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Sometimes, life aligns perfectly, where something or someone comes into your life at just the right moment. During my recent a season of overwhelm and exhaustion, an in-person retreat was just what I needed. Connecting in person was so refreshing.

It’s fascinating to see how different content creators operate. Whether it’s making a YouTube video, designing an Instagram reel, or editing a blog post, watching others’ processes is always inspiring and sometimes calming. To extend to this inspiration, I wanted to share three essential steps in my content creation process, inspired by what I learned at the retreat.


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Welcome to the Thrive Podcast. If you're a blogger, influencer, you found this show for you. I'm Brie Pear, your host and blogging coach, here to help you take your brand to the next level. At Thrive, our mission is to equip bloggers and influencers with practical tactics and strategies that can transform your brand to give you the lifestyle you want.

We offer tutorials, workshops, and a supportive community to accompany you on your journey. I created the thrive podcast to give you simple, actionable steps that you can use to drive real results in your business. I also wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain of others in the industry that you look up to.

Our guests share strategies they've used to grow revenue streams that are working for them and insider info you won't find anywhere else. Now let's get ready to thrive.

Hey blogging babes. How's it going? You guys? I I just got back from an in person retreat. Oh my goodness. It was so much fun and was so needed. I swear it could not have come at a better time. Does anybody else feel like that? It's like the universe, like things just align sometimes where I swear like certain Books will come, this is going to sound a little woo, but we're going with it.

Certain books or articles or people will come into my life at like just the right moment. I have had this happen to me with books specifically where I've owned a book before and I've had it sitting around for years and years, never picked up, never read it or couldn't just get into it. And then picked it up later and read it and it was just like, Oh, I needed this as this exact moment.

That's how this retreat felt for me. I was finishing up and just kind of going through a season of overwhelm and just exhaustion and really missing in person connection. I have not really had that here, um, for a long time. And so it was so needed and it was just amazing. And one of the funny things that As we were talking and connecting with people, and I think we all do this, but don't you think it's interesting as content creators, like we're constantly creating content, do you guys feel this, like, I am always so interested to hear how other people do things.

It doesn't matter if it's like somebody makes a YouTube video or somebody makes an Instagram reel or whatever. Whenever somebody is like, I'm going to share with you my content creation process, or here's how I edit a video, or here's how I design something, and I'm literally watching them do it, I'm always so intrigued by it, even though I have my own processes and my own systems for doing something, there is something to be said about watching somebody else do it that is just It's fascinating and maybe a little bit calming and sometimes it can be inspiring and, you know, give you something new to try.

So that is why I wanted to do this podcast episode and share three important steps in my content creation process. Because as I was at this retreat, I learned how other people were doing things and I got to see behind the screen and behind their computer and watch them do certain things. And it was really, really cool.

And before we dive into the three things that I want to share, I do want to say that is something that is so important. If you're not a part of some type of community, I want to encourage you to look into joining a membership, joining a program, going to a retreat, going to a conference, going to events.

Because so much happens when you are able to talk, whether even if it's virtually on the computer and on Zoom, or in person with other people. There's something that is just really uplifting and also you learn so much more than what gets filtered through on social media. Things just conversations just happen when you're chatting and things come up and I was able to walk away with so much that at the end of the very first day we got done with a bunch of sessions.

And I was like, Oh, this retreat already paid for itself. The things that I've learned and I'm going to be able to apply to my business is going to make me more money longterm just from learning that one thing that I wouldn't have learned unless I took a leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort zone and went to something like that.

So if that's you and you feel like you've been needing to do something to be surrounded by more community, I want to encourage you to. Go to an event, go to a conference, join a membership, join a community because it is always worth it. All right, so let's dive into three important steps in my content creation process.

First off, holy buckets, you guys, chat GPT has like leveled up again. I kind of go in waves with when I use it. And it really just depends on like how busy I am. And if I am needing a little bit of help with like getting the wheels turning, that's really what I use chat GPT for. Is It helps me when I'm stuck or have brain fog.

Sometimes I just need somebody to give me an idea and then I can run with it. Like do this. Okay, cool. Got it. And I can get on a podcast and talk for 30 minutes. Like it's no big deal, but I need something to spark that idea and to get the conversation rolling for me. Chat TBD. I do pay for it. So I have the paid version.

I think it's like 20 a month or something, but it now is learning me, which is a little creepy, But, you know, they know that whenever I ask for help with something, they know that I am creating content that is speaking to bloggers. And so it's already tailoring my content for that whenever it's helping me.

So I needed some help brainstorming some information. emails recently. I love emails. I love writing them and I wanted to just get a whole bunch batched out, but I was feeling very tired and my brain was just not rolling yet. It was earlier this morning. Obviously now I'm talking 90 to nothing and I'm totally fine, but I needed some sparks to get me going.

And so I used chat GPT and I was just blown away. So if you haven't played with it in a while, I just want to encourage you it's leveled up. It's even better. Make sure you give it a try. We also have a chat GPT guide with prompts. If you want it, we'll leave it in the show notes so you guys can grab it.

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So three important steps in my content creation process that I wanted to share.

Number one is I have to have ideas. So that's why I was talking out chat GPT. I try to keep a list of ideas in one place. And I will. Um, so you guys that's been a downfall of mine recently is my ideas have been a little bit over in a sauna and a little bit over in my air table and then a little bit in like random notebooks and that is so unorganized, but that just kind of shows what life has been like for Brie lately.

And so I've, you know, kind of, you know, Scooped them all back up, put them back together. My ideas have to be in one spot and I have to stay organized. So that way I'm not staring at a blank page when I need to sit down to create, because that is the worst. You know, when I was needing to write emails and I was sitting there and I'm staring at the screen and my brain is going, all right, what should we?

Email our list about today and you guys know I freaking love email But sometimes it happens to me too where I just need ideas and I need that spark. So I have to have ideas. That is like one of the most important steps of my content creation process. So I have ideas that I've written down in Asana. I have ideas from my assistant, things that I just keep organized.

I pull a lot of content from you guys and from conversations. I was just talking with the girls inside of the profitable blogger society and was talking to them. What were we even saying? It was something about just like having conversations with other people and how things will spark and from that conversation, I was telling them, I'm like, you know, you guys, a couple of them had questions on building an ideal audience, like avatar.

So like, how do you, you know, Build it out and like, know who you're talking to all the time and are able to stay focused. And I, you know, kind of walked them through a few things to do, but then I was like, you know what? We really need a blog post on that. We might need a podcast episode on it. So I added it to my ideas for me to grab later when it's time to create some new content.

And we're like, Ooh, we want to write a blog post. Here's one that our audience has asked us for. I'm. Always gathering ideas from you guys. Whenever you guys like shoot us an email or leave us a comment anywhere We keep track of everything if we ever send out surveys Like we go back to what you guys have asked us for and we create content around it so don't ever think that like whenever you message us, it's just going off into the void like Hopefully you got a response from us and we keep track of everything so that way we can create content for you based on what you guys are asking us for and telling us that you need help with.

So if you're not doing that with your audience, I really want you to just be encouraged to do that. Like pay attention to what they're saying, pay attention to what they're asking for. And I'll just plug a little. side bubble in here for any of my newbies who are like, I, Brie, I don't really have an audience yet.

This was something that I was telling them yesterday inside PBS is to go to Google or go to a site, like answer the public and type in like that key phrase or like the question or like the topic that you want to talk about. And. In there is going to be in Google. It's going to be related searches.

That's like questions that people are asking related to what you searched for and answer the public. They'll give you exact questions that people are asking based on that topic. So you don't necessarily have to have an audience built and established yet to be able to know what people are. on the internet are asking for.

You have these tools at your disposal and to the public. There's free searches per day. I don't know how many per day it is anymore, but it's a free tool. So that's how you can kind of do that research, even if you're just getting started. Okay. I like to have ideas. That was number one. Number two is in my content creation process, I am trying to film B roll constantly.

In fact, I'm even going to grab my phone right now because I need some more B roll. B roll for today. So let me set up my phone right here. You guys will probably see this on social media later. I'm going to hit record. And now I am filming some B roll while I am recording this podcast. So I could be out at the park with my kiddo.

I can be working on my laptop or running errands. I'm getting to where creating B roll is starting to be on autopilot for me. And this helps so much when it comes to creating content for social media. When you Create a library full of videos. You'll be amazed at all the different opportunities you're going to be able to use those.

I have seen so many of you, I think of Noelle, um, if you're listening, I think of the videos that you create where you are filming different video, different B roll of you doing things with your kiddos throughout the house. And then you're either doing a voiceover or text overlay, or both on top of that reel that could be about any topic related to Being a stay at home, a working mom, doing something with your kids.

That's like what her niche is, is like her kiddos and budgeting and what that life looks like. And so by having all of that B roll, she doesn't necessarily have to go into like, okay, it's Monday. I need to record a reel. I don't want to get out of my pajamas or I don't want to do this. She's already got B roll ready to go.

To just grab so that is an important part of my content creation process and what helps us stay consistent is by me Consistently filming b roll throughout the day and it does kind of become second nature not in like a bad way of like you stop this video because like otherwise I'm gonna have Three hours of, not three hours.

I'm not talking that long y'all, but too much b roll of me talking to the camera. So it's become second nature. Not in a bad way of like, oh, I'm addicted to my phone because I do really try, I don't want my kid to like grow up and be like, oh, my mommy was always on her phone. It's just like a fear that I have, but I do try to like You know, as we're out on a walk or as I'm like crapping my coffee to do something, um, just to capture little moments as I can.

And as I think about it and it starts to become a little bit more of a habit, the more you do it. So filming B roll constantly really helps with my content creation process. And then the third thing that is helps me so much is working with others. You guys, I I hate working alone. Like, okay. So for example, right now, as I am recording this podcast, I am also in a groove.

You guys have probably heard me talk about groove. They were a sponsor of the podcast for a while, but it is an app it's called groove and it's a coworking app where you can co work with other people. So a little while ago I hopped on with two others and we hopped on a quick little video that pops up and we said, hi, and we'll.

Go around in a circle and tell each other what we're working on. And so I was like, I'm going to organize some files and then I'm going to go record a podcast. And then it sets a timer for us for 50 minutes. The video turns off. Nobody's watching me right now. And then we go and do our work and then we all circle back with each other after 50 minutes.

And so I don't feel like I'm working alone. and somebody else's also out there working too. And it just really helps me. I'm always in communication with my business besties. We talk or text and chat on Marco Polo throughout the day, or I'll do a groove. And this is my way of having coworkers, but it's even better because I'm getting to choose my coworkers.

So that is something that is really crucial to my life. Productivity and therefore my content creation process. I have started to go live periodically over on our Instagram account, Thrive Together blog. So you guys go and give us a follow because if you see me pop up make sure you like it. Ding the bell or whatever it is on our account so that way you'll get notified whenever I go live.

I did it yesterday and I just turned on like some relaxing music in the background, popped my phone up, and I worked for a while. And like 26 people kind of popped in and out and I loved it. Kind of like sent waves every once in a while. And Yeah, I just hope that like, if you guys see that, I love like, whenever there, there's one account, she used to go live all the time, Maddie green boutique, and she'll go live when she's like packaging orders and like talk to her audience while she's doing it.

I love to turn that on. She's got some replays on YouTube, just little things like that, or I'll do like a study with me YouTube video and prop that up. I just, you know, your girl, I'm like an introverted extrovert, but I don't like to feel like I'm the only one working. So those are a couple of my little hacks.

So those are three things that really, really helped me with my content creation and make it so I am successful and consistent. I would love to hear what helps you. So make sure that you head over to our Instagram or our YouTube channel and leave us a comment on this video and let us know what works best for you.

I would love to hear. All right, you guys, that's it. I'll see you guys back here in a few days with a new episode.

Thank you for listening to the thrive podcast for resources mentioned in today's episode, head to thrive together. blog. And if you're a blogger or influencer looking for a community that is ready to cheer you on and be a resource to help you grow, be sure to join the thrive blogging community on Facebook.

If you love this episode, I would be so honored if you subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast app. And. Give our guests some love over on social media until next time, keep thriving.

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Three Tips for Your Content Creation Process

Before we dive into the steps, I want to stress the importance of being part of a community. Consider joining a membership, attending a retreat, or going to a conference. Engaging with others, even virtually, enhances learning and provides encouragement that you can’t get through social media alone. These interactions can really impact your business, offering new insights and making your investment worthwhile.

1. Having a List of Ideas

An organized list of ideas is vital. Whether in Asana, Airtable, or good old notebooks, your ideas should be centralized. I gather content ideas from community interactions, and conversations often spark new topics to explore. Tools like Google and Answer the Public are excellent for identifying relevant questions and trends, even if you haven’t built a large audience yet. Keeping a well-organized idea repository ensures that you’re never staring at a blank page.

2: Filming B-Roll Constantly

Filming B-roll consistently helps create a vast library of content for social media. It can become almost an autopilot activity, capturing everyday moments like a walk in the park or making coffee. This practice makes it easier to stay consistent with your content output without feeling overwhelmed by the need to film something new all the time. The B-roll can be repurposed in various creative ways, thus boosting productivity.

3: Working with Others

I thrive by working collaboratively. Apps like Groove offer virtual co-working spaces where you can connect with others, share your to-dos, and motivate each other. This sense of community helps maintain productivity and makes working more enjoyable. I often co-work with business besties, whether through text, Marco Polo, or Groove. Moreover, occasionally going live on social media while working can help create an engaging work environment and foster a sense of connection with your audience.

These three steps significantly enhance my content creation process, helping me stay organized, inspired, and productive. What works for you? I’d love to hear about your practices, so head over to our Instagram or YouTube channel and share your tips.

00:57 - Personal Retreat Reflections

03:45 - The Power of Community

05:25 - Three Steps to Content Creation

05:32 - Leveraging Chat GPT for Content

12:53 - Importance of B-Roll

15:40 - Collaborative Work Strategies

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If you're ready to join us here at Thrive and get a coach to help you go to the next level, DM us over at @ThriveTogetherBlog and just say, "Hey Bree, I think I might need help." We have multiple coaching options at different budget points and we're always happy to chat with you about what those could look like for you.

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