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Ep. 066 // TikTok for Bloggers with Nicole Gradeless

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Are you on TikTok? Better yet, are you using TikTok strategically to grow your brand? Nicole joins us on the podcast to share her thoughts on this newish platform, how to monetize it, and how she's gained almost 300k followers in just 3 months!

Listen to the episode here:

Highlights of Episode 066:

  • Does it make sense for all bloggers to join TikTok?
    • TikTok has content of every kind! All bloggers have a place there
  • TikTok is still in the early phases
    • Now is a great time to join
  • For someone who doesn't have TikTok, how easy and quick is it to make content?
    • Super easy. Everything you need to create, edit, and add special features, right in the app.
  • TikTok Content - What kind of content should bloggers be posting?
    • Turning your blogs into a 60-second TikTok
    • Using your niche for good
  • Is TikTok only useful for driving traffic or can you make money through the app?
    • Monetizing TikTok
      • Sharing affiliate links
      • Sponsorship opportunities
      • Making money from going live on TikTok
    • Working with Brands
      • Brands pay attention and might reach out!
  • Give it time to see success
    • You won't see instant success - Give it about 3 months to see results. But growth can come faster on TikTok as well!
    • Strategically posting in blocks to see what works the best for your audience
    • Engage with your audience, learn your demographics, and turn on your analytics!
    • Use the first 3 seconds to grab attention
  • Batching Content
    • Doesn't take long and can be done strategically

Links Mentioned:

Hello Happy Mom Blog
Hello Happy Mom Youtube
Nicole's Instagram
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Sivan Social

Thrive Blogging Community

Memorable Quotes:

"You have 3 seconds to capture the attention of someone scrolling through the For You page. You want the first 3 seconds to be the best 3 seconds. It has to be the most engaging."

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