Learn how to make money blogging


For this demonstration, we’re going to walk you through how to set up your blog and WordPress with SiteGround. The tutorial will be similar if you go with another hosting company but SiteGround is the hosting that we personally use here at Thrive!

They have a great rate that is competitive with the industry standard, their customer service is quick to respond and they have a live chat! 

Head to SiteGround by clicking HERE

1. Choose the “Start Up” package! When you’re just getting started this is exactly what you need, no need to spend more money.
2. Purchase your domain with your hosting, just type in the domain you’re wanting, and then click proceed.
3. Review & Complete Checkout


  1. Log into SiteGround
  2. To install WordPress using the Website Setup Wizard, first access your Client Area. Once you log in for the first time, you will see a notice asking you if you want to Set Up a new website or to migrate it to your account. Click on Set Up Site.

A new section will appear, click on Select under Start New Website.

Choose WordPress and enter the preferred login details for your blog! Once you are ready, click on Continue.

Next, choose what enhancements you wish to add to your account – if you want to add any. When you are ready with this step – click on Finish.

That’s it! You can now go log-in and start blogging!

Head to YOURDOMAINNAME.com/wp-admin to log-in!

3. How do I make my blog beautiful?

We know you want a BEAUTIFUL BLOG! And BluChic is one of our favorite places to get a theme for your blog. A blog theme will determine the look and feel of your blog, and allow you to customize things like your logo and colors!

BluChic also has the option of paying their team to install the theme for you in just 24 hours!
Creative Market is another favorite for our team! Not only can you get fun WordPress themes for your blog, but you can get a logo, fun fonts, and even stock photography!

If you haven’t spent time over on Creative Market yet, you’re in for a real treat!