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The Profitable Blogger Society has helped 300+ bloggers & influencers grow their audience and make more money—while reducing overwhelm and providing clarity.

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Our core classes will teach you how to start a blog, 4 monetization strategies, and how to determine what to focus on to see growth!

Office Hours calls: ask your coach anything! And Planning Party calls: where we plan out your content for the next month together!

A private group with similar goals. Never again feel like you're growing your brand alone. You'll be surrounded by a group that gets it.

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The Profitable Blogger Society has been helping bloggers and influencers since 2019. It's one of the only affordable memberships providing monthly coaching sessions, which is a great opportunity to chat with your coach.

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You will have the opportunity to submit your questions prior to each office hour call. During the call, the coach will review all submitted questions and discuss them with each person. Once all pre-submitted questions have been answered, if there’s still time left, they’ll open up the call for additional conversation.

The only things we recommend are: Setting up a website, having an email marketing tool, and having a scheduling tool for Instagram. We have free and paid recommendations for both the email marketing and social media scheduling tools.

It truly does depend on the individual and how much they show up and do the work that we strategize on together. The ones that do that tend to make even more money than they invested—which is always our goal! 

You get the opportunity to ask questions during our Office Hours calls. And then within the private Facebook group there is a weekly thread to “Ask a Coach” and get advice throughout the month! The bloggers that make the most out of the group are in there asking questions consistently and getting personalized advice and strategy from a coach. With making this program as affordable as possible this is how we can serve each member to the fullest and get them all the strategy and support they’d like!