Episode 215 | Slash Your Screen Time: Overcoming the Time Suck of Instagram with Laura Bitoiu

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Are you spending way too much time tied to your phone because of social media? You may be buying into the myth that in order to be successful online, you have to be active all the time or maybe you just spend way too much time creating content. In today's episode, Laura Bitoiu joins us to share how you can slash your screen time and still find success. Listen in as she highlights some of her favorite tools for automation, along with busting some of the myths I believed about content creation and Instagram.


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Marketing with Instagram Reels

As content creators, we're constantly seeking ways to improve our social media presence, particularly on Instagram. Over the years, we've seen a variety of formats emerge on this platform, where in order to maintain growth, we have to try them out. Instagram Reels, despite a recent decrease in viewership, remains one of the most powerful tools for expanding reach and connecting with audiences.

Though not as viral-centric as they once were, they remain critical for a robust Instagram strategy, due to their persuasive storytelling features. Reels offer a unique opportunity to express who you are as a brand, sell your products and influence, or simply entertain followers in succinct, engaging videos.

Laura Bitoiu emphasizes, despite a reduction in Reels viewership on Instagram, they continue to play an integral role in Instagram growth strategies. The value of Reels is that they deepen connections with existing audiences, as well as gaining reach with new followers. She recommends exploring previously popular content (both in your content and in trends), finding tangible themes, and replicating these concepts in future Reels for enhanced success. Laura's approach emphasizes a balance between creative novelty and safe, tried-and-true strategies.

Managing Your Time on Instagram

It's no secret that providing quality content on Instagram invariably requires a considerable investment in time. Balancing this, without succumbing to screen fatigue, is a common challenge among bloggers and content creators.

The key to managing your time on Instagram? Planning your content with a clear strategy. Once you've established that, you can dive into content creation. This approach, coupled with time-saving tools such as templates, scheduling software, or automated features, can bring measurable improvements in efficiency.

Laura Bitoiu strongly suggests that having a well-defined plan prior to opening Instagram is essential. Adhering strictly to that plan and utilizing tools and resources will make content creation and management less time consuming.

Automation & Workflow Tools for Instagram

As you create your workflow for slashing your screen time and overcoming the time suck that Instagram creates, you'll likely want to look at building a solid process and utilizing tools for your content creation process. This could include:

  • Using automated DM tools like Manychat
  • Tools with built in hashtag research
  • Creating a b-roll library for easy content creation
  • Batch recording content
  • Utilizing AI for ideas and concepts
  • and so much more

When you build a process that is effective and efficient, it provides a practical avenue for creators to produce content without feeling pressured for daily updates.

Batch create your content and use tools that save you time and effort. Get your audience off Instagram and onto your email list for better engagement and visibility.
- Laura Bitoiu

Instagram Scheduler Vs. Third-Party Tools

One of the biggest decisions you'll have in choosing the right tools is how you'll schedule content. Whether you go with Instagram's built-in scheduler or choose a third-party tool, this can have significant implications for time management and overall efficiency. A well-planned, pre-scheduled content strategy can free up entrepreneurs' time for other critical brand-building tasks.

Instagram's built-in scheduler, offering the functionality of scheduling posts in advance, is an attractive prospect for many entrepreneurs seeking cost and efficiency benefits. Laura Bitoiu vouches for the Instagram native scheduler over third-party tools, primarily due to cost-effectiveness without compromising features. She highlights the native scheduler's functionality equal to that of external tools, making it an ideal choice for bloggers and small business owners working within a budget.

Busting Instagram Myths

In our conversation, Laura actually busted quiet a few Instagram myths I believed and shared her own strategies for Instagram.

  1. When it comes to hashtags, Laura uses all 30 hashtags, but ensures they're niched to each post—this allows more opportunity to rank on more hashtags.
  2. To determine your best posting time, look at your analytics and note the time zone. (Click on the "i" in your analytics to find out.)
  3. While your hashtags work better in the caption, you can put them in the comments section.
  4. Shadow bans are not real—the reason your content is not getting seen is usually due to a community guidelines violation which you can find in settings and account status.

Resources Mentioned

Find It Quickly

  • 3:13 - Reels' Impact on Account Growth
  • 6:07 - Slashing Screen Time
  • 8:20 - Efficient Content Creation
  • 11:27 - Q&A Session
  • 12:14 - The Importance of Focusing on Audience and Content Creation
  • 13:17 - Tools for Easy Content Creation
  • 14:35 - Moving Audience Off Instagram
  • 17:30 - ManyChat for Growing Email List
  • 18:24 - Using Call-to-Action in Content
  • 25:10 - Bust the Myths: Hashtags
  • 26:16 - Bust the Myths: Posting Time
  • 27:12 - Bust the Myths: Hashtag Placement
  • 28:28 - Bust the Myths: Shadow Ban
  • 30:07 - Fixing Violations

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