How to Get Shit Done When You Have No Motivation

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Number 1. Don’t.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with deadlines, trying to be creative and produce just the right amount of content. I recently took a much-needed vacation, resting or taking time off is usually good to re-energize and re-focus. But, I realize that’s not always an option.

There will be times when we have to push through our lack of motivation or even laziness, I mean we are allowed to be lazy right!? You put your game face on and just force yourself to sit down, focus and get it done. When this happens and I have um blog posts to turn in, HAHA. Or other work to get done, I do some of the following things:

Create a manageable to-do list

Don’t become overly anxious about with the small things. I know that I create daily lists with 50 tasks and become so stressed I get maybe 2 things done. When I am finished with my day I feel drained and unaccomplished.

But when I make shorter lists it gives me hope. Make a list of your 2-3 most important tasks (this will, of course, be different for everyone) and plan to get those done.I know that the laundry and dishes are important but some days, I skip those tasks and focus on real shit, like getting back to that PR agent who wants me to work with their brands or getting to a networking event which will help connect me with influencers that I can possibly collaborate with and will help grow my business. You know, that kind of thing.

Give yourself a timeline

A reasonable timeline, where you don’t set yourself up for failure. We all want you to succeed so be realistic about what you can get done within your 8-12 hour workday. ( or less depending on how much time you work during the day.)

Creating an all-inclusive content calendar or keeping a well structured but fun agenda/planner up-to-date helps too. With a good schedule, this can get done. Pace yourself and go for it. Don’t be frustrated if your day ends and you think you didn’t get it all done, there is always tomorrow. There are some days when tomorrow is okay.

Avoid social media

It’s hard for someone who works in social media to avoid it but it’s doable. Social Media can suck you in and keep you there for hours. (No? Just me?) Creating the perfect content will happen when you focus and don’t allow for any distractions.

For content that needs to go on social media. I often use my phone’s notes feature and create my content there and later post it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or open up a good ol’word doc and start adding notes to send to myself and manage from my phone later.

Social Media is our biggest ally but can also be our biggest enemy. ( as I google how to spell Ally and sign up for a word of the day email. Yes, I totally need that.)

Maintain a fun and creative workspace

I get distracted very easily. People who know me, well… you know. With this in mind, I need a good clear space to work in. But, I do love bright colors, fun quotes, and pictures of my friends and kids. All of these elements help me stay focused and also help inspire my content or even my professional space at my 9-5 job.

My desk at home is small of very purposeful. At my 9-5 job I keep my desk clear and organized, it’s the only way I can move forward. Clutter sometimes make me anxious and all I think of is clearing it up. (SOMETIMES. Haha. Cause trust me I have clutter in certain spaces, but out of sight out of mind right.)

Have an accountability partner

I actually have a few, because well again, I distract easily. But, my current business partner is really good at getting me on task and maintaining our schedules and deadlines in sight. I often go to her and ask her for some direction on what we need to get done on a daily or weekly basis.

Checking in with someone is definitely helpful. But, I know again, that we might not always have someone accessible to us in that manner. But, I am sure that if you can’t think of anyone to help you with this, maybe a virtual assistant or facebook group can help keep you accountable.

Surely there are many options this day-in-age. Even task reminders on your phone or on your google/outlook calendar are helpful.

At the end of the day, this motivation comes from you, from within. Establishing your goals and where your true passion is, might be the first step to maintain the motivation you need to get shit done. We cannot succeed when our mind, heart or soul is feeling cluttered.

There are certain feelings and emotions that we need to be aware of. Maybe our lack of motivation is coming from another place. Maybe your work no longer fulfills you, this is when some true deep soul searching comes in. I’ve been there. Again, it could just mean you are tired and need a break. In which case breaks are good too. Whatever your situation is, know that you can and will get it done, because you are a badass goddess!

(Photos from Sarah Tanner of Houston)


Connie, better known as Momma of Dos. Born and raised Texan, she grew up in a small town near the Mexican border and moved to Houston in 1999 to attend the University of Houston where she received her Bachelor's in Psychology. She has worked in the non-profit and governmental sectors for most of her career. These days she works around the clock to provide for her little Mexican-American family both in and outside the home. Her family is composed of her Husband who is also a University of Houston graduate and "Dos" amazing, children; Camila, 6 years old and Santiago, 8.

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