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What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is when a brand pays you, the content creator, to produce a piece of content to promote their brand/product! This could be in video, photo, or written form. In this guide we’re specifically talking about sponsored blog posts, Instagram posts, and TikTok posts, but there are also other opportunities to work with brands!

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You’re going to go through this guide and immediately notice that there are ranges for every single thing. Pricing yourself is not a set number that is going to work every single time. We’ve created a range for which you should be charging. The range for how much you should charge brands for sponsored content depends on your audience, the brand, the content type, and usage rights!

Our goal is that you’re charging at least the minimum number of that range. So that means when you’re pitching, you’re pitching more than that minimum to leave you room for negotiating with brands!

What You'll Get:

Sponsored Blog Post Rates

We will show you what you can charge based on your average blog post traffic each month.

Sponsored Instagram Post Rates

We give you pricing for stories, reels, and feed posts based on your audience size.

Sponsored TikTok Post Rates

You’ll learn what to charge for TikTok videos based on your follower count + average views.

Get Our Sponsored Content Pricing Guide!

Heidi raised her sponsored content rates—you can too!

sponsored content pricing

“OMG! They agreed to $800! I’m so shocked! Previously I would have said $100 or something like that for fear I would scare them off. I’m over the moon!!!”

—Heidi @EleanorRoseHome

Still have questions about how to make money blogging?

It’s variable based on different things like audience size, engagement, and page views (for blog posts). The guide helps you determine what range you should be charging according to what your peers are charging!

Yes, of course! We have seen hundreds of bloggers have financial success being a blogger.

The pricing guide has information for bloggers and content creators of all sizes! We believe you deserve to get paid, no matter your audience size. 

Definitely! Our pricing guide makes it easy to learn how much you can make! 

Get Our Sponsored Content Pricing Guide!