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Take a deep dive into our Income Growth Method and learn our core strategies for making a solid income, growing your page views, engagement, email list, and more! This is the strategy all of our clients use inside the Profitable Blogger Society!

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The Profitable Blogger Society gave me the framework I needed to stay focused, know what to do next and meet my goals. With the help of PBS, I was able to hit 50,000 sessions on my blog, have 4-figure digital product launches and earn enough money to hire a virtual assistant.

The Profitable Blogger Society was exactly what I needed to help me get my business off the ground and start earning a part time income!

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How to Start a Profitable Blog

01. The SMART Goal System

The SMART system removes the worry that you’re not taking the right steps! It gives you confidence and helps you grow faster. You can’t build a money-making brand by working aimlessly. This system will give you a clear path!

02. The Blogger Income Growth Method

When we set goals but don’t make a plan, we can’t increase profit! Our method will help you spend your valuable time on the things that will make you grow. We’re going to eliminate time-sucking tasks that won’t increase your income and create systems that will get you to consistent income!

How to Start a Profitable Blog
How to Start a Profitable Blog

03. Personalized Coaching

We can eliminate stress in our lives when we know we’re on the right path, right? In the Profitable Blogger Society, you’ll have expert eyes on your brand so you will always reach your goals! We’re saying “bye!” to the fear of wasting time on things that won’t increase your income! Here’s some examples of what our coaches can help you create strategies for: 

  •   Email Marketing
  •   Pitching Brands
  •   Pricing & Packages
  •   Organizing your business 
  •   creating systems
  •   Your blog functionality
  •   Social Media 
  •   pR & collabs
  •   Opt-Ins & Products
  •   & more, just ask!

04. Next Level Trainings

You’ll also get immediate access to these additional trainings that you can watch and start to implement immediately!

  •   4 trainings to help you      determine your revenue streams
  •   sEO simplified
  •   How to grow your email list
  •   guide to selling a course or  digital product
  •   how to hire a vA that makes you money 
  •   getting pR features
How to Start a Profitable Blog
How to Start a Profitable Blog

05. Group Strategy Calls

You’re going to start seeing results and making more money from your brand! So you’ll use these calls with us every month to keep growing using the systems inside the Profitable Blogger Society.

06. Community + Accountability

Get access to join the exclusive Facebook group for the Profitable Blogger Society where you find advice, strategy, and friends. Because you need peers on the same page as YOU! You’re not going this alone. We are here with you every step of the way. Get accountability so you don’t lose momentum! Plus, you’ll always have a group ready to celebrate your wins with you!

How to Start a Profitable Blog
How to Start a Profitable Blog


If pitching brands, or for PR opportunities is on your list, then this guide is going to be your new best friend! In The Ultimate Pitching Guide, you’ll be able to copy and paste 10 pitch templates to send to brands and media outlets for collaborations and features! PLUS, learn how to find the correct contacts to send them to!

the investment


$ 97 12 Monthly Payments
  • The SMART Goal System
  • The Blogger Income Growth Method
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Next Level Trainings
  • Monthly Group Strategy Calls
  • Community + Accountability


$ 970 One Time Payment
  • The SMART Goal System
  • The Blogger Income Growth Method
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Next Level Trainings
  • Monthly Group Strategy Calls
  • Community + Accountability
Blogging Community


Each group strategy call you will have the opportunity to submit your questions prior to the call. During the call the coach will go through all questions that were submitted and talk them through with each person. Once all pre-submitted questions have been answered, if there’s still time left, they’ll open up the call for additional strategy time! 

The only things we recommend are: Setting up a website, having an email marketing tool, and having a scheduling tool for Instagram. We have free and paid recommendations for both the email marketing and social media scheduling tools.

It truly does depend on the individual and how much they show up and do the work that we strategize on together. The ones that do that tend to make even more money than they invested—which is always our goal! 

All of the 1:1 coaching is done within our Facebook group, and that is unlimited! The people that make the most out of the group are in there asking questions consistently and getting personalized advice and strategy from a coach. With making this program as affordable as possible this is how we can serve each member to the fullest and get them all the strategy and support they’d like!