229 | How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2024

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Did you hear? This is the year of the resurgence of blogs! In this episode, I’m sharing 10 tips for starting and maintaining a profitable blog in 2024.


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Ten Tips to Running a Profitable Blog

1. Choose a Niche

First and foremost, it's important that you choose a niche for your blog. While you may want to come on and talk about any and everything on your blog, you're going to really hone in on your content when you determine your audience and niche.

Consider this podcast—we niched down to blogging as our topic, yet there are so many things that go into blogging that it's never limited us or caused us to run out of things to talk about in 227 episodes.

2. Select a Blogging Platform

Choose a platform that suits your needs and goals of your blog. WordPress is the most popular due to its flexibility and vast array of plugins—it's the tool we host on. My biggest recommendation for bloggers who choose WordPress is to do a self hosted WordPress site, because it will grow with you.

A few other platforms for beginners include Wix, Squarespace, and Showit.

3. Domain Name and Hosting

What is the name of your brand? Do you want to be known for your name or something else? Once you decide, you need to pick your domain and hosting. My recommendation is to pick a catchy and relevant domain name! When it comes to hosting, I recommend you choose a reliable hosting service; we use SiteGround!

Quick Tip: Before you buy your domain name, make sure your brand name is available across all social media platforms.

4. Design Your Blog

Once you've figured out what you're blogging about and where you're hosting, it's time to design your blog! You want to make your blog visually appealing and user-friendly so that your audience will continue to click around and come back for more! This is the fun part for most creatives, but if you don't love this process, there are plenty of resources to help you, including themes through Elementor, Themeforest, and more!

The biggest thing: Ensure that it's mobile-friendly and loads quickly.

5. Legal Compliance

While blogging is fun, there are legal considerations! Ensure that your blog complies with legal requirements, such as having a privacy policy, disclaimer, and adhering to copyright laws.

6. Create High-Quality Content

Now that you've laid the foundation for your blog, it's time to consider what you're actually going to blog about and doing it. Consistency in regularly publishing engaging, original, and valuable content is so important for bloggers. When you focus on solving problems or providing insights that are unique to your niche, your audience will engage and return.

You may be familiar with terms like seasonal and evergreen content—both play specific roles on your blog. Seasonal helps with staying on trends, while evergreen creates longevity for your blog. One of the biggest considerations in the longevity of your content comes with the use of SEO techniques to optimize your posts for search engines.

7. Build an Audience

Obviously, in order to have a successful blog, you have to have an audience. Consider how you want to get your content out there: social media, email marketing, and/or networking. These platforms will help you to attract, retain, and connect with readers.

8. Monetize Your Blog

Once you have a steady flow of traffic, you can start to explore monetization options such as:

If you're ready to explore your income opportunities and build a profitable blog, we'd love to have you inside The Profitable Blogger Society!

9. Analyze and Adapt

When you use tools like Google Analytics to track your blog’s performance, you'll be able to understand what works and adapt your strategy accordingly! If you haven't already installed it, do it right now!

10. Persistence and Patience

Remember, growing a profitable blog takes time. Consistency, perseverance, and a willingness to adapt are key to long-term success.

Now these are just ten steps to starting a profitable blog in 2024, and while things are always shifting and changing in this industry, these tips will help you lay a solid foundation for your blog. Make sure you stay updated with the latest blogging trends and continually evolve your strategies by listening to this podcast and being a part of our the Thrive Facebook Community!

Resources Mentioned

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  • 2:52 - Choosing a niche
  • 6:16 - Selecting a blogging platform
  • 7:31 - Choosing a domain name and hosting
  • 9:28 - Designing your blog
  • 12:12 - Legal compliance
  • 14:58 - Creating high-quality content
  • 18:37 - Building an audience
  • 21:23 - Monetize your blog
  • 24:42 - Analyzing and adapting
  • 25:34 - Persistence and patience

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