251 | Maximizing Productivity as an Entrepreneur with Limited Time with Taylor Mobely

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We're all running on limited time in our businesses, which makes it seem impossible to grow. What if I told you that you could run your business on just 15 hours per week, would you believe me? In today's episode, mom of three Taylor Mobely joins us to share how she's been able to maximize her productivity with limited time and run her business, blog, and podcast on—you guessed it—15 hours per week.


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Bree: Hello, friends. Welcome back to another episode in this conversation today. I got to chat with Taylor Mobley of taylorlately. com and you can find her on social at Taylor Lately. She is so impressive, you guys. This conversation was truly so impressive. Um, I hope that you guys listen to this and take a little bit of pressure off of yourself.

From this conversation, I walked away feeling like I've got this. I can, I can do this. I often feel like I don't have enough time, but Taylor walks us through how she is building a business on 15 hours a week. And maybe, and doing really, really well. And oftentimes when we're looking at social media, it can be so easy for us to think, Oh, well, they have 40 hours a week plus, and they have a full team and all these things.

And so to hear from somebody like her, who from the outside looking in, it looks like she's spending so many hours working on things. And that's just not the season of life she's in right now, but yet she's making it work. So if you've ever felt like you don't have enough time to do things and that you're not going to be successful as a result, this is the episode for you.

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If you're ready to grow your brand and looking for education and encouragement, then you've come to the right place. Now let's get ready to thrive. Hi, Taylor. Welcome to the show. How are you? I am so good.

Taylor: I'm so excited to be

Bree: here. Well, I cannot wait to just dive into, you've got so much going on. You've got your blog, your podcast, social media, coaching.

You've got a lot going on. So with all the things, I just can't wait to pick your brain. But first, can you introduce yourself and tell everybody About yourself and what all you've got going on.

Taylor: Oh my gosh. What a loaded question. There's it's a big question. Absolutely. Yes, for sure. So I, first and foremost, I'm a mom.

I've got three little kids. Um, I've got three under four, so it's like a really chaotic house over here, but we are doing it. We're doing our best. And I have been in the entrepreneur space for about nine years. I started with my lifestyle blog, so I've been doing that since 2015, back when like website blogs were a little bigger than they are now and we didn't really have like the social media influencer like it is today,

Bree: um,

Taylor: where we were on like Google and Pinterest and that still is obviously a big part of a lot of people's strategies today, but it was.

Yeah. Just a little climate was just a little different nine years ago. So that's where I started. And I launched my podcast hustle like a mother when my oldest son was born about four and a half years ago. And I also do coaching for small businesses and, um, systems and automation setups for, Small business owners.

So that's what we have going on over here.

Bree: That's a lot. And at just the three under four, I mean, no big deal.

Taylor: It's chaos. I had two babies in two years. It was wild. Ooh, mama. I know. All right. We're doing our best. They're great.

Bree: Well, with all of that, you have to be systemized and organized and all of the things.

So is it okay if I just like pick your brain about how you're doing all of this? Okay. You made a post about like the unsexy business moves that you've made in your business. And so I would love to just hear about, you know, like how those moves that we do. Don't always love to talk about or don't always hear about on social media because it's, it's not fun.

Right. We're like, so, yeah. So like, there's, there's a few things, but like, what is some of your favorite systems in your business that, you know, you're loving right now? And that is really helping you. I mean, with managing, you know, you have your, Uh, An influencer, right? And that in itself is a huge job. And then a podcast is another huge job and coaching and a mama.

So what systems are you loving for your business right now?

Taylor: Yes, so there's so many that I personally employ because I am a one woman show right now. So it's just

Bree: okay, even more impressive. It's

Taylor: all me. At the moment I took almost a year off last year when I had my daughter so I kind of downsized a bit to have my third baby.

And, uh, so right now it's just me. So I have a lot of systems that are happening behind the scenes. I think right now my number one is Notion. That is very similar, if you guys are familiar with Asana, Trello, um, it's a project management. Based program and I couldn't function in my business or my life without it And so I really have all of my it's my hub for everything I have a joint hub for my family that my husband is on and that's like our family calendar and meal planning and goals for the year and You know, spreadsheets for tracking, you know, monthly expenses and stuff.

And that I have a board for that. And then I have all of my business boards. I have, uh, podcast management, social media calendar, my daily to do all of the things that I need. Um, my Google doc and drives are all connected there so I can easily access things, um, just from one spot. I have found. The way to start systemizing is to put everything in one place and organize that one place, because sometimes we get shiny object syndrome with all of the different ways that we could organize, and there's a million and one programs and they all claim to be the very best and they all are really the same thing.

And so we don't really need to get super hung up on, you know, Trello, Monday, Asana notion. Yeah. Go through and kind of find what works best for your brain. I find, you know, there are programs that just. people visually operate better on. Notion is the one that works best for me. I was a diehard Trello user for years.

So I am very bored and list focused. That's what, what my brain likes the most. So find kind of what you're looking for there. And then. I, it's much easier to dump everything into one spot and then, you know, organize moving forward there. I have found that has been like the most helpful launchpad for me and that's in Notion.

Bree: Yeah. So when it comes to, I think that's something that, you know, we'll tell people to use a cool tool, right? Like pick whichever one. I love to say that. I'm like, you know, Asana works for me, but like, and Notion works for you. So like, just find one that you can be consistent with. Yep. But then the next thing is like, okay, I signed up.

Yes. And then you're just like blank white page. Now what do I do?

Taylor: Yes. I love that. Okay. So next step, right. Is honestly take all of the things that you do and decide, you know, to keep them here. So for me, I was like, okay, what are all the different arms that I'm doing that I need to access when I sit down at my desk in the morning.

Right. So that would be something like, I have. A zap on Zapier set up that like all my email attachments go into a Google drive for me So I can go through and be like, okay I'm somebody is reminding me that I need to do something with something that they sent so I can go and find it so easily And it's in one spot for me and i'm not searching outlook going Okay, which email thread was this attached to and what does that belong to and i'm eliminating That headache for myself, right?

So that's like, I know that was step one. When I sat at my desk, I'm going through emails. I need a better system for that. So that's the first thing that I set up because I can't run my business if I don't can't answer my emails. So I was like, okay, if I, the very first thing that's like baby step. Number one is get my email organized for me.

That was organizing my attachments and making sure that my email was. Front and center when I sat down at my desk, you know, okay So step two would be my my podcast would be the next thing i'm checking. Do I have any interviews for today? Where are my recordings? Where are my transcripts? Where what am I doing with those transcripts, you know, and then that goes into i'm repurposing that content.

So Where, where are those going to be repurposed? So I was like, okay, I need a board for that. So I sat down and I said, okay, all of my podcast stuff is going to go over here. And I moved it to the side and I'm not really focusing quite yet on like what the intricacies of each of those are going to have.

I'm just saying, these are what I need. So I'm kind of

Bree: putting everything in like buckets.

Taylor: Yep. So I'm making a space for it over here. It's very similar to like when I'm cleaning my house and I have like a basket. That I'm throwing things in, and I'm like, okay, this goes in the playroom, so any toy I see upstairs that belongs in a playroom is going in this basket, and I'm putting it to the side.

They're not being organized yet, but I know where all of those things are. So, podcast goes over here, my blog, I know that I need To have, you know, drafts for blog posts. I know that I need social media content, real drafts, sponsored collaboration information, another bucket. So that goes over here. So I have blog information over here, you know, and then I have stuff for Taylor Mobley co and my, you know, Clients, they need a place to live, right?

So they get their own bucket over here. And again, don't try to organize this as you go yet. Like it needs just throw it all in your, in your spaces. And then we're going to go through slowly from there and be like, there are automations and workflows that will work for each of these things. But if you try to do that, when you're looking at a big jumbled mess, It's going to feel so overwhelming and you're going to quit before you start.

Bree: You're just going to look at it and be like, nope, let me just close that tab because I can't.

Taylor: Literally, it's like when I have five days of laundry and I look at the pile in my laundry room and I'm like, that's not happening today. Nope. Just

Bree: close that door. Yes.

Taylor: Exactly. You just close that door and that happens all the time in your business and you're like, well, what I'm doing is like fine.

I have things in 40 different places, but like I'm trucking along. I'm able to kind of make it work. And so if it's not dire enough, I find people are like, I'm, I'm okay. But, or you're like, yes, but it just could be so much better.

Bree: It can be so much less stressful. Yeah. We just had a new client during shift and that's kind of where she's at.

I'm like, do you have like, Some type of way of organizing everything. I'm like that's gonna be our first step as otherwise, you know She's like I'm working over 40 hours a week and I'm like, ooh, let's figure that out. We don't need to work that many hours Let's get this organized.

Taylor: Yes, and you don't have to and I Repeat this to myself all day long is that everything has a spot and like everything's in its place and yeah, it makes me, it's probably like a little bit obsessive, but it makes me feel good to know that like all of my stuff has a spot and if I need to find it, I'm not going, okay, was that in an email?

Did I put that in my Google drive? Was that in an Instagram DM? Did I get that, you know, was it a text message? Was it. It should never be a text message, just in case anybody's listening.

Bree: No, and it should,

Taylor: it should probably

Bree: be an email.

Taylor: If I'm collaborating with a friend, we may be brainstorming or doing something.

Bree: Yes, that's true.

Taylor: My clients are not in text messages. But, you know, there might be something where I'm like, okay, there could be six different spots where that could be. I don't have that issue anymore because Everything has a home.

Bree: Yeah. So another thing. Okay. So once we've got it all organized, I don't want to go into the too much of the nitty gritty with like dealing with all that, but I am curious.

Okay. You've got all your systems and everything in place. What does like a week look like for you? Cause you still have all of that to juggle. So like, how do you decide, okay, it's Tuesday. This is what I'm going to work on.

Taylor: Yeah. So this is my favorite part of May. What I do is I really am hyper organized with my to do list in my week And I don't I find I can't function if i'm not and like i'm the kind of person who schedules my day like down to The hour every day

Bree: because I just

Taylor: I i'm juggling kids schedules their home Like they don't go to daycare.

My oldest goes To preschool three days a week, but like I got the kids are home with me. My husband works from home Like it's chaos. So it has to be just really super organized to make sure organized

Bree: chaos.

Taylor: Yes, exactly So I sit down personally Sunday evenings is what works for me and I spend 30 to 45 minutes Like mapping my week and I have certain days of the week that are for certain things And I find that helps my brain kind of cut the chaos because I'm not hopping from like different parts of my business to different parts of my business and trying to be productive that way.

I just don't find I am.

Bree: Yeah.

Taylor: So I sit down and Mondays are usually admin days, um, to kind of let myself get caught up from the weekend. It means I sit down and I clear my inbox to zero. I respond to any clients that need, um, Responding to I make sure that I've, all of my emails have been, you know, organized and labeled and put where they need to be so I can find them.

It's okay. What do I need to go over in my metrics from the previous week? And it's just a very admin heavy day. So that's my Monday. And I find that really works for me. I don't typically take any meetings on a Monday because it just kind of eats into the time that I need

Bree: to

Taylor: prep. Um, So that's what I do.

So Mondays, admin Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I kind of have flex to be podcast and like client meetings. So I will generally have like today was almost all podcast recordings because that's just what worked for people and myself this week, sometimes that's a Wednesday, but. They're, they're very similar days.

It's meetings and talking to people and not so much admin work. It's generally recording content. Um, so those are, you know, my Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I like to have two day options for clients and also for when I'm scheduling with people, it just helps kind of not be so rigid.

Bree: Yeah,

Taylor: and, and make schedules work for each other.

And then Thursdays are social media days. That's when I'm recording content. I'm creating content. This is usually for both blog, podcast, um, and sometimes reels for my coaching page, but it's very heavy on drafting. And submitting sponsor content and just getting, I'm sitting down with my content bank and I'm getting threads and creating, you know, stories and just doing a lot of the filming and content creation part.

So that I can get things scheduled out. Uh, this is also when I like schedule

Bree: plans. Yeah, I was going to ask, when it comes to that, do you use a scheduling tool for everything? Or are you like manually posting?

Taylor: It depends on what you're talking about. For Pinterest, I've got my Let's say

Bree: Instagram.

Taylor: Instagram? Pinterest,

Bree: for sure. Schedule that out. Yes,

Taylor: I don't do anything like scheduled out for a month in advance. Like, yes, this is on autopilot 100%. Um, for my feed posts, they're generally scheduled. That I find is easier to, Do my feed post scheduled like that because Instagram has a scheduling tool now, which I really like Stories are almost always on the fly unless I'm launching something in which case I have pre launched story Sequences that I will manually post And kind of get out there, but I love that On the fly real life stories.

So you can almost guarantee that whatever's in my Instagram story is literally what's happening like right now, just because I love it. Stories are my favorite part of, yeah, I love to connect with my audience there. And I don't want those to be pre done most of the time, because then I feel like I miss connection.

So. But Instagram posts, reels, things like that. Absolutely. I have them kind of pre done a couple days in advance and scheduled to go out once or twice a week.

Bree: And you're scheduling everything within Instagram?

Taylor: I do. I like their scheduling program. That's great. It works for me and I, I found that I don't really need to add something else.


Bree: Mm hmm.

Taylor: I don't have to. I like it. It's kind of, I'm already in there editing and kind of prepping stuff. So one extra step to click on the automation tool that they've added is easiest for me.

Bree: Perfect. Love that. I'm always curious what people are using. Yeah. Okay. Sorry. I derailed you. I had to ask that question.

That's okay. I love it. Um, okay. So that's like Thursday. Yeah. Is your drafts and everything.

Taylor: Mm hmm. And then Friday, I usually take off. Um, I usually do like kind of a a day where that's my son is not in school My sister lives about 40 minutes away and my mom is like seven minutes up the street And so my sister and her son and my mom will do a zoo or like, you know Botanical gardens or whatever it is.

We take the kids out a park and we do like a little family day Um fun on friday mornings And then i'm kind of able to my mom will stay and hang out with the kids and i'm kind of able to Round my week out Friday afternoon and just make sure there's nothing totally pressing that needs my attention in my inbox Again, like make sure my weekend stuff is scheduled so I don't really need to be super on it other than stories

Bree: Yeah,

Taylor: and it makes it so I can kind of spend an hour during nap times or when my mom has the kids to End the week feeling strong.


Bree: hmm. Mm hmm. Not feeling like you have a whole bunch of loose ends. Yeah, kind of

Taylor: cleaning up my, cleaning up whatever I've worked on. If I have launched stuff or email newsletters or sequences that need my attention, I kind of finish those up and clean them up and schedule those out, uh, Friday.

Bree: Yeah.

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Yep. Okay. So I, I have a one year old and I'm like, I'm about to start binging your podcast now because I'm like, I'm in this phase. Five

Taylor: seasons of hustling like a mother.

Bree: It is a whole nother ballgame. Let me tell you.

Taylor: Okay.

Bree: So you're saying that like your two youngest are home with you. How are, where are you carving out this time?

Taylor: So I am lucky in the sense that my two year old still naps regularly.

Bree: Amazing. So

Taylor: he will sometimes do three hour naps. Which is fantastic, but I generally will get at least two. So if it's a day where my oldest is at school, he's goes to school from nine to two and my middle child will nap from 1130 to one 30 or two 30.

Bree: So that

Taylor: means I have a pretty good chunk of my like mid morning. Where at least one of my children is sleeping and my seven month old is real chill. She's a very has very third child energy like She's just vibing and thriving

So she will sit in a bouncer next to me if I really need to get things done so She's great outside. So a lot of times you'll find me posted outside, like with her on a blanket in the grass and we sit and chill and I will type on my laptop or I will do, you know, a call. And I'm also lucky in the sense that my clients.

know that I have children and are so understanding with that.

Bree: That's amazing.

Taylor: If it's a recording day where I really cannot have any interruptions, my mom does help and step in and we'll come over for an hour or two, even if the kids are napping, just because I can't get up and get them. You're like,

Bree: hold that thought.

I'll be right back.

Taylor: I don't like to do that. I, if I'm recording, I really like to be tucked in my office without the distractions. So I do have my mom. She's able to come over and sit, even if it's in a quiet house. You know, for an hour or two and just be on deck.

Bree: Yep. And, and my

Taylor: seven month old will nap. I usually get an hour out of her, you know, in between the other things that we're doing.

So I'm pockets of time, uh, and then I do a lot of evening work right now.

Bree: Okay. Yeah.

Taylor: And that's just, not recording so much, but content, a lot of my content creation that doesn't require, like, nice natural light for filming. But like, my digital products, suites, and um, editing and things like that, I do in the evenings.

And I will usually take an hour or two after they go to bed to do that if it has been a chaotic day and I haven't been able to fit that in, in

Bree: other

Taylor: pockets of time.

Bree: Yeah. Oh, thank you for sharing that because I think, don't you feel like sometimes like it's that social media glamorization, right? Like if I like, cause I was like perusing your Instagrams and everything.

And I'm in my head, I'm like, okay, she's got three kiddos, but they're probably either, I didn't know how old they were. So I'm like, they're probably either at a school or daycare or a nanny or something. And so she's got, she's working like, you know, 20 to 30 hours a week, all this stuff, right? Right. Right.

I don't know you, right? And I'm not having a conversation. So like, that's what we build up in our heads. And I think sometimes that puts so much pressure on us to feel like, Oh, well, I'm not going to be as successful or I'm not going to succeed because I don't have. The time, like, Brie or Taylor does. Yes.

Taylor: And it's

Bree: like,

Taylor: that's not happening to you

Bree: guys

Taylor: for either of us. Yes, and I think it really does feel stressful because I also, The thing is, I found I can't do all of the things, right? So if I'm killing it in business and I'm being like a super great mom and a really present wife, my house is a disaster.

I can't do

Bree: it. A hundred percent. Okay,

Taylor: so, but if my house There's a laundry

Bree: pile, the laundry room door is shut. If

Taylor: my house was awesome, something else was neglected. So that either means I didn't work during nap time and I decided to clean up instead. Exactly. Or, um, I haven't spoken to my husband in two days, or, like, and more ships passing in the night because we have other stuff going on, or, you know, I, it's, I can have, like, one of three, or I can have, like, two of three things doing well at the same time, but it is not all of it.

You just simply cannot, I can't, maybe somebody out there can, but it's not

Bree: happening over here. Like I'm currently, if I look up from my desk, I'm like, Oh God, just put my blinders on and only stare at my computer screen.

Taylor: What you can see in my video is the only clean portion of the office.

Bree: I'm not even going to look over there.


Taylor: Yes, exactly. You know, and I also, I used to have a house cleaner that really helped. We don't have that right now. I would love to have them back at some point.

Bree: I will say we just finally, I mean, it took forever. Life changing. Oh, she came right before my daughter's birthday last month. And I was like, my

Taylor: house smells so good.

It's so clean. Yes. Yes. We, uh, we had to replace our entire AC and furnace earlier this year. So we had to make some money. Those are the worst

Bree: things about owning a house. It's like having to spend your money on the things that you cannot visually was

Taylor: like not something a home warranty covered. And they're like, of course you're like, okay.

And like

Bree: you feel it because it's like, well, I'm going to feel if that heat or AC is out, but it's not like I'm getting a pretty new couch or something.

Taylor: No, exactly. If it does its job, I don't even know a difference,

Bree: which sucks.

Taylor: Exactly. But yeah, so there, there are so many things. People have house cleaners, kids go to daycare.

There's a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes. And then a lot of stuff where I'm like, I don't know, man, we're just winging it and I really try to be intentional with where I'm carving the times out and making that consistent for myself. And again, I do feel lucky that my mom lives right up the street and doesn't work.

So she can, you know, hop in. Yeah. For those hours, I really do need things to be dedicated. And my husband works from home too, so there's also a lot of times where he can take a lunch break and hang with the kids. And I can do something, you know,

Bree: without

Taylor: interruption too. So you know, there are things that I have set up that work for us right now.

And I do have a little bit of that help to step in. When necessary.

Bree: Yeah. But it just proves like that when you have everything like organized and you have those systems in place and you have this figured out, because I mean, you guys go follow Taylor on social and check out her stuff. I'm like, she is cranking out the content and serving clients and anybody else, again, like outside looking in, you think you're doing this on 40 plus hours a week.

Taylor: And I can say I used to when I didn't have so many children and right now I, I really feel like it's more like 10 to

Bree: 15 and like,

Taylor: it is because I have those hyper, like that time is like very hyper organized and it's strategic. So I'm not sitting down at my desk going, well, what am I going to work on today?

Like I don't ever do that because then you spend your. valuable time going, I don't know, all of a sudden. If you have to

Bree: sit down at your desk and like make that decision in the moment, you're going to lose time.

Taylor: Yep. And that's why I do my Sunday evenings where I'm like, okay, these are all the client, client meetings I have this week.

These are all of the recordings I have this week. This is everything I have that needs to be published. This is everything that needs to be drafted. And I like brain dump. The whole thing and then schedule it all out for the week on their days that, you know, I have specified for that thing. And then every day when I sit down, you know, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I'm going, okay, I already have my list made.

I know exactly what I'm starting on right now and I can jump right into that without that like buffer time.

Bree: Right. You know, what's got to be done. You have to jump in. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. I also have started doing like anytime I have like a little micro moment during the day Trying to give myself like okay.

Here's a couple of different things you could work on.

Taylor: Yeah,

Bree: if Homegirl is distracted by Miss Rachel for a little bit or, you know, honestly, she's amazing. Same. Like, yes. The moment that she ever goes on tour or something, those tickets are going to be, we will be there. How many days is she here?

Taylor: Micro moments are Yes, absolutely.

Bree: Mm hmm. Just little pockets of things that you can get done. Okay. I would love to hear as we're kind of like starting to wrap this up. What is like really helping you right now with like moving the needle forward with your blog and with all the things?

Taylor: So I. At the beginning of this year, I sat down and I really was like, what do I want to get out of my platforms this year?

What, aside from just like existing on the internet, like what is the goal that I want to do? So, you know, for the blog, it was to grow my community there. It was really important for me to come back after my Nearly year long hiatus from almost all my platforms at least six months for most of them where I was like, you know, new third baby, two babies in two years.

Like I was like, I needed the time to kind of get back. So when I came back this year, I was like, okay, I need to be really I really need to know what I'm doing with these platforms and what the end goal is. And I wanted to revive my community over on the blog and kind of really touch base with my audience there and like serve them better and bring them content that they're looking for.

I wanted to Increase and open up my client spots again in my coaching business. Um, I wanted to start, you know, posting more with intention on the podcast and make sure that that was consistent and regular. And so with that in mind, every time I sit down to make a list, I'm like, does this serve the goal that I have set for this platform this year?

Bree: Yeah.

Taylor: And I ask it every single time is the launch that I'm putting out. Serving my end goal of like really high value, serving my clients and increasing income on this platform. If the answer is yes, it's like a no brainer. If the answer is, I don't know, it maybe gets kind of put on the back burner. Like it may be, that would be a fun thing for me to do when I have more space.

Bree: Absolutely.

Taylor: But I have really intentionally been like everything that I'm, because I only have 10 to 15 hours a week, every task is like, is it an income generator? Does it move me towards my goal of fostering more community? Does it do a good job of serving high value content to my clients? Like it has to be like a hell yes.

Otherwise, I don't have the capacity for it right now. And so then it gets put, and I have a system for this. It gets put in my, like, to be looked at in six months.

Bree: Yes.

Taylor: Folder. That folder

Bree: is, like, one of my favorite things. Yes! Because it's really disheartening to, like, be like, Nope, it can't happen, whatever.

But, like, No, like give it a spot to live. You're not saying no forever.

Taylor: Yes. And so I will flesh ideas out that I know aren't happening right now. And I will sit down, like if I'm feeling on fire or like lit up by it. But I really don't have the capacity for it. I'll sit down, I'll open a Google doc. I'll brain dump everything that I need about, you know, a product or a service or a series or whatever the idea is, and then tuck it away into my, like, to look at July, 2024.

When, you know, I might have the capacity for it and it may stay there until December 2024, January 2025. Or there are things that I have come to years later and been like, okay, this was such a good idea. It didn't make sense for my audience or my capacity at the time, but like now is the time.

Bree: Yeah.

Taylor: And I've opened it back up and been like, man, that was a really good idea.

Let's start putting it into place. So that's kind of what I've been doing is. It has right now it has to Whatever I'm doing has to serve those original goals, and it has to push me forward in, like, service and income. And then everything else is being put on hold for right now. Mm hmm.

Bree: Mm hmm. I love that.

You're not saying no forever, but it's on hold for now.

Taylor: Yeah.

Bree: And yeah, I've had things live there for, gosh, I probably have stuff on my board that's lived there for years. Yeah.

Taylor: Or I'll buy a URL if I are in domain, I'm like a hoarder of, yes. If I have an idea for something, I, I probably have like 55 domain.

Bree: No, you do not. But I do from the last like

Taylor: 10 years, honestly, of just like ideas that I've had that. I'm not done with yet, but I just get, sometimes they're middle of the night, like wake up in the middle of the night and be like, I need this. Is it available? And I

Bree: will

Taylor: literally reserve social media handles.

And by domain, I have so many that are just, just in case something happens. So you're one of the ones when I'm on

Bree: Instagram. Let me see if this handle is available. Sorry guys. I'm listen,

Taylor: listen, but Taylor Mobley Co. I will say lived for five years. I had that URL, that name for five years before I ever did anything with it because I knew it was coming.

and I just wasn't ready for it yet.

Bree: Mm. So ,

Taylor: I'm sorry. I'm a hoarder of it guys. It's just

Bree: you're not the only one. The amount of friends I swear that I have that like have domains.

Taylor: Just

Bree: message one of us. I'm like, we'll probably know somebody that owns it and just go through them. Oh, sorry. I'm on a

Taylor: landing page one day, guys.

I don't know what to tell you. I know. It's a problem. I need it. I don't know.

Bree: That's hilarious.

Taylor: Oh my goodness. Middle of GoDaddy search for.

Bree: Oh my gosh. I know some people are like my middle of the night Amazon purchases. Or my middle of the night.

Taylor: Domains.

Bree: She's over on GoDaddy buying domains. Sorry guys.

Thanks so much for just, you know, diving into all this and being real and honest about everything and like how the business actually looks behind the scenes. And I hope that it was, I think it will be just like super empowering and. Like, you know, kind of removing that curtain of like, Oh, they're not all doing it on 40 plus hours a week with assistance.

Like one day,

Taylor: one day I'll be that girl.

Bree: We'll get there. We'll get there. It's not the season, not the season. Okay. Before we sign off, can you just tell everybody where they can go find and follow you?

Taylor: Yes. Okay. You can, I'm all over the internet guys, you know, all my domains. Um, but truly you can find me at.

Bree: You just have them all point to Taylor

Taylor: Mobley. Go to taylorlately. com to start. Okay. Because my podcast is there. The blog is there. All of my Instagram stuff is hanging out there too. So that's just taylorlately. com. And then if you're interested in my automation workflow system, all of that coaching side, that's at taylormobleyco, um, on Instagram.

And that would be the best place Spot for you there, but yeah, Taylor dot lately on Instagram and Taylor Mobley co and then my podcast is everywhere that you can find Podcasts and that's just also like a mother.

Bree: Yes, and you guys are on a podcast player right now So hop over there next go listen to some episodes hit subscribe Check it out.

Yes. Thanks so much for being here. This was such a fun conversation. I have loved it. Thank you for having me Absolutely. All right, you guys we'll see you back here in just a few days for a new episode

Thanks so much for listening. You can find all of the notes from today's podcast at thrive together. blogslash podcast. Make sure you connect with us over on Instagram at thrive together blog and join our Facebook community to get supported by like minded bloggers and influencers. Just search thrive blogger community on Facebook.

And if you're loving this podcast, be sure to share it with a friend, hit that subscribe button and leave us review. So even more bloggers can get the support they need to grow until next time. Keep thriving.

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Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Taylor is a mom the three kids under four while also running her blog and hosting a podcast. In order to manage her life, she's very organized in her business. When it comes to actually staying organized, there are a few unsexy moves that Taylor made in her business to be more productive.

Maximizing Productivity as an Entrepreneur with Limited Time

Right now, Taylor is a one-woman show. She decided to downsize her business when she had her third baby, ultimately leading her to build systems that gave her more time, freedom, and flexibility.


Notion is Taylor's project management tool and hub for everything in her life and business. She claims that she couldn't function without it.

From her day-to-day life to every goal in her business, she's started to add everything into one place in order to get organized. While there are a million programs, you really only need one program that works best for you.

Getting Organized with Systems

The next piece of advice she has is to get organized in the things you need and check in on every day.

The first thing that Taylor recommends is finding a way to automate everything to get stored in one place. For her, those automations happen through Zapier into Google Drive.

The second thing she recommends is to separate your projects into their own spaces. For example, when Taylor works on her podcast, she's typically looking for the following answers: are there any interviews that day, where are her recordings or transcripts, does she have any tasks related to her podcast? This is where she created a space for her podcast in order to keep it all in one place. She does this with more than just her podcast, but also with her social media, blog posts, clients, etc.

Prioritizing Your Time

One of the most important lessons in balancing motherhood and work is prioritizing your time. Taylor likes to be organized and plan out her time with tasks and to-do lists. Every Sunday evening, she spends 30-45 minutes mapping out her week.

Certain days of the week are dedicated to certain things, which helps cut the chaos, as she's not trying to hop around to different tasks.

  • Mondays: Admin days
  • Tuesdays: Flex - Podcasts, Content, & Client Meetings
  • Wednesdays: Flex - Podcasts, Content, & Client Meetings
  • Thursdays: Social Media Days
  • Fridays: Off for Family Days

Not only is she really intentional with her time and planning, but she's also doing this with kids at home. While her oldest is in school, her middle child is napping, and her youngest is in a bounder, she's getting it all done. On recording days, her mom steps in to help with the children.

This gives her pockets of time to work, but she's also working after they go to bed at night.

Move the Needle Forward in Your Business

Taylor decided that she wanted to grow her online community after a nearly year-long hiatus after her third baby. This included reviving the blog and opening her client spots in her coaching business.

With that in mind, she has to ask herself with every decision in business, is this serving my business? If the answer is yes, it gets done. If the answer is no or maybe, it gets put on the backburner.

Consider this when you make decisions:

  • Is it an income generator?
  • Does it move me towards my goal of fostering more community?
  • Does it do a good job of serving high value content to my clients?

If it's not a hell yes, then it's a no.

Find it Quickly

02:18 - Taylor's Entrepreneurial Journey and Work-Life Balance
04:21 - The Power of Systemization in Business
05:38 - Organizing Your Business with Notion
12:58 - Creating a Productive Weekly Schedule
21:02 - The Hustle of Motherhood and Content Creation
23:46 - Balancing Work and Family Life: Real Talk
27:31 - Strategic Planning for Efficient Content Creation
33:47 - Embracing the Future: Domain Hoarding and Business Dreams

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Taylor

Ready for a Blogging Coach?

If you're ready to join us here at Thrive and get a coach to help you go to the next level, DM us over at @ThriveTogetherBlog and just say, "Hey Bree, I think I might need help." We have multiple coaching options at different budget points and we're always happy to chat with you about what those could look like for you.

Want to watch a class instead? Go to Thrivetogether.blog/grow and choose the free blogging workshop that's best for you!

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