266 | From Blogger to Brand: Why Coaching Could Be Your Game Changer

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There is money to be made in blogging—sometimes it just takes a coach to move you in the right direction to start making it. In today's episode, I'm sharing a few wins from some of my students, along with highlighting how tailored strategies are key in growing your blog based on your niche and needs!

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Could coaching be a game changer for you? If you're listening to this episode, then that means you've thought about it and are a little bit interested and wondering what that could possibly look like. So to kick this off, I just want to share some success stories because I want to brag on our girls.

And also it is so helpful to just know what is possible for you in this industry because the money is there. And You growing a brand that you dream about is 1000000% possible. So let's talk about Amy replacing her teaching salary. Amazing . We have a few teachers that I've worked with lately. Liz, hitting her teaching salary in just one month.

Crystal building a membership that is one to many and grows her income daily. Angela quit her job to do this full time. Heidi was able to quit her job to do this full time. And those are like huge, big, amazing things that you can do. But if you're like, okay, Brie, like what's, what's the step before that?

Even it looks like others that we have helped hundreds of girls that have been able to now bring in a few thousand dollars a month to give them extra income to help their families, to relieve some financial pressure and give them more freedom in their lives too. Go on vacations, pay off debt, whatever it is that they want to do.

That is the All from our students, all from things that they have learned and worked with us through coaching has helped them be able to achieve all of those things that I just rattled off very quickly that are huge things that I could spend time talking to every single one of them and talking through it in depth.

But. This is a Thriving Five episode and you don't want to be here for five hours. So one on one coaching provides tailored strategies that generic advice can't offer. Now, personally, I am not offering direct one on one coaching at this time. But I do have a program that gets you one on one coaching. So that sounds really confusing.

Let me explain. Inside of Shift, you guys have heard me talk about this. I created a program that is not out there. I looked at what do bloggers need to know. What do you guys need help with? That is something that you can afford and is going to give you that custom feedback without breaking the bank. And without me being like, I am working for free.

Cause nobody should work for free. Right? So what I was able to do is create a group program that is so one to many, kind of like we've talked about in the last thrive to five episode. But it gives you one on one coaching and a mastermind. And the way that we do this is we're able, the way that we've structured our program is that you're able to get weekly feedback that is personalized and tailored to you.

That is from a coach. So from myself or one of our other amazing coaches right now, it is me and my girl Miranda that you would get feedback from, and you would get direct feedback. From us from me or from her every single week that is completely personalized So we're we were able to figure out a way to like give one on one Feedback without me being like on a call with you one on one multiple times a month because not only Do I not have the ability to help a whole bunch of bloggers in that way because time is limited You also don't have time to sit on calls You every single week or every other week to get feedback from a coach, right?

You have so many things that you have to do that the last thing I wanted to do with creating a program and offering coaching was to add one more thing to your plate. Instead, what I know is so helpful is for you to get feedback or strategy or advice on something. So being able to submit a question, have us look at something, have us look at your blog, have us look at a strategy, have us help you create Craft a strategy or craft a system.

We've had girls that have been like, okay, look, this is what I'm currently using. This is not working. And we've gone in and built them an entire new strategy or an entire new system in air table. And then like, here you go, here's the new template, plug it in and run with it. That is what like brings us joy.

And that is something where we can take things off of your plate and really run alongside you in your business. That's what I wanted. I didn't want just like to create a business where I was just sitting on calls day in and day out. It's really tiring for me. And I know that. It's not always what we need.

We don't always need to just like talk it through with somebody for an hour. Sometimes we need just like, Hey, here's what's going on. Can you give me some feedback on this? So I can keep running in my business while I'm getting feedback from somebody. And then when I get the feedback back from the coach, then I can go in, make some adjustments or keep moving forward with it after I got some strategy from them.

That. Is what I feel like is needed rather than people sitting on calls. Sometimes, sometimes one on one coaching is awesome. I've done it before in the past. I've had times in my life where I needed to have that one on one, like let's down for an hour and chat. But I know so many of you are like me where time is really limited and I have a lot that I need to get done.

And I just need some quick feedback from a coach where I can submit something in five minutes. They're going to get back to me in a couple days with some really awesome advice that I can implement and keep running with. That's what we created. And that's why I'm so obsessed with this program. And talk about it a lot, but also don't talk about it enough.

So that's why I wanted to talk about it with you guys today. Plus, you do get, if you're like, I really want to talk to people too. We do have coaching calls twice a month that are group mastermind coaching calls. Our group is freaking amazing. The gals inside shift are so much fun and are so brilliant that it's really turned into a mastermind coaching call where we're all giving each other feedback.

And it's not just me giving you advice, but sometimes others have instances where they have amazing feedback because they just went through the same thing. Love it. So I want to chat with you guys. And I want you to go to thrive together. blogslashshift to have me personally, me, yes, me, Brie, look at your brand and give you personalized feedback on the steps that you should take in your business.

And if shift is the right fit for you. So if any of this sounded really awesome, or if any of those success stories, like got you really excited or wishing that it was you, I would love to chat with you because Transcribed I, my goal, I have it over on my bulletin board that I'm looking at is my goal is to help.

I have a big number on there. Um, but to help a certain amount of people quit their jobs that they don't like, like, let's do that. Or let's give you financial freedom. Let's give you some extra income, whatever it looks like. That's what I love about this industry too, is your goals do not have to be the same as everybody else's.

And we work towards your goals, not Everybody's goals. We work towards everybody's individually. All right. I will let you guys go. I've talked for way too long. Sorry about that to my producer and to anybody that thought they were turning into just a five minute episode, but I get excited about growth and I get excited about you guys winning.

All right. I'll see you guys back here in a few days for a new episode. Have an amazing rest of your day.

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