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The Next Step for Making Money from Your Brand

Episode 130 | Shift—The Next Step for Making Money from Your Brand

No matter where you’re at in your journey, we want to be able to support you. What was missing was something that would help our babes that are already making money and need help scaling. Tune in as Bree shares all about Thrive’s new program for bloggers, influencers, and content creators who have started to make money from their brand and are ready to scale!

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Episode 129 | Creating a Blog Magazine with Miranda Enzor

If you’re ready to get creative with different streams of income for your blog, have you thought about creating a magazine for your audience? Guest Miranda Enzor of Spooky Little Halloween is returning to the podcast to tell us about her adventures with creating a magazine for her audience! She shares the boos and the wins in this episode and they are sure to get your magical ideas brewing! 

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Episode 128 | Quick Pinterest SEO Tips with Bree Pair

Pinterest should be a part of your growth strategy in 2022. In this episode, Bree shares 5 (and 1/2) quick SEO tips for Pinterest. She also shares exactly how to find the right keywords specifically for Pinterest SEO. If you’ve been wondering how to do Pinterest keyword research the right way, tune in! 

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