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For the month of April we're sharing 5 tools that bloggers and influencers should be using, including today's tool, Plann. If you've avoided scheduling your content due to nerves around performance, I want to encourage you to try it and see if you notice a difference. Scheduling your content allows for better planning, more intentional time on social media, and gives you more balance in your life. Listen in as I share what I love about scheduling through Plann.


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So to wrap up this month's series of the thriving five, where we are talking about a different tool every single week that you can use to grow your brand tools that are going to help you and make your life easier. The last one that I want to talk about, let me first say. I was chatting over on Threads, which, by the way, I am really loving Threads right now.

I'm having a lot of fun chatting with you guys over there. And it just feels like, like every time I go over there, I'm like, it's just content creators and influencers and bloggers that are like all in my feed. And I am living for it. It's so much fun. Um, So one of the, it shows just like random, I'm getting like a random feed constantly.

I don't know about you guys. It's never like always people that I'm following. And somebody made a post that said that she was basically saying, That you should not schedule your content. She's like, no hot take. I don't think you should schedule your content. And I responded and I was like, respectfully, I disagree.

I think you should schedule your content. I think it can make your life so much easier and can give you so much freedom and flexibility and take some pressure off of you. Why wouldn't you schedule your content? So I understand there is posting in the moment and sometimes life happens and we are just literally posting day by day by day.

I get it. But if you have the capacity to schedule your content, I think you should. I don't think that there is any negative to it. I think some people are worried that it could mess with their engagement and things not performing as well. But I have talked with several girls inside of our shift community who are scheduling things and they're not seeing any type of dip in engagement.

In my opinion, as long as your content is good and it is resonating with your audience, It does not matter if you're using a scheduling tool. Instagram knows you use scheduling tools. So it makes sense that this tool that I want to talk to you about is a scheduling tool and that is called Plan. We fell in love with Plan years and years ago and recently started using it Hardcore lately, and that is because it has everything in one place for us.

And there are so many bells and whistles, but not the type of bells and whistles that's like overwhelming or you're like, Oh my gosh, there's just literally too much information. It's actually really helpful tools inside of plan. So we're currently using plan to schedule our Instagram posts, our Facebook posts, and our YouTube because we have a lot of cross promotion that is happening.

And like I've talked with you guys about, if you are creating a short form video, don't just post it in one place. Don't just post it on Instagram reels, post it on Facebook. We're seeing reels blow up over there. And post it on YouTube Shorts. Since we've been posting consistent YouTube Shorts, we are starting to see traction and it is really, really exciting.

So a tool like Plan helps us to cross post easily without stress. And yes, we can like change the content, change the caption for every single platform. But with like the same video, it's really exciting. There's content inspiration. So, you know, aside from like, okay, it does amazing scheduling. There's new posts ideas that it gives you.

So it's like get inspired with plans. Like if you content prompts ideas, it shares trending audio. They share, they have hashtags that are. Accurate and up to date. I was a little skeptical because I was like, Oh, these are going to be hashtags that they like gathered, you know, a long time ago. And they're all going to have like over a million reach.

No, no. These are like up to date and have like the amount of reach that. You're wanting to be using and you can set your strategy in here it which is really really fun Let me just say it's really fun Plan is a really fun place to like dump you some of your content in and start Ideating and start brainstorming and coming up with ideas.

That's what I love with about this I'll hop in here and I'll just play around and And start moving some of my content around, you can add your content pillars to make sure that you are hitting all of the topics that you want to hit and not missing anything. Or if you've made an opt in or a digital product that you know you need to start sharing more frequently, you can use their strategy to make sure that you're actually doing it frequently.

It's, so much fun, you guys. So I really encourage you. To use some type of scheduling tool. If it's not planned, then use something because it is going to make your life so much easier. And you want to take one piece of content and make it, you want it to have legs. You want it to go and expand and to reach people in all areas.

All the different platforms don't just make one piece of content and only share it one time in one spot, share it multiple times in multiple spots because you worked so hard on that piece of content. So you want as many people to see it as possible. So if you want to try a plan had to thrive together.

blog slash plan, and that is planned with two N's P L a N N. Otherwise just clink the link. In the description of this podcast episode, and you can give it a try there. You will get a free trial, check it out, play with the cool tools and see what you think. And let us know if you try it or if you have another scheduling tool that you're liking, let us know what is working for you.

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2:59 - Maximizing Content Reach Across Platforms

3:50 - Exploring Plan's Unique Features

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5:51 - How to Get Started with Plan

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