249 | Stand Out on Social Media through Your Unique Voice with Alexa Johnson of Glowapedia

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Are you looking for a way to stand out and attract people to your content on social media? In today's episode, Alexa Johnson of Glowapedia joins us to talk through social media beyond trends and how to create unique and impactful content.


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Bree: Y'all, you just turned in to a good one. I can't wait for you to listen to this. It is a conversation that I have with Alexa Johnson of Glowapedia. If that name sounds familiar, it's because She recorded with us before she's been on the podcast in episode 165, where we talked about protecting your peace on social media.

And it was one of my favorite conversations that we've had on the podcast that we had to have her back. And this conversation was yet like another therapy session for Brie. It was just such a good chat about social and trends on Instagram. And how we need to just focus on our own content, but like the nitty gritty of like, what does that actually look like?

And it's like, yeah, that can sound great, but how do we do that? How do we attract people to our content without just like constantly following trends to get things seen? So if you've been feeling like that, this conversation is gold. If you've been feeling overrun by social media in any way, shape, or form.

You're going to want to listen to the whole thing. So let's dive in. This podcast is brought to you by the Profitable Blogger Society, a mentorship program that gives bloggers direction for increasing their income and growing their brand. Head to thrive together dot blog slash PBS to learn more and enroll today.

Welcome to the Thrive Podcast. I'm Brie Pair, your host and blogging coach here to help you take your brand to the next level. At Thrive, we're dedicated to bringing bloggers and influencers tactics. Strategies and behind the scenes info from the best in the business. We know that you have a big vision for your brand and life, and we're here to support you with blogging and social media tutorials, workshops, a community, and of course this podcast.

Just head to thrive together. blog for all the latest tools. If you're ready to grow your brand and looking for education and encouragement, then you've come to the right place. Now let's get ready to thrive. Hi, Alexa. I'm so excited to have you back on the podcast. Our last conversation is one that, one of my favorite conversations that I've had on this podcast.

So thanks for agreeing to come back on. Of course. I am so excited to be back and chatting with you, Brie. Well, tell us, okay, if anybody is not following you, quickly tell us where they can go and follow you on your website, on social, all the things.

Alexa: Sure. Yeah. I'm on Instagram is kind of my main platform. I have the handle glowopedia, kind of like a play on an encyclopedia of how to glow.

That's kind of my, how I came up with that. And then I'm on Tik TOK, YouTube. And then I also am building out my website, uh, glowpedia. com. Yay.

Bree: Exciting. How's the website

Alexa: coming? Well, it's a lot of work. Yes. I, I mean, I feel like that's, I think a lot of people usually start with the website and then maybe they got on Instagram and on TikTok and all that, but I'm kind of doing the other way.

So I realized that I feel like I kept getting, um, the same types of questions over and over on Instagram and I love that, but I think it's important to also have, you know, a Maybe utilize a website and just have a resource where people can go if there's just evergreen questions over there. So that's my goal right now, taking kind of like the information that I've just been, you know, throwing at Instagram for the past three years and making it searchable because everybody wants to be able to find what they are looking for.

And Instagram doesn't have that search feature yet. So I kind of feel like that's kind of where it needs to go.

Bree: Oh, I think that's so, I'm so glad that you're doing it because you have so much amazing content over there. We have one of our girls inside of, um, our coaching program shift and she's been doing the same thing.

She's built up like a really big audience on Instagram and she does cocktails. And um, there was one day I wanted to like find a certain type of cocktail. And so, because you can't search on Instagram, especially I'm like, I want Brooke's recipe. And so I went to her website and I'm like, Brooke, the recipes aren't there.

I'm like, so now she's working on like, she's got all the content created. So it's just like a process of like moving everything over. But oh my gosh, once, once you do that, I mean, you're going to have this amazing, robust, informative website that then is going to like, I mean, that's going to be an extra income stream for you because you're going to have page views coming from organic search and Pinterest and your social and then be able to run ads.

Like, that's exciting. Yeah, it's a

Alexa: whole new avenue, but I think it's like what you said is when you have all the content there and it's just the transfer, it, it seems less daunting, but oh my goodness, like. I've honestly been trying to do it. Trying like finding the time to do it for the past year. It's I need to finally, I think I need to hire someone honestly, but I get so particular that I kind of think I want to do it myself and that's kind of my downfall.

Bree: Yeah, I know. I know. Right. It's like, What do we outsource versus what do we just take on on our own? But maybe there's pieces of it that you can like outsource and like parts of it and be like, okay, I'm okay with like, these ones are all good to go. So like, it's fine if you are like importing it for me with these ones, I want to like play with a little bit.

That way you're not giving just everything over and you're still able to like, cause if something's like fun and creative for you, I fully believe. Oh, for

Alexa: sure. That's a good, that's a good way to look at that. break it down by pieces because there's definitely some routine stuff that I'm like, Oh, that's not fulfilling to do.

It just needs to get done. Yeah. Outsource that.

Bree: Let's not waste time on that stuff. Okay. I know we just like totally dived into conversation and everything, but can you tell everybody what Instagram all about?

Alexa: So, um, well, it's all about, started all being all about skincare. And I think that's definitely one of my content pillars.

I. I'm obsessed with skincare. My mom is an esthetician and I basically grew up just learning about skincare from her and decided to start sharing what she has taught me on, on social media. And then lately I've over the past year or so, I've kind of started to pivot into more of. Just like lifestyle, like self care, you know, prioritizing yourself.

I've started to even incorporate makeup or, you know, food even. So just instead of keeping myself in just one little tiny pocket, because although my life is prominently like mainly skincare, I do have other things that I like to do. And I found out that, you know, the community is also curious about that.

So getting brave enough to share more.

Bree: That's exciting. Well, you've, I, I love that you niched down first and like you established your audience. You have that community that is coming to you and wanting to see your content. You're in a good spot now where it's okay to like, let me kind of like spread my wings a little bit and try some different areas.


Alexa: It feels so good. Good.

Bree: Versus anybody that like goes wide first and is like, nobody's

Alexa: listening. I'm not talking

Bree: to anybody. Like you have people that want to listen and want to hear. True.

Alexa: And I think it just took a long time for that to snap in because I realized my stories on Instagram are just little pockets of my life.

I don't always, it's not just entirely skincare focused. Most of the time I'm not even talking about skincare. It's really like. Just all the random things that throughout the day, cause I don't plan out stories. I just post on a whim. And then I kind of feel like I was able to connect with the community even more.

And I really, really enjoy that. So getting the, who I am on my stories to kind of transfer over to my feed and videos rather than just being so in that skincare pocket.

Bree: And it like, It adds like an extra like personalization and way for people to connect with you. So like we still know like you're the go to gal for skin care, but now also like we're obsessed with you on just like a whole nother level.


Alexa: well, yeah. It's, it's, it's fun though because it's fulfilling for me on the other side. You know, it's, I think there's so much with social media that you have to, you have to play a part. You have to play. You know, it's almost like you're playing a character. Like what should I post? You're curating what goes online.

And so you kind of feel pigeonholed a lot of the times where. You're just, you're like, Oh, I can't post that. That doesn't have to do with my niche or, you know, but then when you start to connect with people outside of the niche, you realize, you know, it's not so scary when you actually show who you really are and you can be a little weird, be a little fun, you're going to find your people.

Bree: It's so hard though. And that's like we were talking like beforehand, like, Hey, what do we, you know, we're going to have you come back on the podcast. What do we want to talk about? And one of the things that you mentioned was like finding yourself on social media and also like going against the flow.

Yeah. So like, how has that, what does that look like for you?

Alexa: So I think what happened was, um, it just seems like a lot of, you know, There's a lot of clickbait stuff out there with different social media managers inside to say. Here's a trend, follow this trend, or here's a trending audio, jump on it. And I kind of realized looking around me at the community and different influencers who were jumping on every single trend, it gets exhausting seeing the same thing over and over.

And you kind of realize, I think, especially with the emergence of Alex Earl and the get ready with me, the chatty get ready with me, you know, they're putting on makeup. Everyone started doing that because she blew up. She is. A massive celebrity now, I would say. And then it's kind of like when you're following the coattails of somebody else always, and kind of putting your own take on it, which is I think good, but some people don't, some people are constantly doing the same audio or doing the same get ready with me and it just gets boring.

So I think what's. It makes sense. 'cause you can jump and blow up, but you don't really establish a community if you're just copying other people. Essentially. You have to, and I don't wanna say copying or establishing

Bree: your own voice. Yeah. You just

Alexa: sound like everyone else. Someone might follow you for a bit, but they don't feel connected to you because you're not showing who you are.

They might like the makeup you used. Or once they buy that, then they move on. You know? Um, you gotta, everyone is different and I think, uh. Social media. It's really easy to just go, okay, well, this is the mold that I have to fit into in order to, I don't know, gain a following or, or in favor with the algorithm, but I think it's something that's really missed is being different, you know, and it can be a hit or miss.

Like, I don't want to say like, Oh, be yourself, you know, you'll, you're amazing, you're going to be a star by your, you know, that, cause no, that You know, but I do believe that there is pockets for everybody and every niche and every personality. Um, it's not, not everyone's going to hit a million followers or, and that shouldn't be the goal because.

There's not going to be an audience for that. But I think you can also really tell when people are truly looking at other creators as to what their next move should be. Instead of looking within and finding the joy in it and feeling comfortable with what they're doing. You know, there's so many rules that people, people want to lay out that you have to follow.

Do this, do that.

Bree: Yeah. Then you have

Alexa: to realize it's just, yeah, you need to develop the intuition. And I think. When you can look inside and you already kind of get your feet on the ground and know what to do, then you have to trust yourself. So I'm in that, I feel like I was in, I'm just in that trust yourself phase because I think for a long time, I, I, you know, I did some trendy, I did trendy things.

I did things like that, but then it like growth and community was really stagnant. I felt like I wasn't really connecting. And then I kind of recently was looking around like, what am I doing? Is this, is this fun or am I chasing, you know? And that's when you have to do really do that reality check a lot more.

Because it can, it can just become a habit. Social media can, and it was nice cause I did realize I, I do have fun on social media, had to find the fun. And I think I'm really in that comfortable spot where I'm like, I'm not new here. I've been here a while. I've been around the block. I know the rules, the, you know, post daily kind of, or posting frequency rules.

But then I need to add myself in and so it's kind of where I'm at.

Bree: That right there, that and like adding yourself in and like your intuition. And I think you hit the nail on the head. It's just that we're constantly bombarded with like, because those reels are like, people want a solution. Right. We want to grow.

We want to grow our brands and that's wonderful and amazing. And I think it's great for everybody to have a goal of something that they're wanting. And so I think those reels pop into our feed so often because people want a solution like, Oh, if I do this, then I'll grow. Oh, if I do this, but it is so easy to just let that consume us and lose the fun, like you said, and not follow our intuition and lose.

That connection with our community. And that's kind of like where I've been feeling too. I'm just like, I just got off a call with one of my good friends. I'm like, for some reason I just feel a little bit distant and I don't know what it is. And so I'm like intentionally slowing down and like, Getting into my DMS and having conversations and even playing over on thread.

And I'm like, it feels like a fun, like there's so many creators over there. And I'm like, actually able to have conversation with people. And I'm like, that's what I've been missing is like, like you said, like, I don't want to chase anymore. I just want to like, like, let's just be, and let's follow our intuition and see what that looks like.

And reshift.

Alexa: Goals. I really do believe now that there are so many creators that, you know, have an impressive email, like mailing list or million followers on Tik TOK. And there's all these benchmarks that people use to deem what is successful. But I don't believe that that is truly what is successful. I think there's different definitions of successful and.

Yeah, like actually making this part of your business and supporting yourself. Um, but I do, I think we always default to follow her account or reach and that's not necessarily. That's not necessarily true.

Bree: No. And I don't think it's necessarily true that you like, and I think hopefully we're kind of starting to, people are starting to realize that like, Oh, I don't have to have 50, 000, a hundred thousand, 200, 000, whatever to go full time or to make X amount of dollars.

I mean, we're seeing so many people with. 10, 000, 15, 000, like a smaller tight knit community that are doing it full time. I mean, I am like prime example. We have like 8, 000 followers on our thrive Instagram and I've got like under six over on my personal and yet I'm running a six figure business. Like it doesn't, there's, there's so many different ways to grow and it's all about like that connection with your community.

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com and use the code thrive with trends being overhyped. And especially since you're like, I did that for a season and everything. And I think sometimes like, I think it's all about like that balance. Like if you're feeling like, Ooh, inspired, funny, I don't really care what the results are from this. Go for it.

Sure. Yeah. Do it.

Alexa: But otherwise. Don't make trends your niche. And I'm seeing that a lot. Yes. And what's interesting, especially as we're talking about follow counts and such, is there's quite a few people that I've noticed that. Did make trends their niche and they're stuck in chasing the, the viral audio or the viral video mean type thing.

And I also want to point out that brands don't necessarily want to work with those people. You know, just, I've, I've seen that. I've seen people just grow and blow up and, Oh my gosh, they hit a million on Tik TOK, whatever. And it's like, yeah, but you have to also look at it from the side of the, the brand perspective.

When you're hiring someone, they have no community, you know, and I, it, it just kind of is interesting. It's something that's been kind of on my mind.

Bree: Well, it's kind of like, Whenever you make like a random, like, let's say you do a random trend and let's say you pick one that has absolutely nothing to do with your content.

And it's like, okay. are people, they're going to go to your account and then you have to give them a reason to stick around and to follow you. And brands are doing the same thing. Yeah. They have to have a reason to like trust that you have like a community that's going to engage with multiple of your reels and that you just didn't pop off on one.

Alexa: Definitely. And I've actually, I've been talking with people about this and, um, they've been kind of saying that creators should start also. Emphasizing the carousel posts. And even though they may not, those, those just photo posts don't do so well, but they do have a purpose. They know they probably won't go viral like a real well and have insane reach, but they do provide a place for people who do see a different reel.

Want to know more about you come to your page and they see some. Some evergreen content, some stuff that they want to know about you. It's a really good place for people to learn and maybe they follow and feel a part of your community because of that carousel post. But what brought them in was maybe the real, you know.

So keeping that, keeping information on your page, that isn't just the trends or the funny audio.

Bree: Yeah. Cause is that content nurturing your current audience, right? We can't always just be chasing more. I think that's what happens a lot. It's like, okay, I want to grow more, more, more, more, more, but then it's like, okay, but wait, are you also focusing on nurturing the audience?

That you did go, like, did you just get 10 new followers from the last reel? And you're like, I don't really care about them because they didn't, that I didn't hit my number.

Alexa: Yeah. They're nothing. That's 10, nothing. Like that's how we write it off. But

Bree: it's like, but those are actual people that want to hear from you.

So how are you nurturing them? Like for you, like, There's got to be so many carousels that you can create. That's like educating and like showing your favorite products or showing how to take care of your skin and all the things, right? Like that you can't capture in a 10 second reel.

Alexa: It may go too fast in a reel.

You know, I think people don't, they want to know, go deeper into a product or I've also been using, using carousel to show what I'm doing in life. And, um, I've also heard recently too, with. You're supposed to make it a story. You, it can be the, the tiniest little, I don't know, nonsense story, but make it a story.

And that was a new perspective of me. It sounds for me. And that sounds really fun. So for example, the other Friday, my mom and I found ourselves downtown in my city and there was this cutesy little bookshop used bookshop. So I was like, okay, this is a good time to practice that strategy. So I used a picture of the, of my mom and I, and then there was like a really cool shot of the bookshop.

And then I made sure that I filled it in with other things that we had done that morning. And then the last slide is also of the bookshop. So it's kind of like a bookshop story where I couldn't really have done that with a reel. It would have, I mean, you can, you can do anything with a reel, I guess. But it just was more appropriate for a carousel.

And finding a small moment to like illustrate as a story, which was kind of a fun little project. Did it go viral? Absolutely not. Did it hit the numbers that I would have been like really impressed with? Absolutely not. But I do know that when people come who are already in my community and they're like, Oh, this is a little bit about Alexa.

She's in her reading area era, or she's, you know, this is, she's like me. I'm sure you got like so many fun comments. It's like connection. And I think that's what we all crave, you know, um, connecting with the community. And especially for you, as you said, you feel like there's some distance. I think that's a really great way to kind of build connection and kind of foster those relationships you've already established.

Bree: Yes, for sure. I mean, and I think there's so much you can do with carousel too. Like it could be educational, it could be storytelling. And like, as you were saying that, I'm like, it's kind of like that, like OG content we used to post back in the day. And, um, the reason we did it and the reason people started growing was because they felt connected to people and it was building a community.

It's almost like you're taking like a lifestyle, like, this is what I did type of blog post that we used to post back in 2012 and you're bringing it to Instagram. Definitely. And people are responding to it. That's what I think is just so interesting is like, everybody's like, blogs are trending now and blogs are like the new thing in 2024.

And. It's so interesting to me, but it's like, what is it about it that people are wanting? What is it about the blog that they're craving? Other than like content creators wanting to have a place where they're not reliant on algorithms. It's like, what outside of that are we missing from social media? And I do think like it comes down to like that connection and community.

I agree. And you posting about like going to a local bookshop. Yeah. Does that because yes, we follow you for skincare, but like, I love reading. I love going to bookshops. So like, I'm going to want to see that and be like, Oh yeah, this is, you know, I love this. Where is it at? I want to go. Yeah.

Alexa: I had someone say that, um, my kids and I are coming to Bellingham, which is where I'm at this summer.

What bookshop is this? You know? And it was funny cause the, I even went, went into the bookshop and I said, do you guys have an Instagram? You know, and did all that. And they were like, no. We don't have it. We're not on social media. We're like this ancient used bookstore. Uh, thank you, but we, we're not, you know, and I was like, okay.

So it was kind of fun to be able to like shout out a little local spot that truly doesn't even utilize social media. So, yeah.

Bree: I love it. Yeah. And going against the flow too of just, you know, what else do you feel like you're doing to go against the flow or go against? Is it just feeling like, Is it that following your intuition sometimes feel like you're going against the flow?


Alexa: I

Bree: would

Alexa: definitely say so because it's really easy to look around and go, okay, well this person did this and this style content or, um, you know, and it's really easy to think, well, I'm going to try that. I'm going to put my own twist on it. And I think that's wonderful and great. And I do love doing that as well, being inspired by other creators.

But I think when you can be the inspiration or you can be Do something that you haven't seen anyone do and exercise that creativity. I think that's so much more fulfilling. It's so much more difficult. Um, I'd say cause you're essentially, you are reinventing the wheel or attempting to, and you don't know how it's going to perform.

So it's a lot of extra work and you don't know if anyone wants to see it. So

Bree: it's a lot of extra like work to create it, but then it's like that mental gymnastics of like, am I wasting my time? Should I even be doing this?

Alexa: Yeah. And I think someone, um, so I was on the Sephora squad and they did a lot of mentorship there with Sephora and they set, their rule is try something over a 28 day period, try it at least five times in there.

And then if it flops, all those flop, No, not for you. It's not, it's not hitting. There's not something quite right, but don't post one totally new type of content that you've never like dabbled in. And then, Oh, no one resonate. Doesn't seem to resonate with anyone. Cause engagement is low. Don't, you can't label that as a flop.

Keep going five more times. 28 day period. And, um, after that, you can say it flopped or you might find yourself in With a new content pillar and, you know, everyone's excited and a new fresh community that's. rejuvenated

Bree: and

Alexa: ready.

Bree: Oh, that's really good advice for like Instagram or TikTok specifically. Yes.

Cause I know like, okay, we give the advice for like, you have to give SEO so much time and you have to give Pinterest like three months and all these things three months. Right. And it's like, that's a really long time. Right. And like, let's be real. You can't do like a solid, like, It's three months on Instagram, one thing like I am just like beating this into the ground.

Alexa: You will love it. Yeah. So yeah, specifically for Instagram, I'd say that's what their kind of role was because I was throwing, it feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall. You're like, well, what sticks? And

Bree: yeah, it

Alexa: doesn't mean that if nothing stuck that first time that. It's a dud. It's a terrible idea.

Scratch it. Start over. You gotta keep going. And that's where I'm, yeah.

Bree: How are you, because it's so easy to just get sucked in, right? Cause these apps want us to be on them constantly. They're designed to do that. And so it's so easy to just like keep your brain Busy. Yeah. And I feel like whenever it comes to creating your own content and coming up with like those new ideas, you have to allow for some quiet and some just being in your own brain.

And I was just talking to my friend about this and she's like, I like to go for walks or like I'll just sit on my balcony and listen to music. And so what do you do to make like whenever you're feeling like, Oh my gosh, there's so much in my brain. And that's when we just start to go and like follow a trend or let me do what somebody else is doing.

How do you make sure, like, what do you do to protect your mental health? In, like, we can talk about mental health. I think we talked about mental health last time. But in terms of content creation for creating your own content, how are you protecting yourself so that way you are having the capacity to create?

Your own spin on things.

Alexa: Um, well, I think when I find that my brain is too busy, too loud, but I'm still kind of interested in and have that creative, like hunger. You know what I mean? When you're like, I want to make, I want to do something. I want to, I want to, but I don't know what. And then I think when you're in a desperate situation, that's when you can kind of make, do like a trend or something, but I don't, no one likes being there.

No one likes being like forced. You don't want to live there. Yeah. Like, Oh, I have to post a day. So what am I going to do? I'm just going to throw this up. Like that's the worst feeling I feel like in social media where you're feeling obligated to post. You don't feel passionate about what you're putting up, but you're still putting it up there.

And then you watch it. Yeah. Not do well and because it doesn't resonate with people because you don't even like it, you know, that's yeah the ick But I think for myself what I do is when I do feel creative and ready to do something But I don't know what to do. I look at creators entirely outside of my niche.

This is gonna sound wild so there's this one gal and she I don't really even know. I think she's the lifestyle. She's a, she's lifestyle. But she, I didn't realize this, she's an OnlyFans creator. Okay. Okay. Good for her. Okay. Not my thing. I don't know. Get it girl. Yeah. You do you. She's apparently incredibly successful.

Anyways, she has really funny. Reels, she has really funny ideas and I like to look at her page and see what, not her only fans, let me clarify, let me clarify. It's really discreet. I am a fan. No, it's like, I'm kind of naive in that sense where I was like, it took me a while cause she was post, and then she posted this one video where she was like, has all these designer bags and people, it's like a meme and it's like, How do you make your money?

Where do you get all your money from? She was like running, you know, like, like dodging the question of being on OnlyFans, apparently,

Bree: you don't know.

Alexa: She's like, let me clarify the stuff. She's post is not spicy. It's nothing. It's just, she looks like a cute girl. She's like probably 23. I don't know. Anyways, but my, the whole point of me just exposing myself as a weirdo and watching this OnlyFans girl is.

Look entire I look entirely outside of anyone that I know like outside of beauty Which is my niche outside of like a lifestyle outside of like a mom blogger Someone who I just like pops up on your explore page and you're like, what are they doing? And you can kind of find some fun little Fun little things that might inspire you.

And if you feel that bug to go, Oh, I kind of want to do something like that. Put my twist on it or like make it a skincare thing. Like, like someone posted something about like different drinks or how they organize their fridge. And I was like, Oh, skincare beauty. Like I could do that. Like, that's one of my favorite things to do when I feel like I'm in a rut or just to see if you're, can be, um, inspired creatively, but, but back to what we were saying.

Yes, going on a walk is a great way to clear your head or just closing the phone. I put limits on my phone. I don't allow myself to be on it. You know, I think my Instagram limit is two hours a day, which is sounds like an insane amount, but if it's your job, it's not, you know, it's not a lot. And the cool thing is I'm really proud of myself is I have not been even hitting that limit.

For the past, like, couple of weeks. Like, I don't even have that reminder. This is like, you have five minutes left. Like, so I think that's a good one. And, um, definitely limits and walks and, um, finding the only fans girls to, to inspire you. I'm sorry. I was like, don't, that was one of those, like. Don't say it.

Don't say it. Oh, I'm saying it. That kind of thing.

Bree: Nope. Say it. Okay. I will stumble across. I'll

Alexa: send

Bree: you her page. It's cute. Please send it to me.

Alexa: It's not racy. Yeah.

Bree: Oh, no. I'm like, you know, I jumped into a creatives Facebook group recently, and I'm just like, all of a sudden I'm like, oh. This is like labeled as like content creators or influencers or whatever, but this is all OnlyFans girls.

Alexa: Oh my gosh.

Bree: Yeah. And they're like giving each other tips and all this stuff, and they're like, oh, well you need to post more pictures like this. I'm like, oh,

Alexa: interesting. Yeah.

Bree: Oh yeah.

Alexa: No, I, oh yeah. I'm finding 'em too. It's an entire niche. I mean, they might be listening right now and. They might be. Hey girls.

You go. You're killing it. Yeah. I'm not going to ask how you get the bag, but I just support yourself. I love it.

Bree: Love it. Oh my gosh. And I mean, hey, going against the flow right there. Sure. Yes.

Alexa: That is like, Yeah, don't just follow a trend. Do your, do your thing. Be your own boss. Do your thing.

Bree: Oh my gosh. Well, okay. Like, how do we wrap this up? We cannot end on this. Gosh. Tell me, um, what are you? Looking forward to for the rest of this year. I mean, it's only April, but like, what's something that you're like excited about for this year?

Alexa: Yes. Like, Hmm. Social media landscape or life. It could be

Bree: social media.

It could be life. It could be.

Alexa: Okay. Well, I'm just going to make everyone hate me right now because I. I'm so excited in June. I'm going to Edinburgh, Scotland to see Taylor Swift. I got to stop it right. Yes, I know. Stop it. That's my highlight. Me and one of my best friends. She has, she just had, um, her second.

Well, not, I don't say just had, he's a year and a half. And she's like, I want to do a girl's trip. I want to do something. And I was like, let's go. I'm ready. Secured the tickets for the Taylor show in Scotland. And we're like, Sorry dads, we're going. It's an, it's a yoga trip. Yeah. Yes.

Bree: Oh, I was going to say, um, balloons to pop back up on my screen.

If you guys are watching us on YouTube, there's little triggers for some reason that I can do. I got my thumbs up. Oh, there we go.

Oh my gosh, you are going to have so much fun. That is going to be, that is like a memory maker moment.

Alexa: Yeah. Yeah. Aw. So they got it going on. So excited

Bree: for you.

Alexa: Okay.

Bree: Well, you guys go definitely follow for all the skincare. See what kind of OnlyFans content you can pop up. And for the Taylor show, that's going to make us all jealous.

Alexa: Totally. Thank you so much.

Bree: Oh my God. Thank you so much for coming on. I'm so glad you did, and we're just going to make you a permanent rotation here on the podcast. I'm

Alexa: available. I will always be available for you. This is so fun. I love it.

Bree: All right, you guys, we're going to sign off, but we'll see you back here in just a few days with a new episode.

Bye, y'all. Thanks so much for listening. You can find all of the notes from today's podcast at thrivetogether. blog slash podcast. And you can find all of the notes from today's podcast at thrive together. dot com slash podcast dash cover. Make sure you connect with us over on Instagram at thrive together blog and join our Facebook community to get supported by like minded bloggers and influencers.

Just search thrive blogger community on Facebook. And if you're loving this podcast, be sure to share it with a friend, hit that subscribe button and leave us a review. So even more bloggers can get the support they need to grow until next time. Keep thriving.

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Creating Content Your Audience Likes

Alexa's online presence started on social media, but once she realized that people liked what she had to say and needed a resource that they could reference for the content she was putting out there, she decided to build a website. That's where glowapedia.com was born.

She initially launched with skincare as her main content pillar, but now she's expanded into self-care, lifestyle, makeup, food, and more. One benefit of her approach was she niched down to find her audience first, then introduced new topics to see what they liked.

Stand Out on Social Media through Your Unique Voice

When we show up online, our audience isn't just interested in our recommendations, they're interested in us. You have to figure out who you want to show up as online. If you've been looking for permission to be yourself, even the weirdest parts of yourself, on social media, this is it.

What we often see happening with content creators and influencers is they like to default to following trends, yet if you're actively trying to build a community online, you can't just copy what other people are doing.

You have to establish your own voice.

Your audience can tell when you're looking to other creators for your next move or your next post, when instead you should be looking within and finding the joy for yourself.

Reset Your Goals

If you're struggling with your purpose on social media because you're not hitting the goals that so many people tell you that you need to set, it might be time to reset those goals and focus on what matters to you.

Follower count, engagement, likes, etc, aren't the main focus of your online presence. You should be focused on your content and the people you're engaging with. This could look like creating content out of inspiration, not just based on if it will get engagement.

Brands Want to Work with Original Content Creators

When you're looking to pitch brands, you may want to consider what they're looking for—they're not wanting to work with people who only create content around trends. Brands are looking for people with engaged communities and consistent engagement.

Carousals are Making a Comeback

While it's easy to want to follow trends, use the trending audios, and do the dances, what Alexis has seen making a comeback is carousal posts. These allow for you to create content that connects with your audience, serves them, and also gives them more to engage with. I like to look at these like mini blogs for social media.

Go Against the Flow

Its so easy to look at other creators and say they did this, so I should with my own twist—while being inspired by other creators is fun, what if you became the inspiration for someone else.

Our encouragement is to lean into your intuition. When you're reinventing the wheel for social media, it may feel like a lot of work, but it allows you to lead the way online for your audience. When Alexis was a part of the Sephora Squad, the mentors encouraged them to try something for 28 days before you decide that it doesn't work. Don't decide that a new type of content doesn't work after trying it just one time.

Allow for Quiet & Space for Inspiration

When it comes to being a content creator, you're constantly scrolling and filling your brain with consumed inspiration—what if you made space for inspiration to come from within? Here are a few ways that you can protect yourself as a content creator wanting to create unique content:

  • Go for a walk
  • Look at creators outside of your niche

Find it Quickly

02:14 - Social Media and Content Creation

03:05 - The Power of Evergreen Content

06:12 - Expanding Beyond Skincare: Embracing a Broader Lifestyle Focus

09:17 - Finding Your Unique Voice on Social Media

18:10 - The Impact of Trends on Authenticity and Community Building

21:00 - Nurturing Your Audience Beyond Viral Trends

22:54 - Exploring Creative Content: From Carousels to Community

24:21 - Cultivating Connection

25:50 - The Challenge of Original Content

27:03 - Trial and Error in Content Creation: Learning from Flops

28:55 - Finding Inspiration and Protecting Mental Health

31:04 - Unexpected Sources of Creativity and Embracing Your Niche

35:03 - Looking Forward: Personal Goals and Social Media Trends

Resources Mentioned

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