267 | From Corporate Jobs to National Parks: How These Bloggers Made Travel Blogging Their Full-Time Job with Katie & Joey

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The journey to becoming a blogger looks different for everyone, especially for today's guests, Katie and Joey. They took quite the leap into blogging and traveling full-time, with a lot of sacrifices along the way. Thankfully it's already paying off for them! In today's episode, Katie & Joey share what motivated their decision to become full-time travel bloggers, how they've created a workflow for sustainable content, and how they ensure their safety while traveling.


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Bree: The journey to becoming a blogger looks different for every single one of us. And today's guests are no exception. I had the honor of interviewing Katie and Joe, and this was such an interesting conversation to learn about how their journey started and what it looks like because they took quite the leap into blogging and traveling full time and they had to make a lot of sacrifices to do so, but they're already seeing success and know that it is going to pay off in the end.

So if you love to hear about travel and love to hear about how other people are running and starting their blogs, this is a really fun episode that you're going to love. Let's dive in. Welcome to the Thrive Podcast. If you're a blogger, influencer, you found the show for you. I'm Brie Pair, your host and blogging coach here to help you take your brand to the next level.

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I also wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain of others in the industry that you look up to. Our guests share strategies they use to grow, revenue streams that are working for them, and insider info you won't find anywhere else. Now let's get ready to thrive.

Hello, Katie and Joey, welcome to the podcast. How are you guys doing? Good. We're great. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for having us. Of course. Well, you guys, for those of you listening, Katie and Joey are travel bloggers. So you guys, why don't we start there? Tell us about what you guys are doing, where you're traveling and all the things.

Cause it's not just like a normal travel blogger.

Joey: Well, let's see. Last year we, we made a huge decision to leave our corporate jobs. So I'm sure we'll talk about later. We bought a van. We built it out and we have been basically on the road for the last seven ish months, seeing all the U. S. National Parks.

Uh, we crossed off 29 of those last year with 34 left to go this year. But we have explored everything basically west of Colorado. So we saw the National Parks of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon.

Katie: Drove to Alaska. Drove

Joey: to Alaska and back and then hopped on over Hawaii. Wow.

Bree: Oh my gosh, that's a long hike to get up to Alaska.

Joey: Yeah. Yeah, it was a long drive. Um, and we were so afraid of it because everyone was like the Alaska Highway is crazy. The roads are terrible. There's no gas for thousands of miles. It was like the complete like you if you had an electric car, you'd be perfectly fine to drive up there They're like charging stations every hundred miles.

Like it was a so different

Katie: the travel bloggers that we read

Bree: Okay, well I'm glad you guys can like set the record straight oh My gosh, so what made you guys decide to do this and to I mean You know, quitting corporate jobs, going into a different career, that's one thing. But then also to, nope, we're also gonna be nomads.

What prompted all this?

Katie: We love travel and throughout the course of our lives and knowing each other, we've gone to probably over 30 countries together, um, while also working regular jobs. And so, We finally made the leap because we realized life is so short that it's like, why not try to go out on your own and, and build something for ourselves after having worked for the man for so, for so long?

Um, and we were like, this is probably our opportunity when life is still not crazy, where we could go out and try and, and see and experience the world and share it, um, on the internet with all of our internet friends. We just, we bit the bullet and we did it. And, uh, the van was because when we first decided, like, we should actually really do this, COVID was still a really big thing and we weren't sure if international travel was an option.

If planes were like a thing we'd want to do and still be safe. So we're like, Oh, let's just convert a van and we can drive and see our own country since then the world has opened up, but we've had a blast exploring all the national parks, like the beauty in the U S is so It's incredible. Like, we didn't realize that until we got in the van and started to explore.

Bree: Yeah. Oh my gosh. I know. I remember, I just saw a reel or a TikTok recently that was talking about how other countries will like, kind of bash Americans because, or those that live in the United States because it's like, oh, they're so untraveled and it's like, There it's so different from like Europe, for example, where people can just like hop on a train or be in another country in 40 minutes.

It's like, yeah, we can't do that here. Yeah,

All: yeah, there is so much. Right? Yeah, I lived

Joey: in, uh, lived in Germany for about four and a half years, um, for work and I took, Every opportunity to travel. Um, I was really lucky in my job allowed, like, I was traveling for work, so I got to see about 23 different countries in Europe just for my job, which was fantastic.

But I, like, it still wasn't enough. So, like, I had, like, a cheap flight scanner, basically, set up, so, like, Wednesday afternoon, I'd get a flight for Friday night, like, anything under 30 euros out of Berlin, and I would just, like, fly to random places and come back on Sunday.

Katie: We once flew to London for 10 euros.

Joey: Yeah. Yeah.

Katie: It's like, what? Right. Yeah, transcription over there is so

Bree: much more

Katie: accessible.

Joey: It makes no sense.

Bree: You can't even just, like, drive to the next city on 10 Euros here, I feel like, in gas, right? Yeah. That's amazing. So the travel bug has definitely been something that is in both of you, for sure.

Yeah. Always there. For a

Joey: long time. Yeah, like, growing up, like, my family, like, traveled, but, like, our, like, international adventures were, like, we'd go to Mexico to sit on the beach for two weeks. Yeah. Like, that's the most. But then, in high school, I got the opportunity to do study abroad in Costa Rica, and I think that was the moment.

I'm, like. Mm hmm. This is great. I don't know. I don't know Spanish and I am in a new place and this is new food and this is, this is fantastic. This is what I want to do.

Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love that. Okay. So I have to know, you know, what does a typical week look for you guys? Like with traveling and with running a blog, how does all that work for you guys?

Katie: I think recently it's been a bit different since we've been kind of home based in Colorado. We've, we're grinding every day. It's, uh, editing all the videos that you see on social media and our YouTube. And then Joey's taking the reins on the blog. He recently had to transition the whole thing onto a new host and rebuild it from the ground up.

So it's been a Big task.

Joey: Yeah,

that's a lot of work.

Joey: It's it's it's like we spent so much time building the van, which took longer than we expected. And then we're like, let's just get on the road. And like, we really put like content, all that stuff kind of on the back burner, knowing that like, okay, like, we have internet in the van, it's not gonna be great.

It's also like we're in beautiful locations, we don't want to be staring at a computer, you know, nine to five. So we're like, We got to a point in our trip where we're like, alright, let's just, let's live the van life, let's go do all these national parks, let's see and experience all of this, and then we are going to prioritize, like, being at home for the next, like, five months after that.

And just grinding. So, like, we have pushed, every year in, or every day in 2024, we've got, um, a short form video out, a new YouTube video once a week, multiple blog posts a week, like, we are, Grinding to the point where we're exhausted and we want to get back on the road. But it's nice to have some sort of like a revenue coming in now that we didn't really have last year.

Katie: Yeah. Starting to prioritize the business end where you can then combine the travel is really where our focus has been so far for the last couple of months.

So are you guys, whenever you do get back on the road, are you hoping to kind of like, you've got this base now of content, so it's going to be a little bit easier to kind of do both at the same time?

Katie: Yeah, we have published 10 of the 29 we've seen, so we have 19 videos just in our pocket, just that we filmed on the road, not including the other content that we'd like to shoot and talk about and the little videos to go in between. So we could get on the road in the next month and have 19 weeks. Of not having to touch the channels, which having the backlog is such a blessing, but also kind of annoying.

Cause we're itching to get back. We did a trip of what was it? Two weeks ago when we went to San Antonio for the solar eclipse. And that was the first time where we filmed, edited and published while kind of on the road. Yeah. Um, and that was really, It was fun. We became much more prepared. Yes. We had like, uh, an outline.

We knew exactly what we wanted to talk about. And so it was kind of formulaic. We were able to shoot, experience, and then just sit down and the video didn't take terribly long to output. And then we actually did a two part series. So it was like 40 minutes. So we turned it into two and that was two weeks of content.

So it was great.

Joey: And I think just the learnings that we have now after being able to look at like everything that we've done eight months ago. We're so much better. We are like, you know, the first few videos, first few blog posts. Oh yeah. All of these things were, like I said, oh, , you're just so, you overthink.

Yeah. Yeah. We overthink everything. Yeah. Yeah. Like we're just sitting there like, I'm about to cry. This is frustrating. .

Katie: No, the running joke was, how many times did I cry in every video? Like you can't see it necessarily, but I've edited it out, , and now it's like, okay, we're much more comfortable, like so much better.

Just putting ourselves out . And so editing the old stuff is a bit cringe. It's like. Oh, why were we like that? But now it's so much better.

Bree: Oh my gosh, that's amazing. So when are you guys getting back on the road?

Katie: Well, we're hoping to do, so fortunately in Colorado, we have four national parks in the state and then Utah has five, which are super accessible.

So we're hoping to get those this summer, which would give us nine more parks. And then ideally, Back in the van heading to the East coast, uh, later on in the fall. Yeah.

Bree: Oh, perfect. The time of the year to do that.

Katie: We have a few like family things. My brother's graduating from his med school residency, so we have to take that into account.

And then we're shooting some stuff in Colorado for some clients that we've built on our content creation end of the business. Um, so we're kind of prioritizing that, like we said, to build up. The income and, uh, the business itself. And then we're gonna get back in Clifford because our little tease of being back in the van when we went to San Antonio was so fun.

It's like, we miss this. Yeah. Who would have thought sleeping in a Cracker

Joey: Barrel parking lot would be so fun.

Katie: But it was, I

Bree: love that. Oh my gosh. Um, okay. So how do you guys, well, before I ask about, I want to, I want to know how you guys are like divvying up tasks, but before that, so when you are traveling, cause you've got like the backlog of content, are you also sharing live?

Like in the moment, especially on like stories. So

Katie: we talked about that before we left on the road trip last year. We were like, we don't want to be live cause I have like huge safety concerns with that and we're in a big red van that. You know, like if we pulled the gear down, you'd know it

Joey: was us. Very noticeable.

People like took photos of us and they're like post on stories like, we saw Katie and Joe. We're like, where, where, no you didn't. Where, who are you?

Katie: Um, so we like talked, we're like, let's do it on a delay. Just for stories. And then all of a sudden, we were in some of the most breathtaking places on the planet, having the time of our lives, and we started to post live.

Yeah. And, um, we felt It's hard to not. It's hard

Joey: to not.

Katie: And I think it really started when we got to Alaska, and Alaska's hard to get to. So I felt a little more comfortable in that. It's like, there's like 30 people in this state. Uh, it's okay. Don't come say hi. Right. Well,

Bree: I mean, as you guys grow, especially with that big red band, you're going to start getting noticed a bit more.

Katie: Yeah. I do think we try to do at least a day delay so that people don't know exactly where we are in the moment. Again, just safety concerns. It's always like on the top of my mind. Oh, I feel like that. Even when I

Bree: like. Go on vacation, or if my husband or I are like out of town for work, I'm like, Eh, let's like wait on these stories or not quite share that or I'll be like, Oh, I just got back home or something.

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How are you guys divvying up? You alluded to it a little bit, but how are you divvying up? All the work. And do you guys like that you're going into this together and you immediately have a partner to split things up with?

Katie: I don't know how people do it without a partner.

Joey: Yeah. I don't know how people don't do this with like a four or five person team.


Katie: there's so much to do that you just don't. It's not as simple as pointing your phone and taking a picture and uploading it. There is so much more. Unfortunately, like Joey's been educating me in that because he had been doing it for his own Motorcycle account for years prior. So he's like informing me all the, all this stuff.

And sometimes I'm like, I get frustrated. I'm like, no, I just want to post it. Like, I don't want to have to do all of these actual like tags and all of these things. But like, there's not a simple, uh, it's not as simple as people think. But we did sit down and like have a conversation at the end of last year when we got back, got back to be like, how do we divide this up?

Because there's so much, and even the two of us can't always handle it. Um, and then if you want to say how we, Do you break it up?

Joey: Yeah. I, okay, I come from an advertising background as like a director of strategy. So I'm very like, I love spreadsheets. I love, I, I need everything to be organized and categorized.

And like, that's just like, that's just how I, just how I operate. So like we had like a, How did we do in 2023 meeting? And like, what should we do in 2024? Love it. I'm just used to it. I mean, we should. But like, I, it was super helpful because like we found out that like, okay, Katie doesn't like to do like business reaching.

Which, like, I'm a talker.

Katie: Yeah, he's a big talker, and that's a big fan of it. Big fan of it. Yeah.

Joey: So we're like, okay, like, I will take that. And like, okay, Katie's way better at creative than I am. So she will take, like, the long form and, like, the super prettier educational, like, short form video. That's her. I do like the dumb evergreen memes, which is fine.

I'm great with it. And like, I, I'm, uh, kind of techie, so like building a website, had so much fun learning about it on Squarespace and then decided to kill Squarespace and move over to self hosting and all of that on WordPress over, um, but like I had to build a website twice this year, which was fun.

Bree: I mean, hey, you got that tool belt locked and loaded now.


Joey: got it locked and loaded. And like, it's been live for maybe a week and our views are like 600, like, it's like 600 percent better. And like, I've literally done nothing. And we're like, okay, we went from like two to 300 views a month. Like now we're peeking at a thousand and like.

Katie: And it's not even like super pretty yet.

It's just the, the stuff that he's learned and like leaned into is been really good. Cause that allows me to take the time to do. Like all the editing for our videos and then he owns the posting because he knows the nitty gritty of how to make sure the algorithm sees us most of the time. Yes, all the SEO and

All: oh all that.

Katie: And then when he feels like he's running his head against the wall with all the reach outs and stuff he'll take some of the creative stuff and we just try to like, Just vibe and see where everyone's at with the feeling. Like last, this last week we did a live video for our, our YouTube post instead of posting a video.

Cause Joey was like, I see you grinding at your computer. Like, what if we just pause for a minute? So just checking in with each other and making sure that we're at least feeling. Good about life and stuff. Cause we made this change so that we would live a fulfilling life and not hate our lives anymore.

So we'll always kind of check it. You don't want to like, Oh, I know

Bree: that is like one of the biggest things that's like, you know, so many people go into this industry because they want that freedom and the flexibility and all of it, you know, that can come with a job like this, but end up like overworking and running yourself into the ground in the process because you're not like, Cause entrepreneurship, like you're your own boss now.

So it's like, there's this stigma of the more you work, the more you'll make and the more successful you'll be. But there is a limit to that.

Joey: Like we spent a lot of time living in New York where that grind culture is very prevalent and it's hard to be our own bosses. Cause like, like you said. We, we are our own bosses.

The money that we, we make by our connections is 100 percent solely due to us. Like we are not big enough for people are knocking on our doors.

Katie: We're looking through the windows and tapping on doors. Not yet. Not yet.

Joey: But it's going to happen. Like, we know, we know all of this is lucrative. We have a lot of connections still in the industry.

Like we are just waiting. And like, we've had great conversations with brands. They're like, You guys are great, but like you need to hit this threshold and then like, then you have the partnership

Katie: doors will start to open. So we're just grinding

Joey: and

Katie: making sure to check in so that we're taking time off.

Cause I think it was last weekend where you were like, I don't think we've not started a computer for 12 hours today for the last, 12 days. And so we were like, Oh, maybe we should have a weekend. And so you didn't open your phone. I

Joey: literally gave her my phone. I was like, I don't want to open it like this weekend.

Just take my phone. Like, I don't care about social. Like, I'm gonna, I'm gonna play piano for like multiple hours today. I'm going to play some video games. I'm gonna take the dog for long walks. Yeah. And like, I'm just gonna like reset my brain

Katie: and we're not necessarily the best at making sure to find those days, but we tried to be better because again, if we're not grinding, we're not, we're not generating anything.

So it's, again, we're learning to find the balance.

Bree: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you, you really have to, because it is not sustainable as you guys know, to just like go every single day and, you know, work when your cup is completely drained. Right. And so when you just take that time to like go for a walk, play the piano, whatever it may be, you know, explore the city that you're in, go to a coffee shop, whatever it may be, it's going to make it more fun again.

And it's going to be like, Oh yeah, I do love this. I don't hate this. This is great.

Joey: Yeah. And I think just being able to like live in the moment is so difficult knowing that like social media is weird and you can never know what video is really going to pop off. Like Sure. Like, we go into a cute coffee shop, like, Oh, I should take some photos of this, or I should take, I could make a little video about this.

They're like, no, I should just sit here and read my book.

Bree: And enjoy the space that I'm in. It's really hard. It's so hard. It's hard to figure out that balance of like, what do I share versus what do I like, actually just enjoy for myself.

All: Yeah. Right.

Bree: Yeah, I'm a big fan of like, you know, trying to capture like some b roll and stuff like when I'm at a cool place I'm like that I can use later down the road or, you know, even later that night if I wanted to post it, um, that's kind of helped me kind of get away from like always feeling like, you know, I gotta be talking to the camera or documenting something.

Another thing that I was just listening to a podcast by Jasmine star and one thing that she has done with her team was starting to implement a self care day once a month for the entire team. Like it's a mandatory day that you get to go and like, take care of yourself. And so whether that's, you want to go get a massage or you want to like catch up on a little bit of work and then go do something fun, um, But you're not responsible for like, everybody takes the exact same day.

So you're not ever responsible for checking in with the team or feeling like, Oh, somebody is waiting on something for me. And I just thought that was such a good idea of like, we can all do that. Right. Like, as. In our space, right? I, I, I wish everybody in corporate would also do this, but we have the ability to like force ourselves to do this, right?

Like, okay, one day a month. I can, I can do that. And I know that sometimes it could be hard, but that's something that I'm really excited to start implementing myself. It's just like, okay, one day a month. Gonna just step away from the computer and do something that like fills my cup. So yeah, just an idea to toss out at you guys.

I'm going to start trying it myself. So, okay. Talk to me about, can we talk about like revenue and just like how that's going? I mean, you guys, Quit your jobs? Like, how are we surviving right now? What's going on? Like, how are things working? It's definitely not as nice as it used to be.

Joey: Yeah, it's not as nice.

Um, after over a decade in, you know, our careers, we had great salaries. It was really hard to say no, I'm going to quit and we're going to try this on our own. And I think money is always going to be a sensitive subject. It's super hard. Um, you think you always think like, Oh, I'm going to jump out and like, all my old friends and clients are going to just like throw money at him.

Like that didn't happen. Like, I think last year we ended up making Like a sixth of what we made the previous year in our corporate lives, which, you know, but like, you know, we sold the house, we sold multiple cars, we sold multiple motorcycles, like we sold so much and like, we don't have rent. Like we're thankful enough that like, you know, like our

Katie: families host us when we're back in town.

Joey: Right.

Katie: Very grateful.

Joey: Very grateful. Like, there's a lot of things that we've killed out of our budgets that like are nice, but yeah, like. We, we were smart when we thought about this. We're like, okay, we're going to need to like save this much money to do this. And like, we might not see a penny the first year.

And like, we know that's a common theme. So like, we just have to be prepared for it. And like, we

Katie: were really fortunate that we did see money last year that we did make stuff through our, through our, Content creation and, um, and then this year we've started off the blog is generating stuff for the YouTube program.

That's since programs are making a little bit money off of that. So it's like things are starting to click and we're building our roster for like UGC and content creation, which was our biggest moneymaker last year.

All: Yeah.

Katie: And so things, you know, they just start to go little by little and I get, we're just grinding.

I don't make it happen.

Bree: Yeah, no, I love that you guys like are sharing all that because I know that can be like a like a vulnerable thing But just I think there's there's more and more need for transparency I feel like especially in this industry when it comes to things like this because right I always refer to it as like, you know There's not like a glass door Like website for bloggers, for YouTubers, for any of that, of like, you know, there's, you know, a couple of things out there where people are sharing, but it's not like, Oh, well, how much are people making for this job?

And whenever we don't have that, we only have conversations like this. So how is it, you know, what was that decision like for you guys? Cause it is a big one. to just be like, okay, we're going to say goodbye to this. And we know it's like you said, we know it might take a full year before we see any return.

How has it been this last year, actually living it now? Hard.

Katie: I think because life is still happening. Like there are still expenses. There are still things where you need. Money. And so when it starts to drain and drain and drain and the credit cards are going up and up and up and it's like, did we make the right choice or is this sustainable?

Is it ever going to really happen? I think we're really scary moments and really difficult conversations of like, we need to go. Take the break. We need to park it here at this house in Denver and we need to build the blog. Start focusing on the editing and like all those things. It's not just a dream of we get to travel for a living.

Like our living isn't that great right now.

Joey: She might cry in this podcast. No, no.

Katie: I guess we do a virtual hug.

Joey: I like we, we knew,

Katie: we knew it was going to take time and we knew the first, like, I'm really thankful that we didn't end deep in the red last year because we still, we had made some big contracts for content creation that like kept us afloat.


Joey: paid for all last year's travel basically in like a five week span of working last year. They're just big clients that we were able to front.

Katie: And then that like was again an eye opener of like, okay, we can do this. Right. We're okay. We're not what we used to be. We can't go to Target and like buy our feelings and make us feel better.

We can walk around and not be seen. I have

Joey: no more Lego sets.

Katie: But we

know that there's a future in it.

All: Right. Yeah. And in

Bree: exchange, you've gotten to see how many? 29 national parks this year? Yeah.

Katie: Yeah.

Bree: That's incredible. And that is like, you can't put a price tag on that, on those experiences.

Joey: And we know that.

Now, now everyone gets lucky and there's a lot of luck when it comes to social media. We get that. And that's why I think we're really prioritizing the blog and YouTube because we know that stuff is so consistent. And like it's, it's a salary, it's the salary that we're hoping to gain. And like, we know it's not going to be instant, we're not going to just make a bunch of money.

Um, but we know that we have made, you know, 50 plus grand last year just by, you know, our content creation services. And if we could do that every month. We're now looking at, you know, 400 grand a year. You

Katie: can buy a Lengos again. Right, I can buy a Lengos again, and I can buy a new Porsche.

Joey: So like, no, but like we know it's there and we know we have the skill sets and we know we have the hard skills, the soft skills, whatever it is.

And just the, the grit and determination and then the support of our families.

Katie: Yeah. We wouldn't be able to do this without the support of our families. And I think that not everyone has that support system in place. Not everyone can stay with their fam their respective families for a few months.

All: Yeah.

Katie: And have it not be a problem and be loved and welcomed with open arms.

Bree: Right. So we're very grateful to have that. Not being like, oh my god, when are you guys leaving? Yeah, like, you gotta get out.

Katie: And we, and we recognize that as a huge privilege that we have that allows us to continue to try to build this business.

Joey: Right. But they all know in return, they are going to get a trip somewhere. Yeah,

eventually we are going to take them somewhere soon. Yeah. Yes. It's going to pay off. You're going to get a nice vacation out of it. They know it is. They

Joey: all watch all the YouTubers and stuff. They're like. They took their parents.

His parents. Oh, are they in Denmark this week? That sounds great. I'd love to see Denmark. And the first class. Oh

Katie: yeah. Oh yeah. Oh,

Joey: Mexico City. Oh wow, they have great food, Joe. That is

fantastic. Oh my gosh. I'm

All: so excited

Bree: because just talking to you guys and hearing about you and your family is just amazing.

You know, you guys have obviously worked through some obstacles and some mindset things that have already come up and as anybody would, but that you are still going forward and pushing together and that you've also recognized, you know, like the blog and YouTube is like, what's going to stay and be consistent,

All: even

Bree: if like Google's doing something crazy and annoying, you know, like.

I was talking to somebody else the other day about this and it's like, okay, yeah, Google might be ridiculous right now, but like blogs have been around for years and years and years and waves like this have come and gone. Good, good content will always

Joey: have a place.

Bree: It's always going to come back. It's always going to come back.

And it's like, you know, another person I was talking to, it's like, how do we, how do we learn things anymore? Like, Oh, well, a blog, a blog is teaching us literally everything. Like when you Google something, it's coming from a blog. The answer is coming from a blog. So. Right.

Katie: The blog is like our financial security dream and why we're working so hard on it because the blog would allow us to be in a place and be more in the moment than we are with the cameras for YouTube.

And we love to make videos and film for YouTube, but the idea of being able to go somewhere and just write about it when we get back, write about it in the moment, it's like such a dream to have that be sort of our fallback. The blog will be what keeps us going. Long term being able to have this business and travel and see the world.

Bree: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I am so excited for you guys and just everything has to come. So how long, you know, talking about that, you know, how long do you guys want to travel? What would you do if You know, you're not on the road anymore. You're not even thinking about that. You're like, Oh, we're traveling. No, we

Katie: actually talk about this all the time.

We just watched a YouTube video this morning during coffee where this couple was looking at houses in Sweden. And we were like, what if we just had properties all over the world and just like three months in Lisbon and then two months in Japan and then

Joey: we, I don't know if we're, we're white picket fence people ever.

Um, like we, we had house, like we, we did that. We lived international, like all of those things. And I think we feel so comfortable and it's nice to, you know, we have a place in Colorado that we can hang out with our family and stuff like that. But like, we don't want. The restrictions of owning a place here,

Katie: at least not at this point, I think like down the road, the idea would be to have properties in different locations to where it's not like 100 percent full time in Denver.

It's like, Oh, we can spend three months of the year here and then a few months on the road and then somewhere else. I don't think we will ever not be traveling to a certain extent. Yeah, I think that's just something that's been done. Yeah. In us for literally forever that even if it is just to write blogs about, we're going to go out and experience the world as long as that's a possibility.


Joey: so much to see and like, and like you think, like you think you've seen it and then you're like, wow, I didn't know that place was there. Like we got to go back to Japan or like, I've spent four and a half years in Germany and like, I feel like I've seen all of Germany and then like things will pop up on TikTok This place was 30 minutes away from my house and I've never heard of it.

Like what? This place is stunning.

Katie: Or just the things we can eat and read. Yeah. We talk about Japan and the egg salad sandwiches from 7 Eleven. We're like, I think I could live off of that. I've heard of this. It

Bree: sounds bizarre to

Joey: me. Like, 7 Eleven there is just like next level.

Bree: I'm like, I grew up like, I don't understand it.

I grew up where me and my friends would like. Bike to 7 Eleven to go get a Slurpee. Like that was our summer thing. I can't imagine. And you 7 that. No. But there, it is

Katie: high dining.

Bree: That is hilarious. Oh my goodness. Well, I just can't wait to keep following along on your guys adventures and see when you get back on the road.

Did, did I ask that already? When are you planning on getting back on the road?

Katie: Yeah, hopefully this summer to hit some of the Colorado and

Bree: Utah parks.

All: Yeah,

Bree: perfect. Okay. I can't wait to see those because they are beautiful. I haven't been to all the Colorado ones. I'm from Colorado. I grew up there. And

Joey: so,

Bree: yeah, I grew up in Loveland.

Joey: Oh, okay. Uh, I grew up in Drango, Colorado Springs. We met in Boulder.

Bree: Nice. Yeah. I went to the springs all the time. So yeah. Oh my gosh. Small world. Small world. All right, you guys. Well, keep us all posted and thanks for being on the show. Okay. I, and I don't think I said it at the beginning. I just dove straight into conversation.

Tell us, where can everybody go and find you guys, follow along on this adventure?

Joey: Katie and Joe on the go, basically every single platform, website, everything, just search Katie and Joe on the go. You'll find us. Perfect.

Bree: Perfect. Yeah. Love it. You guys are amazing. Good luck with everything. Thanks so much for being here.

Yeah. so much. All right, you guys, that's it for today. We'll see you guys back here in just a few more days for another episode.

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Embracing the Journey of Full-Time Travel

The journey to becoming a blogger looks different for each one of us, and Katie and Joe are no exception. Their story is marked by a leap into full-time blogging and travel, marked by significant sacrifices and a unique path to success. Katie and Joe's adventure began with a monumental decision: to leave their stable corporate jobs. They invested in a van, built it out, and hit the road. Since then, they have visited 29 U.S. National Parks, exploring everything west of Colorado, including parks in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, and even Alaska and Hawaii.

Overcoming Fears in Travel Blogging

Driving to Alaska was a significant milestone for Katie and Joe. They were initially nervous due to stories about the Alaska Highway's challenges that they'd read from other travel bloggers, but they found the reality to be far easier than they were led to believe. Their experience contradicted many of the horror stories, proving that sometimes, personal experience is the best way to debunk myths and to not leet that fear hold you back.

Why Katie & Joey Took the Leap into Travel Blogging

Their love for travel and a desire to live life on their terms motivated Katie and Joey to leave their corporate jobs. Having traveled to over 30 countries while working regular jobs, they felt it was time to pursue their passion full-time. The pandemic played a role in their decision to convert a van and explore the U.S.

Although, running a blog while traveling is no easy feat. There is so much work to consider beyond the actual travel and filming content, such as editing videos, maintaining a blog, and pushing out content regularly. One way they've found balance is through creating a backlog of content to ensure a steady flow of posts and videos. Their strategy involves grinding with a clear focus on both travel and business goals to ensure sustainable growth.

Lessons for Content Creator: Learning, Growing, and Safety

With any new role, comes a lot of lessons. From learning new skills, growing in your work, and creating a layer of safety for yourself.

One significant learning for Katie and Joe has been the improvement in their content creation process. From the initial days of overthinking and perfectionism, they have grown more comfortable and efficient in producing content. They have also learned the importance of planning and preparation, which allows them to produce high-quality content even while traveling.

Another lesson they've learned has been in safety. Katie and Joe are cautious about their safety, particularly when posting live updates. They usually post on a delay to ensure they do not reveal their exact location in real-time. However, being in stunning locations often tempts them to share experiences as they happen.

From Passion to Purpose: Monetizing Their Blog

Transitioning to full-time blogging meant making significant financial adjustments. They experienced a steep drop in income but were prepared for this challenge. By focusing on content creation and leveraging their skills, they have started to generate revenue through their blog, YouTube channel, and content creation services. Their families' support has been invaluable, providing them with the stability needed to pursue their dreams.

Katie and Joe's journey is inspiring for anyone looking to break free from the conventional and embrace a lifestyle of travel and blogging. Their story is a reminder that with passion, determination, and a bit of planning, it's possible to live your dreams. As they continue their travels and share their experiences, they are sure to motivate others to take that leap and explore the world.

01:46 - Meet Katie and Joey: The Travel Bloggers

02:13 - The Big Leap: From Corporate Jobs to Van Life

02:27 - Exploring the U.S. National Parks

03:14 - Challenges and Rewards of Van Life

06:35 - Balancing Travel and Blogging

07:43 - Content Creation and Business Strategies

11:17 - Safety Concerns and Real-Time Sharing

14:14 - Dividing Tasks and Teamwork

18:38 - Navigating Industry Connections and Brand Partnerships

18:53 - Balancing Work and Personal Time

19:38 - The Importance of Self-Care

22:07 - Financial Realities of Quitting Jobs

23:28 - Building a Sustainable Content Creation Business

27:25 - The Role of Family Support

30:12 - Future Travel Plans and Aspirations

Website: katieandjoeonthego.com

Instagram: instagram.com/katieandjoeonthego

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