Blog Growth Action Plan

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January's focus was on Pinterest. February's focus is Facebook! Check out how Bree & Lani improved and planned for the upcoming month!

Bree's Blog Report:

Important Things That Happened:

I cleaned up my Pinterest account and actually started pinning things! My boards were so messed up, and unorganized. I truly hated looking at my profile and now I love it, I go there and it makes me excited and inspired.
I also got my first smart loop started in Tailwind!

Monthly Goal:

My goal for this month was to get the foundation set for Pinterest to start growing my blog. My goal for next month is to schedule out a month in advance in Tailwind and let it start growing my pageviews. I can't wait to see what my stats are 3 months from now.
(When you sign up for Tailwind, you get one month free!)

Blog Housekeeping Done This Month:

I installed the Sumo App and am obsessed. It shows so many stats and I can't wait to dive into it further. I'm also very hopeful that people will start sharing my blog posts because of it. I also worked on creating some Pinterest templates in Canva so that way it's easy to plug pictures in and get them uploaded quickly.


Lani's Blog Report:

1st of Month:

Important Things That Happened: I worked on Pinterest! Cleaned up my boards and made sure everything was optimized for creating more traffic.
I also focused on pitching myself for more opportunities. And booked 7 sponsored posts in the month of January (some of them will be live in February)

Monthly Goal:

My goal for this month was to work on Pinterest and create workable systems that I can continue to implement over the next year.

My goal for next month is to use Facebook to its full potential, grow my audience there and engage with them. I also want to up my pitching game to brands. 

Blog housekeeping I did this month: I created new templates for Pins, Instagram and Facebook. Updated my cover photo for Facebook. I was able to reaccess Sumo (which I had previously been locked out of)


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