Episode 221 | Preventing Burnout in 2024

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As we begin a brand new year, we're ready to take on new projects, but also set new expectations and create new habits. I want 2024 to be the year that you prevent and avoid burnout. In today's episode, I'm sharing a few signs to watch out for that might mean you're approaching burnout, along with a few ways you can actually prevent burnout all year long.


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Signs & Symptoms of Burnout

Burnout is so common among creators and it's something you shouldn't be ashamed of. Instead, you should be aware of it so that you know when you're on the verge of burnout or even just recognizing that you're there. A few signs and symptoms of burnout include:

  1. Not wanting to work and lacking motivation for something you're normally passionate about.
  2. Feeling exhausted.
  3. A lack of creativity.
  4. Ghosting your audience or even your friends and isolating.

This has been a major talking point inside of Shift and Profitable Blogger Society. Recently, I've seen a theme where we're getting things done, but we're drained of creativity. I have personally dealt with burnout a lot, especially creativity burnout.

About a year ago, I realized that I was pushing aside my creativity in order to grow my business. Anytime I wanted to do something creative, I would force myself to do the busy work that had to get done first, draining the creativity from me. After a while, I found that when I would go to do something creative, it was harder to spark that flame. Something had to change, so I made a shift to prioritize my creativity, because it is such a huge part of me.

How to Prevent Burnout

If you're able to recognize the signs of burnout, that's one way you can prevent it. Let's talk about a few ways you can prevent burnout as a blogger, influencer, and content creator:

  1. Set realistic goals. Sometimes we get a little over ambitious in the goals that we set. You should be excited for challenges, not overwhelmed. Setting realistic goals will help set the expectations that will keep you motivated. If you need help setting these goals, I'd love to support you inside of Shift or Profitable Blogger Society.
  2. Take a break. When you set solid boundaries that allow you to take breaks from work, you're providing the self-care that you need in order to avoid burnout. These breaks should fill your cup rather than drain it.
  3. Prioritize self-care. The best way to fill your cup is through self-care. Whether that is ensureing you get enough water, or sleep, or sitting outside, etc.
  4. Have a manageable list of what to work on. We often have too much on her plate. If you're limited to specific times to work, consider creating a list of things that you need to work on based on when you can work, how you work best, or by priority.
  5. Learn to say no. You can establish boundaries in your life and business to help set you up to avoid burnout.

This is your sign and encouragement to be aware of and check yourself when you're approaching burnout. If you're looking for community and support to help you to focus on the priorities, we're here for you inside of Shift or Profitable Blogger Society.

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