Episode 219: How to Build A Successful Facebook Community with Angela of Teaching in Heels

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Are you over the algorithm on Instagram? Maybe you're looking for a more engaged community. Former teacher turned fashion blogger Angela of Teaching in Heels joins us in today's episode to share how she has built an engaged audience and community on Facebook that ultimately led her to going full-time in her business last year. Listen in as she shares how you can harness the power of Facebook groups and pages and find invaluable support through online community.


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How Angela Monetized a Passion-First Facebook Page

Before Angela started her blog, she was a teacher who loved to dress up for work. She was always getting compliments on her outfits from her colleagues and friends, which ultimately led her to create a Facebook page specific to fashion in 2013. She would post low quality photos and link to where each piece of her outfit was from. She never intended to monetize, but rather just share with her friends and coworkers.

After a year, she stopped posting because life got busy. Fast forward to 2018, she decided to reignite her Facebook page and attempt to monetize through commissionable links.

Using Commission-Based and Affiliate Links on Facebook

Soon after she re-launched her page, she decided to post more frequently and apply to affiliate programs. Her growth came organically through others sharing her content. This intentional growth and monetization strategy allowed her to go full-time in 2023.

Becoming an Influencer on Facebook

While Angela now has a blog and other social media, her following really began on Facebook and that page continues to thrive. She initially chose Facebook in 2013, because she was already an active user and she didn't have the resources to build a blog.

Ultimately, she wanted a platform that she was comfortable with where she could share her outfits. To this day, Facebook is still her preferred platform and that place she believes her audience is. It's all about community—she has a loyal following who have been with her through so many chapters of life and it's truly about the quality of that audience over the quantity that many other platforms could potentially provide.

Her audience consists of about 130,000 people across platforms, including her Facebook page, Instagram, and two Facebook groups.

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Groups

When Angela got started with her brand on Facebook, she started with a Facebook Page. Pages are public, which has really benefited her growth. Facebook groups weren't really on her radar at the time as they were private and meant for closed community.

In 2020, she (like many of us during the pandemic) felt like she needed to shift some things since her audience wasn't actively buying clothes like they had been. She asked her audience what they wanted, which included crafts for kids, furniture and home decor, and deals in general. She began posting those deals and it went really well.

When things went back to "normal" after the pandemic, she wanted to keep her original content as it was on her Facebook page, but she didn't want to lose the engagement on the "deals" that she'd been posting. That's when she launched her first Facebook group, Teaching in Heels - Steals and Deals. In 2023, when she went full time, she launched her second Facebook group, Teaching in Heels' Classroom Deals.

If you're considering starting an online community that you want to grow, Angela advices that you make it a public group. If you start it as a private group, you can't shift it to public.

Advice on Building Facebook Communities

For someone just starting their brand on Facebook, Angela's advice would be to dive in. You're likely already in communities on Facebook that include people who are looking for what you offer. Tap into those communities and provide incentives that will make it fun. In regards to Facebook groups vs. pages, Angela has a few pieces of advice:

  • If you're considering starting an online community that you want to grow, Angela advices that you make it a public group. If you start it as a private group, you can't shift it to public.
  • She recommends that anyone creating a group also have a page, because it's a good landing spot for potential audiences and you can create a group from your page.

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