265 | Low-Lift Strategies to Maintain Your Blog During Summertime

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It's officially summer time—it's also the time of year that many of us go on a hiatus from our business to enjoy summertime. How can we avoid that and still maintain our business this summer? In today's episode, I'm sharing how you can make the most of your summer while also running a successful blog!


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Welcome to the Thrive Podcast. If you're a blogger, influencer, you found this show for you. I'm Brie Pear, your host and blogging coach, here to help you take your brand to the next level. At Thrive, our mission is to equip bloggers and influencers with practical tactics and strategies that can transform your brand to give you the lifestyle you want.

We offer tutorials, workshops, and a supportive community to accompany you on your journey. I created the thrive podcast to give you simple, actionable steps that you can use to drive real results in your business. I also wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain of others in the industry that you look up to.

Our guests share strategies they've used to grow revenue streams that are working for them and insider info you won't find anywhere else. Now let's get ready to thrive.

Happy first day of Summer friends, it's here. I've got my summer hair in full volume today. That just means that I don't dry my hair and I just let my waves and curls, some curls are all hidden underneath, but I just let them be. And so if you're watching the video form of this podcast, This is what my hair is going to look like probably for all of our episodes this summer.

Um, and I've got my, in my blogging era t shirt on. Oh my gosh. If you guys have not checked out our merch, we've got blogging merch and little birdie. told me that we're going to have some summer blogging merch that's hopefully launching today as well. I'm the little birdie. I gotta go get on that. So, um, if you don't see any summer merch, somebody DM me on Instagram.

I want you guys to blow me up and be like, Bri, where is our cute summer merch? I'm on it. I've also got my little necklace here from Flodess that says keep going. It's just a vibe over here today, you guys. Happy first day of summer. I wanted to talk to you about how I am viewing the summer and just going into it this year.

Summertime can throw all of our schedules completely out the wall, out the window, whatever, through the wall. Absolutely crazy. Like this, um, sentence. So how do we continue to grow our businesses and make sure that we don't go on just a random hiatus over the summertime because of schedules, whether you've got kiddos.

And so that is throwing a kink into your schedule because they're out of school. You've got vacations. We've got holidays. We also just have beautiful weather. And. I just want to be outside sometimes and just be at the pool. And so how do we, uh, maintain our sanity and maintain our business this summer?

So here's what I'm doing and what I have talked to a few of the gals inside profitable blogger society and inside of shift, which are our two coaching programs. Make sure that you are in the know about those. And the thing that I've told them is that I personally am. I'm only writing down one to three things that I really want to accomplish this summer.

Now I am not talking about my like quote unquote money making tasks, which is like if you need to be pitching brands or if you need to be signing contracts or if you need to be posting reels and posting affiliate links, like you've got your money making tasks that you have to keep up with. But then anything else above and beyond that.

So like any extra projects or big things that you want to do, don't add those onto your plate right now. If this is a super busy personal season for you, now is not the time to go and tackle a new website design. Okay. So. What I'm doing is just one to three things. It's really right now looking like one for me that I want to accomplish by the end of the summer.

And that is giving myself the mental capacity to keep showing up and also just to be able to have the freedom and flexibility. This summer to be able to spend it with my kiddo to go on holiday, whatever I want to do and not feel like I am behind and putting that pressure on myself because that's the thing with our businesses is.

We're the ones that put the pressure on ourself. You're the one that owns the business and you are a high achiever by doing so. But that can also be to our own detriment of we put too much on our own plate. And so we really have to like, Pull back the reins and protect ourselves. So not only are you having to run your business, you also have to protect your own self, your mental health, your wellbeing, and make sure that you are living that full rounded on life.

So really just like step back and look at like, what am I telling myself that I have to do this summer? And is that realistic? Why am I telling myself that? Who is making me feel like I need to do that? Sometimes it's a moment when you need to put blinders on and you're listening to too many outside voices or you're watching and comparing yourself too much on social media.

It's time to like put those blinders back on friends and really just focus on You, your audience, and what are the pressures that you're putting on yourself? And are they realistic? Do you need to be kinder to yourself? Do you need to take some things off of your plate for a season? In this case, for the summer season, Hey, travel bloggers tired of spending endless hours trying to monetize your content.

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So that is like first step in summer planning is just picking one to three things that you want to accomplish. And now I've got a list of one, two, three, four, five different things that are going to help you keep content going without taking too much time. So if you've been releasing blog posts consistently, if you're, you've been doing Social media and all of that.

And it's just like, go, go, go, go, go. And you're like, Oh man, I really just need a break. I've got some things for you. Number one is repurpose your old content. Whether that is social media content, blog content, YouTube, Facebook posts, whatever it may be. I was scrolling back on my Instagram feed today with my assistant.

And And just kind of showing her some old things and she's been resharing, um, some of our older posts. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but resharing some of our older posts to our Instagram stories and some of the things she's reshared. I was like, Oh my gosh, that was a really good post. So we're able to take that content and yes, we can reshare it to stories, but Why not take that a step further, grab that content, turn it into a new post, a reel, maybe it was a carousel and now it could be a reel, or maybe it was a reel and now it could be a carousel, or maybe it could be expanded and be on your blog.

Like there's so many different ways to repurpose the content you've already created. And that takes such a huge load off of you, especially a huge mental load of feeling like you have to create something new. So that is the first thing. The second one is refresh old blog posts and bump them back up to the top.

So if you have blog posts from last summer or summers before that even, then what you can do instead of having to write a new blog post, if you're wanting something new to go out every single week, girl, Just go back, refresh that old blog post if it needs to be and bump the date up so it publishes now and bump it back up to the top and reshare it.

Because I guarantee you, your audience probably didn't read it or doesn't remember that they read it. Or if they did, it was a really good blog post and they want to read it again. So let's repurpose our content. Like, we are, I'm recording episode 265 of this podcast. That is absolutely insane. So if I went to you guys and told you, Hey, do you remember episode 147, where I talked about this?

Probably not. I don't even know what I talked about in episode 147. So there's so much that we can repurpose and bump up to the top, share it again. It's going to reach new audiences and it's going to be great. Number three is create and schedule fall pins on Pinterest. So we are three months out from September.

We are less than three months out from when Starbucks and everybody else puts out those pumpkin spice lattes. Don't even want to think about that right now, right? And I had somebody inside PBS, um, yesterday say like, Bree, how do you, like, stay motivated to, like, push out fall content when it's a hundred degrees outside?

And so this is what I said, was like, Pinterest, go back to blog posts from previous years and create fresh pins for those and schedule those. I know it is so hard to create fall content now that's new. So give yourself a little bit of a break, a little bit of a breather, and repurpose the old content and get it pitched out back on Pinterest.

That way, if you want to release fall content starting in August, no, it might or might not pick up on Pinterest. Typically, it takes a few months to pick up on Pinterest, so it could pick up just in like November, which is a little bit late, right? But the beauty of this is that we're all in this for the long game.

And so year after year, it's going to stack. The only way it is going to stack year after year is if you Refresh those posts, push them back up to the top, keep sharing them, right? They're gonna live on Pinterest and so the hope, of course, is that those old pins recirculate again. But why not keep making fresh pins every single year for those old blog posts and also re sharing them again?

You made beautiful blog posts last fall. Why not share them again? You should. You spent a lot of time on them and did a brilliant job. So let us see that again. All right. Let me see. I'm on number four. Oh, it goes right along with this. Repromote blog posts from last summer. So we talked about refreshing all blog posts and bumping them up to the top.

Same thing, but just promote them again. If you make a new reel for them, go and grab that video content and edit it slightly different or just promote the same freaking reel. Go download it. If you didn't download it, go download it. Make a new cover, if you want, and put it up again. Bada bing, bada boom. Go send it out to your email list.

Send out an email wrapping up three blog posts that are your favorite from summertime. There you go. Just promote them again. And then my fifth tip is to share more of day to day life. I want to encourage you to do that. Summertime, we can see a lot of drops, um, depending on your niche, and page views, and views in general, because people are off their phones and not on it as much.

So, you know, just have fun with it. Share some day to day life. Share some behind the scenes. Use this as a way to just connect with your followers, share some beach reads, um, share what you're eating, what you're grilling, like really use this time to connect with your audience, share some things that maybe you hadn't before, and maybe you're going to just build a new connection with them and go to the next level with them this summer.

And that's like one of your goals is just to connect with your audience more. It can be as simple as. that. Ooh, happy summertime, babes. Wear your sunscreen. Nobody gets skin cancer. We don't want any of that. So please wear your sunscreen and I'll see you back here real soon for a new episode.

Thank you for listening to the Thrive Podcast. For resources mentioned in today's episode, head to thrivetogether. blog. And if you're a blogger or influencer looking for a community that is ready to cheer you on and be a resource to help you grow, be sure to join the thrive blogging community on Facebook.

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Maintaining a Personal Life & a Blog this Summer

If you're anything like me, summer can really throw off your motivation to grow your brand and blog. I know this is common in the community, because the girls inside of PBS and Shift are dealing with the same things.

I personally am taking the simplified approach and encourage you to do the same: write down 1-3 things you want to accomplish this summer! This is not relevant for money making tasks—it's big projects. Don't tackle new things if this is a super busy season for you.

For me, I specifically want to accomplish one big project by the end of the summer. Step back and look at what you're telling yourself you have to do this summer and if it's really neccessary?

5 Ways to Push Consistent Content in the Summer

We know the power of consistency and showing up for our audience, but that's a lot of work year round—so here are five ways you can continue to push out content and stay in front of your audience.

Repurpose old content

From social media content to blog content, you can absolutely repurpose old content. This includes the graphics, caption, long-form content, and more. Not only reshare it in it's original form, but you could create a new type of content with it. This takes a huge mental load off of your plate.

Refresh old blog posts and bump them up

The beautiful thing about seasons in the blogging industry is that you can refresh old blog content and bump it up in your feed. I love being able to refresh content for new seasons and give it new life.

Create and schedule fall pins on Pinterest

During the summer months, we often need to create fall content. Instead of creating all new content, you can use this low lift strategy of using old fall blog posts and creating fresh pins for it in the summer. This gives them new life and allows you a couple of months to gain traction on Pinterest.

Promote blog posts from last summer

Using this same strategy for your fall Pinterest strategy, you can do the same thing with summer content on Instagram. Redownload old reels and repost them!

Share more day-to-day life

In the summer time, we often see some drops in our content and reach—this is why it's important to connect with your audience with your day-to-day life content.

Happy summertime, blogging babes!

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02:11 - Balancing Business and Summer Fun

03:23 - Summer Productivity Tips

07:52 - Repurposing Content for Efficiency

10:08 - Promoting Old Content

12:44 - Connecting with Your Audience

13:52 - Final Thoughts and Farewell

Ready for a Blogging Coach?

If you're ready to join us here at Thrive and get a coach to help you go to the next level, DM us over at @ThriveTogetherBlog and just say, "Hey Bree, I think I might need help." We have multiple coaching options at different budget points and we're always happy to chat with you about what those could look like for you.

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