256 | When is it time to ask for help?

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Most of the time when business owners are drowning in work, but have yet to hire someone, it's not budget or timing, it's fear. Has fear stopped you from growing your business before? Today I'm sharing my own experience in asking for help and hiring team members.

This episode was inspired by a post on Threads by @52cardsocial.


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I was on threads this morning and I saw a post from a friend of mine and I'm just going to read it to you. She says a trend I see when business owners are drowning in work, but have yet to hire anyone yet. It's not budget. It's not timing. It's themselves. It's fear masked by other things. It's fear of letting go fear of failing almost every time.

Can you relate to this? Has fear stopped you from growing your business before? And I thought this is a perfect conversation for a thrive and vibe episode, because I wanted to share what has made a difference for me and what has caused me to finally pull the trigger when it was time to ask for help. So you might be feeling a Perhaps like it might be time to ask for help in one way or another, whether you need a virtual assistant, like my friend who did this post is an incredible virtual assistant.

Um, you can find her over on Instagram at 52 card social, and that's five to card social go and check her out. She's helped me here at thrive before, and she's absolutely incredible or you're needing a coach or who knows anything else. So. When I have decided to join a program or to ask for help, there's been a few different things that have finally caused me to be like, all right, it's time.

Um, one is I was hitting a wall, just hitting a wall with everything I was trying. Didn't feel like I was making the needle move and wasn't really sure what to do next. Just kept feeling stuck. Another thing is feeling like You know, that phrase, you don't know what you don't know, that was how I was feeling the last time, not the last time, but one of the times a couple of years ago, when I decided to invest in a coaching program for myself, I just felt like there's things out there.

That I know can make a difference in my business. I'm just not sure what they are. You don't know what you don't know. And number three is struggling to stay focused and motivated and feeling tired or burnt out. That's when I knew I needed to ask for more help. Or number four was simply feeling lonely.

And all four of these reasons are different reasons why I have either made a hire in my business and hired a virtual assistant or like our podcast manager, Haley over at Gavin creative, who is absolutely incredible or joined a coaching program. Is either hitting a wall, feeling like it didn't know what I didn't know.

And that I was missing things in my business. Wasn't even sure what they were or feeling burnt out and needing a virtual assistant to help me or somebody to help me with strategy and to look at things in my business and having somebody else look at from an outside perspective is huge or feeling lonely.

I joined my friends program because of that. I wanted a sense of community. For myself and I lead community here for you guys, but I'm like, I need one for me too. So those are reasons why I have joined programs or asked for help in the past. So I wanted to just share those with you just to share a little bit behind the curtains.

And you know, we all need help. At some point or another. I am notorious for trying to do it myself until I am just fried. That is not the way to do it. So if you can learn anything from me, it's to do it before you hit a breaking point. Do it before you're like, all right, if this doesn't work, I'm quitting.

Do it before then, if you're feeling that way at all, we just reopened the doors to the profitable blogger society and you get two monthly calls. One is office hours where you get to ask me anything. And one is a planning party where we plan out our content together. You also get instant access to exclusive trainings and a private community of bloggers and influencers to support you each week.

We've reopened the doors and it's only 37 a month and you can head to thrivetogether. blogs. pbs to join us. DM us over on Instagram, the word PBS, and we'll send you all the links and get you signed up. And in the community, because don't wait until it's too late friends. Just don't wait until it's too late.

Ask for help. The help is out there. That's all for this Thrive in 5 episode. I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day.

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