248 | Your Guide to Pricing Your Sponsored Content

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For the month of April we're sharing 5 tools that bloggers and influencers should be using—today's tool is totally free. If you've ever struggled with pricing your sponsored or branded content, we've developed a pricing guide just for you. After spending years in this industry, studying what bloggers and content creators are charging, and researching industry standards, this guide was created to keep you from undercharging for your work!


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For this Thrive in 5 episode, I am sharing a tool that we actually made for you guys. It is our pricing guide, and this is a free tool that you guys can go and download and start using today. So if you have wanted to start working with brands in any capacity, whether it's for your blog, for TikTok, for Instagram, Facebook, whatever it may be, You need to know what you should be charging.

And what we were finding is that so many people, one, didn't know what to charge brands because it's not like my, my favorite way to describe it is, you know how there is that website called glass door. And that is for. Basically, every single freaking profession that is out there, you can go and look up, Hey, what is a designer making in this state and this city even what is the average, right?

Or what are they making at this company? And it tells you salaries. It tells you what you can expect. There's not really anything out there like that. And so we as creators have to create. Like things like that to be able to share with you guys. And since that is literally our job here at Thrive, we knew that we had to create a pricing guide for you guys.

So that's why it is 100 percent free. Please share it with your friends and start using it. So in this guide, we've done the research for you. So As you know, we talk to a lot of bloggers and content creators. Um, you guys hear so many of them here on the podcast. And so we talked with them to give you the most accurate information on how much to charge for sponsored content, because the point is you deserve to get paid and there needs to be.

a little bit of transparency when it comes to pricing. So that way, none of us are lowering the industry rate, right? So if a brand reaches out to 10 influencers, 10 bloggers, and they get a rate from the range of Let's say 200 all the way up to 2, 500 for whatever it is that they are wanting you to create for them.

Well, do you think that brand is going to do everything it can to stretch its dollar further and going to probably try to go with like the lower ones unless it like really had its heart set on working with a certain creator? That's what they're going to do, right? And it's not. necessarily the brand's faults either.

I think a lot of blame likes to go to the brands. I'm like, Oh, brands just don't want to charge. And I think instead it is a problem with there is not enough clarity. There is too much hidden to where we're not all charging the same or enough. And so we are there. Lowering the industry rate. So that's why it's so important to have pricing guides like this.

And every time something pops up like a calculator or something, I'm always going and checking it out and comparing it to this guide, because this guide is a compilation of what I have talked to personally with so many bloggers and creators to put this together. Sometimes the calculators are okay. Nine times out of 10, I find that those are way too low, which is so sad and frustrating because we want to raise the industry rate.

We don't want to lower it. So when you download this guide, you'll learn how much to charge for sponsored content. You'll get ranges for. every single thing. Pricing yourself is not a set number that is going to work every single time. So we've created a range. So this is not going to be. Like, okay, you have 6, 500 followers.

Here's the dollar amount that you should be charging. It's not a calculator. So what we've done in our guide is created a range. So this range for how much you should be charging for brands for sponsored content, depends on your audience, the brand content type and usage rights. Our goal is that you're charging at least the minimum number for that range.

So that means when you're pitching, You're pitching more than that minimum to leave your room for negotiating with brands. So anytime a brand reaches out to you and ask for your rate, never tell them your minimum. You always want to go up at least like 500. Okay. Because They're going to negotiate with you.

If they don't negotiate with you, that is a sign that you could have gone even higher because they're, they had more money in their budget. Okay. So you want them to negotiate because you want to make sure that you're getting all that you can. So we've got a sponsored blog post rates, sponsored Instagram post rates, and sponsored Tik TOK post rates.

In this guide for you guys, we're working on hopefully adding some more as we go, but for now, those are the rates that you guys can get when you download this guide. And just for like a quick like, testimonial about this, Heidi used this, um, her handle is EleanorRoseHome. And she normally would have charged about a hundred dollars for something.

And we're like, hold on, hold on, hold on, let's look at this. And she's like, oh my God, they agreed to 800. So there is a huge jump to be had. So go and download the pricing guide thrive together dot blog slash pricing guide, or just click the link in the description of this podcast player. All right. We'll see you guys back here real soon for a new episode.

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:36 - What Bloggers Struggle With

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4:10 - Ranges in Pricing

5:34 - Example of Using the Pricing Guide

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