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 ✨ 5 Days of Easy to Implement Trainings ✨

Day 1: What do I post on Reels? 🤷‍♀️
We'll cover your content strategy, attracting the right audience, and how to make sure they stick around after watching!
Day 2: Editing + Transitions
We want your reels to be eye-catching without them taking you HOURS to edit, and that's what we'll cover today! 🥳 🥳 🥳
Day 3: Batching Ideas
We'll talk about how to batch ideas and concepts, as well as tactics for repurposing your past content. 💪 🔥 😄
Day 4: Momentum
We'll uncover strategies for staying consistent and inspired, as well learning how to find what's trending so you can catch those moments.
Day 5: Audit + Improve
We'll check in on the progress we've made and learn how to critique our work so we don't grow stagnant. We'll uncover little tweaks we can make so things work even better! ✨
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Natasha Samuel

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