opt-in to be able to grow your list!

Step One: Your Landing Page

Creating a landing page is important because you need a URL to send people to sign up. They won't always be coming to your website and finding your opt-in on your home page, sidebar, or pop-up, so we need a direct link we can send them to from social media or Pinterest. Plus, you can SEO optimize this landing page to be able to drive organic traffic to it.

Step Two: In-Line Form

You also want to set up a form that you can place in multiple places on your website. We like to suggest placing them in your sidebar, one on your home page, and one within every single blog post. This gives your audience plenty of opportunities to see your opt-in and sign up!

Step Three: Welcome Sequence

When someone signs up for your email list you don't want to just send them the freebie and then automatically dump them into your newsletters. Especially if it's someone new to your content who may not know anything about you! If you don't send a welcome sequence then your unsubscribe rate will be higher than average because they won't know who you are or why they should be on your list when they get an email from you.

Step Four: Thank You Email

Now, the final step, sending a thank you email! After someone signs up for your list you want to immediately send them a thank you email that also contains the freebie! Then, you'll add them to your welcome sequence automation.

So what it all looks like when you tie it together:

  1. Someone signs up for your opt-in through your landing page or a form.
  2. You set up a tag to automate the welcome sequence
  3. You send them an automatic thank you email
  4. Your welcome sequence initiates and starts the day after

Get your hands on our FREE Email Growth Workbook to get the full step-by-step details on how to grow your email subscribers.

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