262 | From Readers to Raving Fans: Building an Engaged Audience

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It's fun to have readers, but what's even more valuable is creating raving fans through an engaged audience! In today's episode, I'm sharing three key technique and strategies for getting engagement and converting readers to raving fans!

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Hello, friends. So good to be chatting with you today. I hope you're having a lovely start to June. Let's dive in and talk about creating raving content. Fans and building an engaged audience. I've got three points that I want to talk with you guys about today on this. So first let's talk about engagement on social media.

So we really want to foster community and interaction on different platforms. So whether that's Instagram, whatever social media you're using, the key here is that we want to really get involved with our audience.

So we need to start thinking about like, how can I get my audience to talk with me? How can I get them to engage with me, to give me hopefully good feedback? Although we know the internet attracts all kinds of crazies, um, but how can I get them talking and interacting with my content more? So there's a few things that I really love to do and suggest that you do.

It has to do with getting them involved in your content. So whenever it comes to content that you have upcoming on your calendar, even being able to be flexible enough to be like, all right, I know that I want to create this piece of content and this piece of content. I've already got it ready to go. So, Cool.

I want my audience to be able to choose which one goes live first. So doing this or that, do you guys want to hear about this or do you want to hear about that? You're going to post both, but making them feel like they're involved in your content creation process, having them decide what you're going to do next type of thing.

Asking them questions and doing polls. I love to do polls. I love to do questions, but oftentimes, you know, we can get those question boxes that just do not get answered. So when that's happening, first of all, never be afraid to go and answer your own questions because sometimes it's like that, all right, who's going to talk first type of thing.

And then once somebody starts talking, everybody starts talking. That can be one thing that just kind of gets the party started. But otherwise doing polls is something that I love to do to just get them engaged. And same type of thing there. It could be that I'm like actually searching for information and for data from my audience.

But the other thing could be that I just want them to feel involved. I just want to give them a place where they could share their voice, where they can share their opinion. I love polls. One of our gals inside shift, Brooke, she does polls. I think it's every Sunday where she will do different things like, do you want this cocktail or do you want this cocktail?

Do you like this table scape better or this table scape? I look forward to those and I participate in those every single week. It is so much fun for me. So thinking of different ways, again, to get your audience to engage with you, having them help decide what you're going to post, do Q and A's. Love this.

All right. Tip number two is email marketing. So when it comes to, we've talked last week about segmenting and doing A B testing for your email subject lines, the next step kind of beyond that would be having them in segments based on certain things that they love. So if you have a bunch of different opt ins, let's say you've got.

You've got an opt in on growing flowers, and then you've also got an opt in on a delicious cherry cheesecake recipe. Okay. We want to make sure that we have them tagged or segmented based on their interests, because from there we can really create highly personalized content to send to everyone that is into that one thing.

thing. So if you've got somebody that is really into gardening, you could probably send emails to them about specific gardening things, or maybe you're gardening woes or wins that you might not send to your entire email list. So look at how can I segment my email list down even further than just sending out group.

mass messages and see how that helps your content perform even better. Number three is creating shareable content. We all want shareable content, but sometimes we don't think about Is this piece of content going to be shareable before we go to create it? And I do think that there is something that happens a little bit differently when we're creating it.

When we think, how can I make this content shareable rather than how can I make this like fun and engaging and all the things that you want it to be, but also keeping in mind, is this something that they're going to share with a friend or to their own stories? Is it going to make maybe a friend laugh?

is why they're going to share it. So it's relatable. Maybe it's something practical thinking through before you hit publish on blog posts, email, real, anything thinking through a little bit of, is this share worthy? Not every single piece of content has to be, but it is so important to include those throughout an entire month.

That way you're able to see growth that is just kind of like slow and steady organic growth because your content has been shared. All right. If you guys want to talk about this more and come up with creative ideas, I want to encourage you to join our Facebook community so you never feel like you're going this alone.

Look for the thrive blogging community over on Facebook or click the link down in our show notes to join us over there. All right. We'll see you guys back here in a few days.

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