Episode 223 | Low Effort Ways to Do YouTube with LaShonda Brown

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Is 2024 the year you jump on Youtube? If you want to see a surge in engagement and income from your content creation efforts—LaShonda Brown says Youtube is the platform for you.

If you're feeling burnt out from Instagram, this episode is here to share some low-effort ways to reignite your passion for content creation on YouTube. Tech educator LaShonda Brown reignites burnt-out content creators' passion for content creation, sparking a renewed sense of creativity and engagement online.


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The Power of YouTube

YouTube stands out as the platform for content creation thanks to the unparalleled sense of belonging it fosters among users. Collaboration and community building are integral elements of YouTube, highlighting the platform's commitment to providing expansive opportunities for content creators and viewers alike.

YouTube creators frequently engage with each other through content creation partnerships and interact on each other's channels, fostering a rich, collaborative environment. With the platform's support for conferences and meetups, the YouTube community is frequently provided with networking and community-building opportunities.

LaShonda shares these ideas, noting that the emphasis YouTube places on community and collaboration uniquely positions the platform as an ideal space for content creators. She highlights her belief that these inherent features of YouTube foster higher engagement and more meaningful interaction among users. Drawing from her own experiences, LaShonda highlights the power of live streaming on YouTube, paying particular attention to the immediacy and rawness that live streaming facilitates, drawing a vivid contrast between YouTube and platforms like Instagram.

Transitioning to YouTube

If you've been playing around with the idea of creating on Youtube, there is so much potential. YouTube may feel daunting due to the platform's complexity and highly technical nature, but it arguably offers more significant returns on investment and opportunities in contrast to other social media platforms. Simply put, YouTube's algorithm is uniquely designed for engagement, effectively aiding organic content discovery, a crucial aspect of successful content visibility.

Repurposing Content for YouTube

The realm of content creation is continually evolving, with the shift towards video content offering new and creative ways for creators to engage their audience. This trend has paved the way for repurposing content across multiple platforms. Repurposing your content—sign us up!

Video content created for Youtube can be repurposed into podcast episodes, blog posts, or Instagram snippets, creating a wider reach and increasing audience engagement. These strategies operate under the principle that every piece of content can serve multiple purposes, maximizing efficiency and reach. With the shift towards video content, we can explore the potential for repurposing Instagram content for YouTube and the potential for cross-platform promotion—ultimately leading to increased content monetization. In one instance, LaShonda highlights a podcast host who began filming his podcast for YouTube; the growth in his viewership was significant, indicating that YouTube can garner more audience engagement.

Impact of Breaks

With every type of content creation comes work, and we're big on avoiding burnout on this podcast. The best approach you can have to avoiding burnout is by taking regular and planned breaks. Stepping back from constant content creation provides an opportunity for self-care and reflection.

Breaks confirm the importance of prioritizing well-being alongside productivity, fostering a balanced approach to work commitments. They also offer an opportunity to regain perspective, inspiring creativity, and rejuvenating the passion for creating content. LaShonda explores the impact of breaks on content creation, emphasizing not only the necessity but also the inherent creativity that can arise from taking a step back. If you've been feeling a creative block, this is your encouragement to utilize breaks to help reignite your passion for work. This road to creative and professional fulfillment should not entail self-sacrifice to unnecessary extents, fostering a healthier approach to content generation.

Embracing Creativity and Excitement

Simple, heartfelt, and representative storytelling is a powerful tool for content creators. The joy and passion that is incited by content creation should be a driving force behind the work content creators undertake. Spending time rediscovering original creative impulses and investigating what truly evokes excitement and motivation is a refreshing process for creators grappling with burnout. This sentiment rings true in this conversation as we both acknowledge the inherent power of tapping into the sources of one's original creative inspiration.

Resources Mentioned

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  • 2:20 - The Power of YouTube
  • 7:10 - Transitioning to YouTube
  • 13:50 - Repurposing Content for YouTube
  • 14:26 - Simplifying Content Creation
  • 15:23 - Rediscovering Passion
  • 17:46 - Impact of Taking Breaks
  • 19:48 - Diversifying Platforms
  • 25:31 - Who YouTube Isn't For
  • 28:29 - Creating Content on YouTube
  • 29:57 - LaShonda's YouTube Membership Community
  • 32:43 - Membership Details and Benefits
  • 34:22 - Membership Availability and Future Plans
  • 36:49 - Embracing Creativity and Excitement

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