Episode 207 | Using AI for Bloggers + Content Creators with Dawn Richardson

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You can do exactly that when you unleash the power of AI. In today's episode Dawn Richardson joins us to explain the benefits of using AI for bloggers and content creators. Listen in to get inspired as Dawn ignites your creativity with AI, ultimately changing your mindset and improving your content creation process.


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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a long time, it only recently became accessible to the public. This opened the doors to advancing our brands, blogs, and businesses with technology.

As AI becomes more and more mainstream, we will begin to see true talents shine through, yet also see who's not willing to adapt and pivot to this new technology. Many creatives are full of fear when it comes to AI, but what if you shifted your mindset around AI? When you look at AI as a tool for productivity and improvement, you can grow and succeed.

How Content Creators Can Take Advantage of AI

Dawn believes that AI will (and has) changed the way we do our jobs. As a blogger, you can look at using AI to repurpose your content into more types of content on more channels. While AI isn't going to be the end of your role in content creation, the people that are taking advantage of these tools will be the ones creating more content than the person who isn't using AI tools in their business or their creating the same amount of content in less time.

Additionally, if you're struggling with AI taking over your job and the content you're creating, you have to remember that you are still the creator and your personality is needed in everything that you're putting out there. As an experienced UGC creator, Dawn helps brands with content related to AI, yet is still the creator of that content.

When you decide to start experimenting with AI tools, consider your mentality! If you're not excited to try a tool, you won't enjoy it. When you are excited, your mind is open to the possibilities.

When you are using AI Tools, make sure you read through the privacy policy and terms and conditions for how they are using your content.

AI Tools for Bloggers

There are so many tools out there, but thankfully Dawn has tested out a variety for us to share how we can use them in our businesses.


The first tool that many of us think of with AI is ChatGPT. It's the gateway tool into AI for creators—it's free, easy to access, and allows you to utilize the technology in a variety of ways. An alternative to ChatGPT is Google Bard.

Meeting Tools

One of Dawn's favorite ways to use artificial intelligence is through a meeting tool—these tools will join your zoom call and they join as another person and transcribe the meeting as you are having it. Not only are they transcribing it, but you can use your keyboard to flag certain parts of the conversation, create soundbites, and even summaries. These tools include: Fathom, Fireflies

Email Marketing

If you struggle with email marketing, building sequences, or writing content for emails, there are tools that will help you build these based on competitive marketing data. You can even monitor other competitor's email marketing campaigns so you can see them all in one spot. These tools include: Hoppy Copy

Calendar Tools

There are tools that will take a look at your calendar, listen to what all you need to do for the day (including how long it typically takes you), then schedule it out for you; essentially creating an itinerary. Even if a meeting pops up, it will rearrange your schedule when needed. These tools include: Reclaim, Motion

Content Creation

When it comes to creating content, there are tools that help you mind map, create hooks for your content, convert your content into other types of content (social media posts to Youtube scripts), and correct your audio or video recordings. For your content creation process, there are also tools that will help you build SOPs for your business. These tools include: Hoppy Copy, Munch, Descript, Prime Voice

AI Tools Mentioned:
Hoppy Copy
Google Bard
Prime Voice
Imagen AI

Other Tools:
Many Chat
Text Replacement

The ChatGPT Toolkit for Bloggers

Now the biggest learning curve with ChatGPT is that you have to learn how to use the tool, talk to it, prompt it, and build on the responses it generates for you. To help bloggers get the most out of ChatGPT, we've created a powerful resource highlighting how you can use AI for your blog! Inside the ChatGPT Toolkit, our team has put together a collection of resources meticulously curated to help bloggers and content creators effectively utilize the capabilities of Chat GPT.

This toolkit was created specifically for bloggers and content creators who run into creative blocks, want to save time by focusing on what they love, and simplifying the things they don't. It includes a complete tutorial and overview of ChatGPT, an ebook on how to use it, and a bonus ebook with prompts to guide you as a content creator!

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Dawn

Find It Quickly

  • 1:25 - Dawn's Background and Mission
  • 5:28 - The Rise of AI Tools
  • 7:53 - Addressing Fear and Adaptation with AI
  • 14:25 - The Importance of Creators in Business
  • 15:06 - Mindset and Privacy Considerations
  • 29:13 - Creating Business Freedom
  • 30:19 - The AI Toolkit for Creatives
  • 31:34 - Powerful AI Tools
  • 35:30 - Prime Voice and Voice Scams
  • 37:23 - Imagen AI for Photographers
  • 42:51 - The Benefits of AI Automation
  • 42:58 - Gratitude for Dawn's Insights
  • 43:21 - Toolkit and Social Media
  • 43:41 - Dawn's Impact on Changing Lives

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