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No matter the reason for starting your blog, it was likely built on passion. Helene Sula got her start online by sharing about her travels, which she became more passionate about the more she did. After a few viral posts, she was approached by a publisher to write her book! Today we celebrate that journey and the premise of her book, Two O'Clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain.


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Bree: Hello friends. Welcome back to another episode. This is one that I have been wanting to have for ever. I absolutely love Helene, who is our guest today. She is somebody where her and I started our blogs and started out in this space around the same time. And it is so fun for me to be able to chat with anybody that kind of grew up in this space together. So not only that, but it is a perfect time for her to come on the podcast because she just released her first book two o'clock on a Tuesday at Travee Fountain, and you guys can go and purchase it everywhere books are sold. We talk about that in this episode, and we also talk about, you know, her journey from blogging and turning into a career and revenue streams that are working for her. And once she recommends. And we talk about her book and everything in between. So I cannot wait for you guys to listen to this episode. I'm really, really excited. And so without further ado, let's get started. This podcast is brought to you by the profitable blogger society, a mentorship program that gives bloggers direction for increasing their income and growing their brand. Head to thrive together dot blog slash PBS to learn more and enroll today. Welcome to the Thrive Podcast. I'm Brie Pair, your host and blogging coach here to help you take your brand to the next level. At Thrive, we're dedicated to bringing bloggers and influencers tactics to life. Strategies and behind the scenes info from the best in the business. We know that you have a big vision for your brand and life, and we're here to support you with blogging and social media tutorials, workshops, a community, and of course this podcast. Just head to thrivetogether. blog for all the latest tools. If you're ready to grow your brand and looking for education and encouragement, then you've come to the right place. Now let's get ready to thrive. Hello, Helene. Welcome to the podcast. I'm so happy you're here and can't wait to just chat with you about all the things. How are you? Helene: I'm so good. I'm so excited to be here. It is so fun because. Is We've followed each other for a very, very long time, and I think we've been in the whole blogging and influencer and creative world for a long time, so this is really nice to get to chat. Bree: Yes, same. I'm like, I keep emailing her, I'm like, one day we're gonna make it happen, we're gonna get her on the podcast. And it's because, like, we started around the same time in this industry, and I'm like, it's so much fun for me to chat with people like you, who like, I'm like, We kind of grew up together, right? Helene: For sure. That's so true. Bree: So for anyone that doesn't follow you, can you give us like the cliff notes version of how you got started blogging and turned it into a career? Helene: Yeah, so I grew up with writing being a huge part of my background. Both my parents are writers and professors, and they've both written a ton. My dad's a Pulitzer Prize winner. My mom's written five books. So I kind of always had the back of my head that I was going to write, but I wasn't really sure how to do it. They were very traditional writers, you know, journalists, magazine writers, editors. And that just never really appealed to me. And then I looked for all of these different jobs where I could write, but they just, they just didn't work. So I actually got a job in social media and marketing, which actually really helped me to grow a blog. But I didn't start blogging. I didn't really even think about blogging until I fell rock climbing. So I fell rock climbing. I was dropped and I broke my ankle and my leg. And. I fell 20 feet and really was having a hard time going back to work, not just because of ankle and leg, but I was having blackout episodes. I got pneumonia in the hospital. So I had all of this time at home. And in that I started a blog and I really started it to be a outlet for me to talk about. Dealing with this broken ankle. But as I started, and as I grew, I found that I loved talking about my past travels. And so I ended up going viral over talking about a music festival that I went to in Belgium called Tomorrowland. And that was really the spark that kind of let it go crazy for me in the sense that I thought it wasn't just about making money. I knew that I wanted to share my story, wanted to talk online. Um, and then as I grew my blog, I turned to Instagram. Um, and started sharing more content there, really growing an audience there. And through this whole process, through my blog, it was always in the back of my head that one of the reasons why I thought this was a good idea to start is because I knew I wanted to move abroad. My husband and I took this whirlwind trip to Europe and we thought the best way to see more of Europe in the world is to move. And I always thought if I could just blog. I bet I could move abroad. So that's really, you know, been such a driving factor for me is this idea that I could work from anywhere in the world. And I thought a blog could do that. And as it turns out, it has. Bree: Which is so amazing. It has been so much fun to watch your journey. And I remember you posting about Tomorrowland and all of your adventures and everything. And then seeing when you're like, Oh my God, we're moving to Germany. It's, it's been so much fun to watch and you do such a good job of bringing people along with you. On this journey and making them feel like they've been to all the places that you've been and that they want to go there and experience it for themselves. You are a brilliant creative and you've just done such an amazing job. I can't wait to just keep, continue to keep watching more of your adventures. I am curious, you know, since you and I started in this industry, so much has changed. So much has changed with platforms that we're sharing on new. I mean, Instagram wasn't even a thing. Pinterest wasn't even really a thing when we first got started. And so, All of these things are changing and new. And I'm curious, you know, with when in regards to revenue streams, that has also changed. So I'm curious, what is working for you now? What revenue streams are you utilizing? Helene: It has changed dramatically, but I think the. My first biggest tip is that you have to adapt, because mind changes every year, and that's just the truth. Mind changes more often than not, and I think one of my biggest takeaways over the years is that find out what you're passionate about and what you can keep hacking away at, because you will continue making money that way. So it used to be that I made a lot of money on affiliate links, and with Sponsored, blog posts, and now I still make money with sponsors, brands paying me, but it's more through social media and they're wanting, you know, if I get a package deal, they'll do a blog post. Plus, you know, social media mentions and things like that. So I've really think that over the years has changed dramatically. One thing that has not changed for me is selling my own products and services. And I continue to sell those. It's year after year. And I really like this because it, it's something that I have control over. It's something that I'm passionate about and it's something that I can share with other people. Those have changed over the years. I have an Instagram course, it's called Instagram for Success. I've had that since 2015. So I've really grown that course since 2015 and that's been amazing. We have 3000 people inside that course. And I really love it because it changes and I update it every year and it's been a great way for me to watch other people grow. But I really think that what has changed dramatically for me too, is I used to make a lot more money online through my blog. And you know, that is changing and adapting as we have the advent of AI and, you know, Google algorithms and all of these different factors. So having my own products and services, but having those Accessible within my blog within my social media has really been important for me. So for instance I talk a lot about travel and I love fall in New England. I love two things so much fall in New England and Christmas markets. And so I made a map with these different places. You know, I've been seven times to Christmas markets. So I made a map with hundreds of places on it. It's color coded and people can buy that. So in addition to creating free content, I started creating content that was paid that people could, you know, support me with, and also really learn from me as well. And I think having a bunch of different. Eggs in a basket has really helped me to continue making money. Bree: For sure. How was it, was it hard for you to kind of make that leap to be like, Oh, I could create a digital product and there's value there. And people, I feel like when I have conversations with people, it's that differentiation of like, well, couldn't they just go and like, find this for free themselves. Right. Versus me trying to convince them that like, you should have a digital product to sell. How was that transition for you? Oh, Helene: so I've. I've been creating digital products since 2015, so I've been doing this for a really long time. And the reason why I did it is because I myself bought one and it was so transformative and so helpful. I will never forget that I purchased a digital product. It was a course called Webinar Rockstar, and it was about how to host a webinar. That course was incredible. It changed my life. I had no idea how to host a webinar. It helped me step by step to create a webinar. And I thought to myself, why would I not create that for someone else? I buy digital products all of the time. Bree: Same. Helene: I have never regretted a purchase. I've never regretted a purchase. There's always something we can learn about. There's always something that's going to help us grow and having the step by step laid out with, you know, that someone that cares It's transformative. It really is. I, I mean, I probably buy dozens of digital products every year because I really think there's so much value in learning. And that's another thing about this business is it's changing constantly. The Instagram algorithm changes, TikTok, Google, you know, how we share content changes and evolves. And if you can buy a product. That's going to help you. So I just came out with a book and I bought a book launch product, like how to launch a book. It was 400 and I was like, gosh, that's a lot of money. I mean, I, that's a lot of money because I don't make very much money on a book. It was so awesome because it made me feel. comfortable and excited to share my book, which is some like a real headache and really scary. So I think anything that is going to help you with your fear about something is worth it. Bree: Yeah, I agree. Anybody that's like thinking about starting and like creating a digital product, I think absolutely go for it. Um, If you were a creator who was starting to expand and, you know, maybe they've just have like one or two income streams, what's the next revenue stream you would suggest after like brand collabs or affiliates? Cause I feel like those are kind of the two that people tend to usually gravitate towards at the beginning. Helene: I would start working with brands. So I definitely would reach out to brands and start getting your name out there, no matter what size you are. I really think there's so much opportunity there. And in addition, it really helps you figure out what kind of content brands are interested in, and also figuring out how you can actually sell to your audience. So it'll help you with both of those things to really connect the dots in how to sell, how to make content that is going to interest your audience. While also selling them a product and I really think that there's so much opportunity out there And pitching yourself can be scary, but it also can be Really helpful in helping establish yourself online and it also gives you authority online as well Bree: Yeah, for sure so if they're doing brand collabs and they're Doing affiliates. What would you say? All right, try this one next. Helene: I definitely think, you know, having your own products, whether in whatever you're interested in. You know, I'm travel and I have digital guides. You can do fashion. You can do, I mean, all of these like color coordinations. I just saw one the other day that I thought was brilliant for a capsule wardrobe for Europe. Um, I mean, any kind of guide where you're going to help someone. I think it just needs to come from a place of help and you. If you can just think back about where you were three to one year ago and create a product surrounding that you're going to be successful. Bree: Yes, for sure. I have one example. Cause I just helped somebody inside of our coaching program with this. And she's like, wanted to shift into more of like helping people with like budgets for like their family. So she's a mama of two under two and she's like, I have to do a budget and everything. And so she started to like, you know, kind of compare. Prices across like Aldi, Costco, Walmart. And so what she's done is she's turned that into a digital product where it's a spreadsheet that she updates the prices for everybody. So if you want to like, see like, Oh, what is the price of. Diapers at all three of these places. Where's the cheapest place to go? She goes in and updates it monthly. And I'm like, brilliant. So like, it's, it doesn't have to be something like so extreme. I think too, when people like start to go into digital products, it's just like, what's something that will make like a small impact? Helene: Yes, X, absolutely. And I really think it can be. Something that you're passionate about. Bree: Yeah. Helene: If it comes from a place of passion, then you're going to be excited to not just sell it, but to create the product, which I think it can feel very daunting. And when you're passionate about something, you're just going to get it done. And it really does not have to take that much time. Bree: No, it doesn't. Oh my gosh. She, I told her we had a call and I'm like, you can do this this week. And like, she went and knocked it out in like a few days. Yes. And I love that you said that because that's something that I have just been like really paying attention to lately is just like, where's my creative energy feeling? And so often, I don't know if you've done this, but like, I feel like I'm such a, like type A, everything has to be like strategized organized and all the things that sometimes I squash my like creative energy. And But when I follow it and when I flow with it, and I'm excited, like you were saying about sharing something, then I share it more and I create more things. And my audience responds. Do you feel that way? Helene: Absolutely. I really think that there's, when you're creating a product that they are asking for, there is so much, not only. Is it gratifying? You're helping someone. Like you, I get emails back saying, Oh, thank you. So you're making a sale. Sales does not need to be, feel slimy or like you're, you know, it can feel like something that you're passionate about and you're helping someone else with their, with their dreams. I mean, if I sell a map and someone goes and takes an amazing trip, I'm helping them with their memories. And you know, that's something that I feel excited about. Bree: Oh, for sure. I imagine like getting tagged in those and just like seeing like, Oh my gosh, they went to the Christmas markets and they explore all these things. Like that just is like, so fueling and fills your cup. Exactly. This episode is brought to you by Memberful. Have you ever thought about having a membership for your brand? Whether your passion is cooking, DIY, home decor, fashion, travel, Family blogging, you name it, you can monetize your content with Memberful. Memberful allows you to create a new source of income by turning your content into a membership business. 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That's memberful M E M B E R F U L. com slash thrive. Let's talk about your book because you mentioned it a little bit and you guys, if you've been hiding under a rock, if you don't know Helene, she has written a book at the time that this podcast is coming out, your baby has launched into the world. Yes. Helene: It's out there. It is. It was, it was a crazy, crazy process and I'm, you know, as I said, I've always been from a writer family and getting to share my full story out there is, is really gratifying. Bree: Yes. So I'm curious, you know, I mean, tell everybody that doesn't know about your book already. I've already got mine pre ordered. I'm, you know, we're recording this ahead of time. I'm like. Stock in the Amazon delivery guy, bring me the book, but tell everybody, you know, the name of your book. Um, and what, what is it about? Helene: So my book is called two o'clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain, and it is about my move abroad. I moved from Texas to Germany. I had never been to Germany before moving. So I researched, my husband and I researched a place. Found it off of a map and felt like it looked like a fairytale. And it was, and it also wasn't, we had lots of crazy, crazy things that happened. But the book really is called two o'clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain. It's not about just the Trevi Fountain or Italy, though that is in there, but it is about looking around at your life and deciding to make a change and deciding that it's okay to make a change. I did not have to have a traditional job. Or have a traditional lifestyle or even live in the U S where I'm from. I could move abroad and discover a different world and still be myself. So the book really focuses on taking stock of what's going on in your life and deciding to go for your dreams and take a calculated risk. I never, you know, I did move abroad without going to the country first, but we spent a year researching. We, you know, planned everything out. We figured out which visa we were going to get. Okay. We did get our visa denied three times, which explain why in the book and how we got it approved. But it's really about, you know, looking at your life and deciding that you can really do what sets your soul on fire. You can really do go for your dreams and take the risk. It doesn't matter what those are. Um, and it really focuses on creating the life that you want to live. And. I opened the book talking about how I was fortunate enough to travel to London every year and I didn't really even appreciate that at the time. My parents were college professors and I didn't even really appreciate it at the time, but I think our lives kind of are cumulative and everything, every decision we make really comes down to the next step we take. So even if you regret things you do or don't do, you still have time. So you can still have the time right now to really go for your dreams. It doesn't matter what they are. You, you can do them. And there's a lot of opportunity there. And I think now more than ever, we have opportunities to Create the life that we want to live and it sounds almost cliche like go for your dreams But it's really true And I think often as women we get so bogged down With day to day life and all of the things that we have to do and what society expects of us that we forget to Stop and say is this what I want to do with my life because if it isn't You should make a change. And I did dramatically make a change in my life and it was the best thing that's ever happened to me. So now I live in Oxford, England. So I've lived in Germany. I lived in Germany for three years, came back to America, traveled America via RV, and now I live in Oxford, England, and I am somebody that I thought I would always live in Dallas, Texas. It's with a big house and a white picket fence and 2. 5 kids. And I don't have that. And I have more than I could have ever imagined. And your story does not have to be the same as mine. You do not have to want the same things as I do. But if you're interested in going for your dreams, then this is why I wrote this. And there's a lot of fun travel stories. It's very funny stories too, like jumping butt naked in the Baltic Sea and then subsequently being naked in front of 200 Swedish people. And lots of, lots of stories along the way. Bree: Oh my gosh, I can't wait to get my hands on this. And it just, everything you're saying, I'm like, this is The perfect book for our audience, for anybody listening to this podcast, who, I mean, you're starting your own brand, you're, you know, and you start it for a reason, whether it's, you know, for extra income or whether it's for, you know, like you want total freedom and to, you know, move abroad and, you know, do something out of the norm, out of, you know, what is, It's quote unquote expected of you for your life. And so I just hope all of you run and grab this book because I can't wait to start reading it. Can't wait to dive in. Helene: I'm really excited. Yeah. It was, it was, um, a long process. I've been working on a book for my entire life and getting to actually share a memoir feels, it feels surreal, feels really exciting and really, really nerve wracking because you just want people to, you know, get to read it and experience it and hope that they enjoy it too. Yeah. Oh, Bree: of course. So I'm curious, how did you, so you said you've been writing and wanting to write your entire life. How did you secure a book deal? Do you have any tips for other bloggers who may want to write a book one day? Helene: So my story is a bit different in that I was approached. By a publisher to write this book, which is, is not the norm, but what the, and I, it was crazy. I should write a book about this because it was crazy because I was in the process of pitching to an agent. So I was creating all of these different templates. So basically when you're wanting to write a book, You should kind of have, you don't have to have the book written, but you should have an idea of what the book is about and a pretty good pitch to why someone should work with you. I mean, just like any other pitch in life, what is your story and why are you telling it and why would anyone care? And so I kind of had that ready to go because I was going to start pitching agents for my story. When, I'm talking like one week before I was going to pitch, I, October 2022, I was approached by a publisher to share my story and, you know, the reason because of that, I know this is because of my Instagram following. I think they saw my Instagram following and wanted to work with me. And the thing is, they wanted to work with me because they thought I could also write. And I felt really, really excited about that. Um, a lot of times when you see influencers that have books and they're quite large, they have a ghostwriter. But I, you know, I wrote every single word and yeah, they, they were really excited. reached out to me about it, but with the process with an agent, there are some great benefits. I think there are really, you know, there are two different ways you can go. You can self publish, which my mom has done a lot of that for her clients. My mom writes books for people as well and helps write their books. or you can go the traditional route with a publisher. Both are honestly really great options. I always thought in my head, Oh, I want to go with a traditional publisher, but the traditional publisher means that you are going to have deadlines. They might not like everything you want to do. And they also take a huge, huge percentage of your book sales. So there's pros and cons to both. Um, my book is being traditionally published, but if you have any desire to write a book, My best advice is to just start, just like with anything, because you never know where it's going to take you. And that is exactly what my book is about too, is just, you just have to go, you have to go for it because you'd never know where life can bring you. So start writing, start thinking about what your book would look like and pitch to agents because the worst thing they're going to say is no. And the second worst thing they might give you some advice that could help you. And there are so many books that we know and love that have been turned down dozens of times So you, you're not going to know until you try and no one else is going to tell your story or a story that you're thinking about the way that you will. So there's, the market isn't flooded. You, you know, there's not, there's plenty of room to tell your story. So you just have to go for it. Oh my Bree: gosh, absolutely. You're inspiring me. And I want to ask one question real quick because you said, just to kind of clarify for anybody, so you said to pitch an agent rather than a publisher. Helene: Yes. So basically an agent is the person that's going to get your book into the hands of publishers and then the publisher will decide from there. But an agent has a lot of power. Your interest at heart. If an agent says yes to supporting your book, then they're going to help you figure out the steps in the process to actually working with a publisher. And then the other option would just be to self publish. So you would not need to hire an agent. You would probably sell, you know, you'd sell on Amazon and things like that, but then you are doing everything yourself. So designing the cover, um, suppliers, getting book suppliers and things like that. Bree: Right. Okay. Amazing. What is one thing that you want, whenever your book is out there, people have it, what is like, if anybody takes away one thing from my book, this is what I want them to walk away with? Helene: Yes. I love this question. I think the one thing that I want people to take away is that being different or choosing something different does not mean wrong. You know, I think so often we feel so much pressure as millennials, as women, um, I think it feels like we need to live a certain way and we almost feel bad when we don't. We think like there's something wrong with us. Different is often synonymous with wrong, but I think when we can peel back what we're actually wanting out of life, we can figure out that different doesn't mean wrong. We can choose a different path. We can do something different with our life. And whatever that may be, if that's you opening, um, you know, uh, lip gloss store, or you wanting to stay at home with your kids, or you wanting to share about your life on social media, or there's so many different things that we are taught that we should do. And I think times have changed and we're allowed to do something different with our lives. And there's going to be so much opportunity in that. And when you Let go of these shackles of, I have to do it this way, and think about the fact that you can actually do it a different way. It, it just opens your life up to so much. My life has changed so dramatically. I thought I was going to live in Dallas forever, and this past year I moved abroad again. I'm chartering a riverboat cruise, two different riverboat cruises. You know, I'm writing a book. Um, life really can be whatever you want to make it. It can also be something you never even dreamed of. I didn't think I would, you know, charter a riverboat cruise. So yeah, I think that there, there's so much opportunity in, in living and taking a different path and sharing your story. No one's going to share it, but you, so you might as well do that. Love Bree: that. Yeah. I'm sure 10 years ago, 15 years ago, Helene would have been shocked to hear that you moved to Germany after never being there before. Helene: Yes, for sure. Like what? Ten years ago, she'd be like, what is Heidelberg? Because I hadn't even heard of it. Bree: Yes, exactly. So I, this, I know that this book is going to inspire so many people and I can't wait for you to start getting flooded. Because I know you're going to with all of the messages and things years down the road that people are going to come back to you and be like, your book, it's made an impact on my life. And because of you, I did this. And so. I am so excited for you. Helene: Thank you. I really think the, the reason why I, it was important for me to write is there are, you know, other travel books out there. There's other books about people moving abroad. There's other books about people starting businesses. What I found was they, especially about the books about traveling and moving abroad, they were very, um, They flung off all responsibility, they flitted off to Bali, you know, they, you know, they cut kind of ties with who they were in their old life. And that's something that I did not resonate with is I didn't want to change everything, single thing about myself as a person. I did not want, you know, I have a, I'm a married and I have a mortgage and I have two dogs and they've got heart, flea and tick medication. And I didn't want to, I'm not going to just give it. All of my life up because I want to live differently. So I think, you know, I wanted to show that, Hey, I'm still myself. I still own my home in Dallas, but I moved abroad and you know, I, I've traveled to 56 countries. You can, you can do both and it's going to take a little bit of planning, but it's so worth it when you do. There's not just one way. Bree: Yeah. How long are you guys in Oxford? Do you have a plan? Helene: Yes. We do, uh, we, we do have a plan. The plan is to be here two years, um, and then we plan to come back to the U. S. and then we plan to spend three months in different places, kind of longer travel experiences and really get to experience different destinations. Bree: Amazing. How are you liking Oxford? I know I watched along as you guys were trying to determine which city to live in. So how are you liking it? Helene: Yeah, it's been amazing. I think what's so similarly to our move to Germany, basically, we researched where we're going to move. We had been to England before we moved, but we had not really been to Oxford. I did go to Oxford when I was like 14 years old. Uh, my parents were Teaching a study abroad program in London. And we got to go to Oxford and all I remembered was walking in to Christchurch's Great Hall, which if you've ever seen Harry Potter, they modeled it after that. That's, and that's my only memory from Oxford. And if you've seen Harry Potter, that is what Oxford is like. And it really is. So outside of anywhere else, Oxford is the number one filming location for Harry Potter. I mean, it's beautiful. Grand buildings. It feels, it does feel like a fairy tale. It has been raining a lot. It is the wettest winter on record. Of course. So that's, that's been, that's been a little bit, yeah. That's been tough, you know, with two dogs and, and trying to take the dogs out. But, you know, there, there's always going to be mishaps. And if it's, you know, If it's rain, then that's okay. It's been really great. The people have been amazing and it's beautiful. We're super close to London, which is why we picked it. We picked it because it's close to London. Centrally located within England. London because London's amazing. Great city, but also close to London. It's airports. And then I'm close to everything in the UK, kind of, you know, the Cotswolds, which is a very idyllic, beautiful place with lots of fairytale like buildings, you know, close to the Peak District, not far from Cornwall, so it's in just a really great location. And it also has a lot to offer here. Lots of, like, fun events always going on, it's a university town, so it's, it's been a good pick. We, we made the right decision. Bree: Good, of course you did. I'm just imagining Michael over there with all his spreadsheets and everything, and if you guys don't know what I'm talking about, you have to go follow because, oh my gosh, you, Michael, crack me up constantly. Your airport trips stress me out every single time you guys travel somewhere. Helene: It's funny, we're about to go on a book tour, and You know, we're leaving for the U. S. from England in a couple of days, and my husband was like, Okay, I think we can get there about two hours ahead of time, and I'm like, Okay. You know, I mean, we don't usually check bags. We won't be checking bags, but Yeah. Uh, that's us not pushing it. Normally we're 45 minutes. It's maybe 30 minutes to the airport and we're usually Bree: running, Helene: we're Bree: usually running Helene: through the airport. Bree: I mean, you got to make the most of every single moment, right? Helene: It's right. It's hard. Bree: Time. Helene: Like it's, time is tough. I love that. You know, I don't want to waste any moment. That's something that I really struggle with. I'm an extremely nostalgic person and I just always think, Oh, this is my last time doing this. This is my first time doing that. Uh, I got to make the most of it, which leads sometimes to being late for the airport. Bree: But, you usually make it. Helene: Yeah, no, we have not, we have not missed a flight. Bree: You have never missed a flight. We Helene: have not. Bree: Shocking. We have not missed a flight. And so impressive. And I need to tell my husband that because he is Mr. like, gotta get to the airport two hours before a domestic flight and I'm like, you're sitting at the gate for an hour and a half. Are you? Really? Right. Oh my gosh. Well, Helene. Okay. So your book, one more time you guys, it's called Two O'Clock on a Tuesday at Treve. Treve? How do you spell it? Trevi. How do you say it? Trevi. Yeah. Trevi. I need to go there, obviously. Yeah, you do. You do. Two o'clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain. And everywhere books are sold, right? They can find it. That's right. Okay. Anywhere they love to shop. Helene: Okay. Yeah, that's Bree: true. You guys go get your hand on that and we'll, of course, link it in our show notes and link everywhere for you guys to go find and follow Helene. Before we sign off, can you just tell everybody your, where can they find your website and your Instagram? Helene: Of course. So, I am Helene and they can find me at HeleneInBetween. com. Also, Helene in Between on all social media. Bree: Amazing. You guys, go give her a follow, go order that book. Helene, thanks so much for being here and I'm just so excited for seeing this launch and seeing what comes next for you. Helene: Well, thank you so much for having me, I appreciate it so much. Bree: Alright, you guys, we'll see you guys back here in just a few days for another episode. Thanks so much for listening. You can find all of the notes from today's podcast at thrive together. blogslashpodcast. Make sure you connect with us over on Instagram at thrive together blog and join our Facebook community to get supported by like minded bloggers and influencers. Just search thrive blogger community on Facebook. And if you're loving this podcast, be sure to share it with a friend, hit that subscribe button and leave us review. So even more bloggers can get the support they need to grow until next time. Keep thriving.

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The Start of Helene's Blog

Helene grew up with writing being a huge part of her life through the work her parents did. Despite her efforts of looking for a role in writing, she ended up in social media which helped her in the long term to grow her blog. Her blog initially started as an outlet for her after she had broken her ankle and was having a difficult recovery.

As she grew her blog, she found that she loved writing about her past travels. After going viral a few times, she knew this was going to be bigger than just making money—she wanted to share her stories not only past ones but future ones.

In her heart, she knew she needed to move abroad and this blog became her opportunity to do exactly that.

Revenue Streams for Bloggers

So much has changed since Helene launched her blog over a decade ago. In order to grow, you have to adapt—Helene changes things in her blog revenue every single year. Figure out what you're passionate about and explore that!

Helene generates revenue with her blog and content through:

  • Sponsored content and social media
  • Selling products and services

Creating Digital Products for Your Blog

Digital products offer so much value to bloggers and their audiences. You can create a resource that will benefit someone where you're able to promote it as often as you'd like. Helene got into digital products after purchasing one that was so transformational.

There is always something that will help you grow and if you can provide that for your audience, it will give you the opportunity to generate your own income.

Examples of digital products include guides, courses, and templates.

Two O'Clock on a Tuesday at Trevi Fountain

Helene and her husband made a big move from Texas to Germany (despite never being there before). That's what inspired her book—it's about looking around at your life and deciding to make a change, then deciding that it's okay to make a change.

There was opportunity for her to move abroad, go after her dreams, and take a calculated risk. This book is full of adventures and stories about travel, but also about building the life that you want.

Your story can look however you want it to look! It doesn't have to match mine or Helene's, but can simply be exactly what you want it to be.

Securing Her Book Deal

Going beyond the norm of book deals, Helene was actually approached by a publisher to write her book one week before she had planned to pitch an agent. She knows it was due to her existing content and her Instagram following.

The market isn't flooded—there is plenty of room to tell your story. Her encouragement to someone who is wanting to write and publish a book is to just get started! Put together a pitch for agents and start pitching! An agent will represent you with your best interest at heart.

You Get to Choose Your Life

Helene wants people to know that being different or choosing different doesn't mean you're wrong. It may feel like you need to live a certain way, and if you don't that it feels wrong. That's not true—you can do whatever you want with your life.

Find it Quickly

02:45 - The Power of Blogging: From Injury to International Influence

05:54 - Evolving Revenue Streams in the Digital Age

08:55 - The Magic of Digital Products: Creating Value and Impact

17:20 - Unveiling the Book: A Journey to Trevi Fountain and Beyond

19:20 - The Journey to Writing a Dream-Fueled Memoir

19:42 - Embracing Life's Opportunities and Challenges

20:52 - A Life Transformed: From Dallas to Oxford

22:39 - The Path to Publishing: Insights and Advice

26:47 - Living Differently: The Core Message of the Book

31:16 - Adventures in Oxford and Beyond

34:50 - Final Thoughts and Where to Find the Book

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Helene

Ready for a Blogging Coach?

If you're ready to join us here at Thrive and get a coach to help you go to the next level, DM us over at @ThriveTogetherBlog and just say, "Hey Bree, I think I might need help." We have multiple coaching options at different budget points and we're always happy to chat with you about what those could look like for you.

Want to watch a class instead? Go to Thrivetogether.blog/grow and choose the free blogging workshop that's best for you!

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