269 | Thriving in Business: The Balance of Long-Term Goals and Quick Wins

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It can be so hard to keep going when you're in a season of slow growth or staying stagnant in your journey. That's why I believe in the power of both long-term goals and quick wins—you need both for sustainable business growth and your mental health. In today's episode, I'm sharing the value of both long-term goals and quick wins, along with examples of each!

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We're continuing our theme this month of long term growth, and we're talking today about long term goals and quicker wins and why it is so important to have both. I was recently talking with some of our gals inside of PBS. about this specific thing during our planning party. Oh my gosh, you guys, we had so much fun during our planning party and it was earlier today.

It was our first planning party call. Um, since we have moved things about in. PBS and made some adjustments. It was so much fun. So if you're not inside of the profitable blogger society, where are you at? We want you come join us. We actually, this is coming out on July 9th and I'm pretty sure we just now open the doors.

Today, literally today, run over to our social media, check it out, um, or just head to thrive together dot blog slash PBS. That was great timing and so not planned. Okay, let's get into this. So we were talking about how it can be hard to keep. going when things feel like they're stagnant or just like really slow growth.

And so I was telling them how important it is because of that to have both long term goals and some things that are quicker wins. You need both to have a sustainable and long term business for both growth. Thanks. And for your mental health, because if you only have the long term goals that you're working towards, or if you only have quick wins, long term goals, you're going to just burn out and you're going to be exhausted because it feels like nothing is ever going to happen, but quick wins, you're going to have short bursts and not that long term strategy.

So we need both. So let me run through like some long term goal examples. So that could be. You having a page view goal to get on Mediavine or Raptive, right? That's a long term goal. You're not going to be able to do that in a month. It could be maybe you want to write a book. Maybe you want to have your own show.

Maybe you've been seeing people get invited to exclusive events for Amazon or LCK or invited to be a speaker and you really, really want to do that. Or maybe you are not full time yet and you want to go full time and that's your long term goal. It is so important that you have those, that you can see a vision for where you want to go to be able to guide you and to guide that long term growth.

Otherwise, you know, in general, growth is not linear. Growth goes up and down and up and down. It is a wild, crazy roller coaster. And you guys, I personally hate roller coasters, but that is entrepreneurship for you. We're on this. We're rollercoaster of entrepreneurship together, and it is up and down and sideways and sometimes backwards and sometimes forwards really fast and sometimes forwards really slow.

And that is why we need to know where we are going to make sure no matter where we are on this crazy rollercoaster, that it is going to end in the place that we want it to. That was a, that was really good. I wrapped that up really well. I'm really proud of myself. The other thing that we have to have is those quicker wins to keep us motivated, to keep us excited, to keep us wanting to strive to achieve those long term goals.

So that could be something like getting more email list subscribers. Increasing conversations with your audience on social media. It could be collaborating with another creative. That's something super fun and that you can make it happen really quickly. Getting a brand deal, go pitch some brands, go get a deal.

That doesn't have to take. Months and years, creating your first digital product, or even doing something like an upgrade that can be a quick win. Maybe it's a new camera. Maybe it's a new tech. Maybe it's coaching that you're investing in. Those can be some quick wins that are going to just add fuel to.

You're a rollercoaster that are going to add wind to those mechanics. I don't know how those work, but that's probably where I, part of where I hate them. Um, but you need those quick wins and you need to know what the long term goal is. And combined, you're going to then have long term growth and a sustainable business.

business that is going to keep growing and is going to create that financial and time freedom that you're wanting. You guys, we are having conversations about this all of the time inside of shift our group coaching program. And if, You want to know more about this? I would love to talk to you. I would personally, I, I'm not usually a calls gal.

Um, but for this, I would love to hop on a call and talk to you guys about shift. So if you want to chat with me, or if you want me just to email you and you're like, eh, let's just send me an email, Bri, I want you to head to thrive together. blogs. shift, fill out the form, and I'll personally shoot you a message so we can contact you.

Hop on a call or I'll send you a fun little loom video talking about your brand and giving you some advice. Um, or you can always DM me on Instagram and tell me that you want to learn more about shift. All right. I'll see you guys next time.

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