Make the shift so you can have the dream business and life you've been craving!


$497/mo for 12 months total


$5,000 — saves you $964

Getting Help Growing Your Brand with Liz Rishel

What Liz is saying about Shift!

“When I started Shift, it was kind of like my last hope to get my business back on track. I was burnt out, I didn’t know where I needed to focus my time and energy. And now a month later, I feel like I’ve been in the best place with my business that I have in a long time! I’m getting more brand deals because of what Bree has guided me on in Shift and our group coaching calls and talking with the other members in Shift has kept me focused and that basically anything is possible!

Want to see what is happening for the gals in Shift?

  You're ready for this. 

You just need to shift so things finally start clicking into place. Guess what? You don’t have to carry that stress alone anymore! We’re going to make the shift together. 

What Amanda is saying about Shift!

Since I joined Shift I’ve landed a partnership with Target, several with Walmart, and I’m going to be featured on the LTK TikTok & Instagram page, which is a pretty big compliment! Shift is a great community and I am very thankful for it. I’m hoping to earn 100k by this time next year!

Still wondering if Shift is for you?

If any of these hit home, apply for Shift.


If you’re tired of trying to do everything on your own. You don’t want to make all the decisions on your own anymore, you want someone to help you validate if that move is the right one to make.
You want someone with more experience to help you with your growth plan, and be there with things that don’t work out exactly the way you wanted.



Your mindset is in the garbage, and you can’t get out of the negative spirals of imposter syndrome, feeling like you’re not worthy, or believing that it’s just not going to happen for you because you’re not “(fill in the blank) enough”.
You don’t want to quit but you are frustrated to the point of tears because you want it so badly but you just can’t see a way where you can make the money you need to make.



You’re thinking, I just want this to work so badly. I hope this time it finally works, because it’s going to suck if I can’t do it.

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