Social Queen!

You are an inspiration! It’s true! 😍

You have cultivated a community that sees value in the content you’re providing them and they are excited every time they see they’ve got a new post. You love sharing pieces of your life and bringing value to your audience. It makes your day when you have a video go viral or see a bunch of comments come in because then you know your hard work paid off and your audience resonated with your post! 💖

Connecting with people in your DMs and hearing that what you shared was helpful always makes you smile and reminds you of your purpose.

Do any of these also sound like you?

You’re crushing it on social media, and you should be very proud of yourself for the brand that you’re building! You’re probably also ready for a bit more consistency when it comes to getting paid! #paythosebills And as much as you love posting content for your audience, you would really love to be able to do that without as much stress.

So, what’s next, Social Queen?

What would happen if you could shift out of working without getting paid, overwhelm, and an inconsistent income.

…and shift into purposeful strategy, systems, organization, confidence, and a consistent monthly income?

You're ready for the next level!

You’re ready for consistency, confidence, and freedom & flexibility in your life every single day!

What if you could make all of that happen in the next 12 months?

💜 What would happen if you started NOW and had a solid plan to get you on the road to accomplishing your goals?

💜 What if you went all in, right now, instead of leaving growth to randomness?

💜 Could you finally reach that goal of freedom, flexibility, and financial independence?

Social Queen, we want to invite you to apply to Shift! It’s our coaching program that was designed specifically for someone with your experience. It’s no risk to apply, and we can chat to decide if it’s the best option to help you scale over the next 12 months!


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We can’t wait to talk to you more about Shift and see if it’s the best fit for you, Social Queen.