ShopStyle Collective Video Tutorials

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Hi friends! I'm so excited to be here with Thrive today to share these tutorials with you! ShopStyle Collective is a great tool to use for generating income through your blog so I'm going to be sharing some ShopStyle Collective Video Tutorials to help you get started!

ShopStyle Collective Video Tutorials

These videos will give you a broad overview of the ShopStyle Collective platform as well as a detailed look at each of the functions that makes ShopStyle Collective so great to work on! I'll give you the overview of each video below as well as a detailed list of highlights for each video in case you just need to fast forward to that exact part!

Video One: ShopStyle Collective Overview

Before we dive in, I'll just give you a quick overview of ShopStyle Collective.

ShopStyle Collective is really an easy to use platform that helps you collect, organize, and share affiliate links for products that you absolutely love. Whether you've never used affiliate links or if you're a seasoned affiliate link aficionado, you can use ShopStyle Collective to level up your affiliate marketing game.

Here are some of the highlights from the Video One - ShopStyle Collective Overview!

  • 0:53 Which ShopStyle website to use for your affiliate links account
  • 1:47 ShopStyle Collective dashboard overview
  • 2:51 Search overview
  • 3:10 Widget overview
  • 3:44 Widget example
  • 4:13 Looks overview
  • 4:30 Collections overview
  • 4:45 Lists overview
  • 5:20 Analytics overview
  • 6:10  LinkIt Bookmarklet introduction
  • 6:35 Current Balance overview
  • 7:00 LinkIt Bookmarklet tutorial

Video Two: ShopStyle Collective Search Function & Lists

ShopStyle Collective makes it super easy to search for products within their catalogue and save them to lists to help you keep them organized!

Here are some of the highlights from Video Two - ShopStyle Collective Search Function & Lists.

  • 0:34 Search function overview
  • 1:20 How to use filters
  • 2:37 Product info details
  • 3:15 Add to List function
  • 3:45 Search by Copy & Paste
  • 5:35 List overview
  • 5:49 Things I Like list details
  • 6:23 Ideas for lists to keep your products organized and easy to find

Video Three: ShopStyle Collective Widgets

Widgets are a great way to create one easy place for your reader to shop multiple items that are included in a blog post, outfit, or photo! You can place widgets inside a blog post, in your sidebar, or on a page on your blog using the HTML code.

Here are some of the highlights from Video Three - ShopStyle Collective Widgets.

  • 0:38 Widgets overview
  • 0:57 Example of a widget
  • 1:45 How to build a widget tutorial
  • 2:50 How to customize your widget
  • 3:41 How to add a Favorite/Sale Alert function to a widget
  • 5:05 How to edit the photos and order of products in your widget
  • 6:05 Finding the embed code and customizing the text links for products in your widget
  • 7:17 Navigating the Widget List
  • 7:45 Sold out products overview

Video Four: ShopStyle Collective Looks & Collections

Looks & Collections are the most functional and robust part of the ShopStyle Collective platform! This is how you will share affiliate links that are associated with a specific photo with your readers in a very intuitive way!

Here are some of the highlights from Video Four - ShopStyle Collective Looks & Collections.

  • 0:26 Video overview
  • 0:39 Collections overview
  • 1:44 How to create & customize a collection
  • 3:00 A blog preview of a collection
  • 3:25 How to create a look
  • 4:38 How to tag an exact item
  • 6:11 Customizing your caption and hashtag
  • 6:33 How to add a look to a collection
  • 6:49 How to customize items within a look
  • 7:50 Finalizing and publishing your look
  • 8:01 Your shop page
  • 8:40 The Pin It Function
  • 9:11 How to share to a post
  • 9:32 How to navigate your Look List
  • 10:30 How to create a look with a widget

I hope that these ShopStyle Collective video tutorials have been helpful for you! If you have not gotten started yet, bookmark this post because it will be super handy to have when you apply and get accepted!

For more details on affiliate links and affiliate marketing strategy, be sure to listen to my podcast episode with Bree where I share a ton more information!

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