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235 | Purposeful and Sustainable Goal Setting ft. Chasing Simple with Amanda Warfield

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How can we set sustainable goals and avoid burnout? Today’s episode is a replay of my interview on the Chasing Simple podcast with Amanda Warfield. Listen in as we dive into our best tips for optimizing your business, creating a vision for your life, and setting purposeful and realistic goals. 


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3 Steps to Purposeful and Sustainable Goal Setting

It is so important to dream big for your business, but when it comes to setting goals, you should be intentional in setting purposeful and sustainable goals. The problem that I often see happening is business owners aren't taking a look at where their time is going and what's bringing in money and setting goals based on what's working.There are a few steps you need to be considered when setting smart goals for your business.

1. Analyze Your Business

The first step to consider when setting goals is to analyze—take a look at what is working in your business and where the money is coming from. Then look at how much time you're spending on these tasks and how much time you should be spending there.

Additionally, what do you love to do? What do you want to learn? Take this big picture look at your business to make sure that you know every detail of your business and how it's going to impact your goals.

Oftentimes you'll find that you're spending your time in the wrong places—so really take a look at your time and what it gives you back in your business.

2. Strategize Moving Forward

Once you've analyze your business, consider what you need to do moving forward. From determining what brings you joy, money, income, leads, and more—decide what you want to do with a little bit of strategy.

Take the emotion out of your business and look at your business and what will serve you long-term moving forward.

As a side note: allowing yourself to let go of something is okay.

3. Optimizing Your Systems

Once you've had a chance to analyze what's working and strategize where you'll go from there, it's important to optimize your systems. What can you improve, adapt, and shift to build a better business that meets your goals?

At the end of the day, you need to work smarter, not harder. You can continuously optimize in your business and iterate the work that you do!

Now that you've explored analyzing, strategizing, and optimizing in your business, you're ready to set and work towards your goals. The key to staying on task is building a solid support system that will hold you accountable and support you.

Resources Mentioned

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  • Where to start when nothing is working (9:00)
  • Form your strategy (13:25)
  • Creating a vision for our life (20:33)
  • Prioritizing your mental health (22:18)
  • Optimizing your business (25:40)
  • How to keep goals front of mind (32:26)
  • Your action step from Bree (35:10)
  • Book recommendations from Bree (35:38)

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