268 | Rediscovering Creativity for Long-Term Growth

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In this month's Thrive in Five series, we're talking all things long-term growth. One of the biggest factors to success in long-term growth is often overlooked—that's creativity. It's so easy to get sucked into the to-do lists, money-making tasks, and those recurring tasks that have to happen in business, then we lose sight of creativity. In today's episode, I'm challenging you to slow down and focus on creativity!

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Our overarching theme for our Thriving Five Tuesday episodes this month is Is long term growth. I'm really excited about this. We've got five Tuesdays in the month of July. So we've got a lot that we can cover in this first episode. Let's talk about something that I have realized over and over and over again, and somehow It falls off and gets trampled, but it is so important for growth.

And that is creativity. We have got to prioritize creativity for long term growth. And I don't know about you, but for me, For some reason, this is one of the first things that seems to fall off. I will get busy, sucked into my to do list of things that must get done. Those money making tasks, those things that just are on autopilot where you like run through your day or run through your week.

And you're like, I know I got things done, but what did I get done? And also, Oh my God, I'm so tired. And I have to do this again. I was talking with my friend Liz and she was saying how It was like the monotony of it of sitting down at the end of the day and not wanting to go to bed and you stay up scrolling or watching TV because you just don't want to do it all over again the next day.

That is what happens to me when I. I am not prioritizing creativity. And it is why I think that creativity is so crucial to long term growth. Our audience can tell when something is forced for us versus fun for us to create. Things just land differently and connect differently with our audience. They can just tell, and we know because we have more fun when things are creative and fun.

And if we lose our creative spark, we're losing the joy of what we're doing and we'll burn out and quit. Often, when I feel burned out, overwhelmed, exhausted, it's because my to do list or life has taken over. And my creativity and me spending time doing things that are fun and creative is the first thing to fall off my list.

It is like, it is the first thing that I deprioritize, which is terrible because it is the thing that fuels what I do and what all of us do. All of us, no matter what your niche is, no matter who your audience is, we are all creatives. And when we deprioritize creativity, it impacts our business and the longevity of it.

What this can look like at a granular level to help us prioritize creativity and some things that I personally am starting to do. You guys hold me accountable and hopefully you can join me in on some of these. One of those things can look like producing less content so you can spend more time on the creative that will land.

It is that quality over quantity. It is not always easy because we can often feel like, Oh, I have to post at this time. I have to do this. I have to do this to keep the algorithm happy, to keep whomever happy these and these not, I mean, they are invisible. We can't see them, but these metrics and these things that we think we have to do.

However, I want to challenge that. I want to challenge that if you were to slow down and whatever capacity it is, it can be for a moment. It can be for a season. And will it land with your audience and with new audience members in a different way that will actually provide a jolt of energy to your brand?

Another thing that it can look like is that I am going to start trying is storyboarding. I have been wanting to do this. I have been inspired by a friend to do this. It goes back to my roots of being in college and being a graphic design student where we had to do things like this all the time and I was constantly sketching and doodling and drawing boxes of different things is how my brain worked for storyboarding.

And I want to get back to that because if we're being honest and this is all about me being honest today, Instagram. And content creation, I have gotten really bored. And I know it's because I've been doing the same thing over and over and over again. And I am not, it's like on autopilot, like the creation at this point has become autopilot.

And, It's gotten monotonous, it's gotten boring, and I need to break out of that. So I'm going to start storyboarding some more and I'm going to start taking my time a little bit more with creating content. The other thing that it can look like is not consuming as much content. And that looks like figuring out ways and tactics to stop you from scrolling.

Now I will say this, there is, there is a caveat to this and I've talked with my therapist about this. Because I I I'm the type of person that have like, I'll beat myself up or like, you know, be hard on myself for different things. And one of them is like, Oh, I shouldn't be scrolling. Oh, I shouldn't be watching so much TV.

I shouldn't be this. I shouldn't be that. And she told me, you know, Brie, if that is something that relaxes you and that you enjoy, then let it be, then enjoy it, but actually enjoy it. My problem is I'm not actually enjoying my scrolling. I'm just scrolling. I'm not enjoying the content. I don't, I don't know.

It's like I'm not even connected to it. And so that is when my cue is to, I've got to jolt myself and I've got to change something here and stop consuming as much. And then the other thing it can look like on a granular level is doing things outside of work that are creative. That could be painting, that could be gardening, that could be traveling, that could be anything.

Eating. That could be going to restaurants, having new experiences, going to a garden store, going and painting with a friend. I'm going to go to a pottery studio this weekend with a friend that's in town and we're going to go painting. Make something, but just things outside of what you do for work to be creative.

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