SEO COURSE for Bloggers  

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SEO course for bloggers

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SEO course for bloggers

Immediate Access

You can get started right away! This is a self-paced SEO course for bloggers where you have access to all trainings immediately.

6 Video Trainings

This class is broken down into 6 easy to follow lessons that average to 10 minutes each. Saving you time and getting you right to the details of how to get on page 1 of Google!

Planning Tools

Everything you need to master keyword research and write SEO friendly blog posts like a pro!


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What is SEO? 🤔

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization! It’s how search engines (like Google) read your website and suggest your blog posts in the results when someone is searching for a certain topic. Our goal is to get your blog posts on page one of those results!

Why Invest in an SEO Course for Bloggers?

SEO course for bloggers

It is so critical to make sure you know how to get more blog traffic, and to do that you need to be writing blog posts for SEO!

When you make sure all of your blog posts are SEO friendly, and you’re choosing the correct keywords for your blog posts, you will start to see your page views increase!

When your page views increase that means… more income opportunities! You can leverage your page views with brands, increase affiliate income, and make money with ads on your blog while you sleep!

Your SEO Course Instructor!

Meet Danielle Gagnon!

Danielle is a former blogger turned search engine optimization expert and coach. She is a member of the Thrive community and is now teaching our SEO course for bloggers!

She has years of experience helping bloggers and business owners master keyword research, write blog posts for SEO and get more organic traffic. ✨

seo course for bloggers


What You'll Learn About Blogging and SEO:

This is a course teaching you everything you need to know about SEO for bloggers. The trainings in this course are concise, beginner friendly, and will have you ranking on page one of Google in no time!

Lesson One: Understanding an Audience

Writing blogs for SEO starts with your audience, not with Google. In this lesson Danielle teaches you how to better understand your audience and what they need from you, first! Then you’ll use that information to write effective blog posts for SEO.

Lesson Two: How to do Keyword Research for Blog Posts

Keyword research is the foundation of all things SEO for bloggers! It’s also one that a lot of people are intimidated by (even us before we got Danielle’s help!). In this lesson you’ll learn how to do the research and choose the right keywords!

Lesson Three: How to Plan Blog Posts for SEO

You’re going to start planning your blog content using SEO strategies! This is going to make sure you’re getting in front of your target audience and increase those page views. You’ll learn how to reverse-engineer blog posts with keyword research.

Lesson Four: Writing Blog Posts for SEO

This lesson shares best practices for SEO content creation that will help your posts rank higher. Pretty soon you’ll be able to say hello to page one of Google!

Lesson Five: Best SEO Tools for Bloggers

In this final lesson, Danielle shares her favorite SEO tools for bloggers and recommends ways to continue your SEO learning! 

Still Have Questions About This SEO Course for Bloggers?

Absolutely! SEO is the #1 traffic driver for countless bloggers, and the most reliable!

If you don’t have a basic understanding of SEO then there is no way to know if your blog is SEO friendly! That’s why education on this subject is so important.

Yes, of course! It’s one of the most important skills a blogger can have!

To get a personalized 1:1 training day with Danielle it is $1,500! But, you can get her SEO knowledge for only $49 in this course.