How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

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It’s no secret that Pinterest can help increase your blog traffic like crazy. Bloggers have attributed their top two referrers for page views to Pinterest and SEO.

We have taught you how to use keywords for SEO to increase blog traffic. Now, let’s apply what we’ve learned and use it to take our Pinterest strategy to the next level.

You might be thinking, why would SEO matter with Pinterest? Because you have to use those same SEO techniques on your Pinterest page as you do on your blog posts in order for them to perform well.

Tip: Pinterest makes it easy for you by telling you the keywords you should be using! Keep reading and we’ll show you where to find them.

So, let’s walk through it step by step. We’re going to show you some examples of common mistakes made on Pinterest and how you can fix them.

How to Write Your Pin Descriptions:

First, we’re going to show you an SEO feature on Pinterest that often gets overlooked. You want your pins to be easily searchable, so when someone types in (for example) “Chocolate Cream Pie,” your pin shows up in the search results. Preferably, at the top with that gorgeous image you worked so hard on. Using “Chocolate Cream Pie” as an example, take a look at the screenshot below.

Those words that pop up just under the search bar, above the pins, are keyword suggestions! A great idea is to do your research here before you start to write your pin descriptions, just make sure you are never catfishing, that you’re always using keywords that actually relate to your blog post. And always remember to write for the human reader, not for a computer.

Let’s put this into work. Here’s an example of a pin description that needs some love:

Title: Raspberry Cake

Description: Raspberry cake with white chocolate frosting

Now, let’s make some adjustments: 

New title: Raspberry Sheet Cake with White Chocolate Frosting 

New description: A delicious and beautiful raspberry sheet cake with white chocolate frosting is the perfect Valentine’s Day treat to feed you and your special date or a small crowd.

What was changed? White Chocolate frosting, as well as “Sheet”, was added into the title giving our title more keywords and being more descriptive for our audience. For the description, adding in “Valentine’s Day Treat,” “Special Date,” and “Small Crowd” opens up even more possibilities for your pin to be seen!

By the way, this recipe does exist from our friends over at Spoon Fork Bacon, yum!  

How to write your Pinterest board descriptions: 

You have 500 characters to use in your board descriptions, so use them and use them wisely. Your boards and their descriptions can have an impact on how you’re showing up in the search results. We also want to stress the importance of writing for the human, and not for an algorithm. But even still, we want to make sure we’re strategically using keywords in those descriptions. Take a look at this pin description from Pinterest Expert, Heather Farris:

You can see how she uses the keywords “video pins” in both the title of the board, as well as in the description. She also has other highly searchable keywords in her description. Yet, when you’re reading it, it still tells you exactly what you need to know and reads as though someone was speaking to you.

Let’s put this into work. Here’s an example of a board description that needs some love: 

Title: Pinterest  

Description: Pinterest tips and tricks

Now, let’s make some adjustments:

New title: Pinterest Marketing 

New description: Are you hunting for the best Pinterest marketing strategies? Look no further! I've got you covered with Pinterest marketing ideas, Pinterest marketing tools, Pinterest SEO tips, and more!

What was changed? A lot! Adding in the word marketing to the description makes your audience know exactly what they can find. Then, in the description sharing even more of those keywords, while still sounding like you’re talking to a human, not a bot. Using just “Pinterest” is far too broad and will be very difficult to rank in searches.

PS  – this board does exist! 
Now that you’ve learned these tactics your well on your way to seeing an increase in your traffic. Make sure you’re creating beautiful pinnable images *LINK*, and then start scheduling them in Tailwind! Comment below with what you want to learn next about Pinterest.

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