245 | Q&A From You Guys!

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Today is a special episode, because I'm answering questions you guys asked me directly inside of the Thrive Blogging Community! From knowing where to invest your time and energy around your blog to understanding the do's and don't's of blogging, where answering the questions that will help you make money


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If you have to invest time into only one platform outside of your blog, which would it be in order to drive traffic to your website?

While social media can be fun to grow a large audience, if you're looking to drive the most traffic for your time, I think Pinterest is your best option! Assuming you're already doing the work on your blog for SEO as a part of your blog maintenance, I'd highly recommend Pinterest as your next time investment.

Utilize a tool like Tailwind, learn about keywords, and strategically pin your content. A quick tip for Pinterest is to create four pins per blog post and then schedule them to go up every 8 days.

What are the do's and don’ts for running a lifestyle/mom blog?

There are so many considerations with running a lifestyle/mom blog but I'll share the first couple of things that come to mind and are really relevant to me right now in this season.


  • Follow your energy.
  • Explore what your audience needs.


  • Don't just do what everyone else is doing because that's what you think you should be doing.

How do you turn affiliate product clicks into actual sales?

There are a few things to remember when it comes to converting your audience:

  1. It takes time to get people to convert.
  2. You have to build trust with your audience.

If you decide to show up hard for a bit, but then stop—you're not building consistency in showing up for your audience, so you're losing trust. You have to consistently sharing about your affiliate links and what you love about them.

How do you pitch paid brand collaborations?

Marlene mentioned that when she pitches a brand she never knows when it’s the right time to talk about payment or to even request anything other than an exchange of products or services. This is so common, so please don't feel lone in this.

My recommendation is to first figure out your formula—how many pitches do you have to send in order to get a yes. Gamify your pitches to see if you can tweak them to start getting more yeses. We cover this in the Blog Monetization Blueprint! Additionally, send your pitches in bulk so that you're hitting your monthly goals.

Is it ever too late to monetize?

Once you have worked with brands for products and affiliate links, it is still possible to get sponsorships, so how do you transition? You can highlight how your audience enjoyed the content you created for them last time, then share that you're growing a loyal audience and you're no longer. Here is an example of what that email could look like:

"Hello, so great to hear from you! I truly loved working with you last time and my audience really enjoyed the content I produced for [BRAND]. Here are some of the responses I got {INSERT SOCIAL PROOF}. I would love to work with you again. I am no longer doing sponsored content in exchange for product only. My brand has been growing and I have a loyal audience who would love to see me work with you again for this new campaign. What is your budget for this campaign? If you can provide me with that and any details of what you're looking for, I'd love to send you over some options!"

This allows for a smooth transition. We have a mass Google document that has email response templates that includes prompts and responses for questions like this.

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01:00 Q&A Session: Your Blogging Questions Answered
01:27 Maximizing Pinterest for Blog Traffic
03:37 Do's and Don'ts for Lifestyle and Mom Bloggers
11:01 Turning Affiliate Clicks into Sales
14:07 Mastering Paid Brand Collaborations
17:50 Transitioning to Paid Sponsorships
20:49 Wrapping Up and How to Stay Connected

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